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Selena Gomez

'Pray for Gaza' Message Sparks Outrage

7/21/2014 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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Black Adam    

Those Idiots have been blowing each other up for over 200 years. Does it really matter who wins?

91 days ago


women and children are getting killed in gaza why not pray for them?

91 days ago

Bwoy dem    

This was painful to listen to.

91 days ago


"Sparks outrage"? I don't see how praying for innocent people being hurt in a place TMZ's owner doesn't like is worthy of "outrage." More like "sparks...meh." Stay out of politics Harvey!!!

91 days ago


The only "outrage" comes from Jewish- Muslim hating, Harvey Levine!

91 days ago


I think it's outrageous how Hollywood tries to enforce a pro-Israel opinion policy through this kind of coverage. All she demonstrated with her Tweet is a concern for Gazans who would are caught up in the violence. What is so terrible about that? As Israel retaliates for the rockets its enormous military power has taken the lives of many innocents.

90 days ago

Tom Tucker    

I'm not religious but i hear all the time when someone is bad someone says "I pray for him"...... It doesn't mean they support him.

And even if someone said pray for nazi germany... there were a lot of people not even affiliated with the war who were caught up in the middle of it.

Who-cares. You ask me we should be giving them guns and missiles and letting them fight it out it's none of our business. Let them kill themselves who cares!

We really need to stop paying so much attention to foreign affairs and focus on our own issues. If you had problems at home would you want the neighbors giving you their opinion?

88 days ago



64 days ago


HERE IS SOME INTELLECT (for those who choose intellect and logic over pop culture stupidity).

Harvey seemed bent on that knowing something about life requires a college degree, or else one knows very little. This, in turn, Harvey, shows that your sense of education is dictated by today's tabloids and "social" media and such garbage. How?

Next time, throw in that you are owned by Jews, the Warners, and tell what your background is since both your first and last names usually derive from Hebrew so go figure. Anyone seeking any sense of honor and dignity in reporting should not therefore invest in anything TMZ has to say on matters as these [politics].

More so, I prefer FACT over fiction, and I know of people who have been high school-ers who were smarter, wiser, wiser, and logical than those even with a college degree: a college degree buys us a fine resume, but never intellect, and that is a choice.

You think Selena Gomez hasn't leaned anything in the FOUR years she's been selectively targeted with mass BIGOTRY and Cyber Bullying? You think that Selena's Insomnia, Stress, Depression, ALL caused by the Bullying, is not a source of becoming wiser, knowledgeable, deeper and reasonable? You don't think her being part of UNICEF, even if it were for a short period of time each year, hasn't taught her anything? You don't think being raised under the poverty level didn't teach her anything? You don't think her having a Mexican background didn't subject her to discrimination? Hispanics overall but mainly Mexicans, are NOT liked in the USA (where 90% of world trends start [good and bad]) and therefore the world.

I agree: you don't think. Just because some celebs have gone to college does NOT make them smart nor intellectuals, it only says on paper they've been to college.

Grow some friggin brains, or, return the one you now have back to Dollar general, before Family Tree buys it and you can't get a refund at the "Everything Must Go at .50 Cents Sale" price.

64 days ago


selena gomez was really stupid for prying for gaza if gaza wins it will be one more victory on those islamic state who are rapist and the worst of the worst humans ever lived and have which is worsest religion that exists in the world is far worst than satanism at least satanism isnt creating somuch blood shed as ISLAM is just a comparison

62 days ago


The Islamic Movement looks back to the glory days of conquest as Islam's finest hour, and seeks to revive Islamic supremacy through jihad and sacrifice. It longs for a truly Islamic state – the caliphate reborn – and considers jihad to be the God-given means to usher it in.

62 days ago


Let us be Muslims that the only valid form of government is Islamic theocracy – i.e. sharia rule – and Muslims are duty-bound to use whatever power they can muster to impose this goal on the world: 'whoever you are, in whichever country you live, you must strive to change the wrong basis of government, and seize all powers to rule and make laws from those who do not fear God. … The name of this striving is jihad.' And 'If you believe Islam to be true, you have no alternative but to exert your utmost strength to make it prevail on earth: you either establish it or give your lives in this struggle.' is this what we want for us to die for our freedom only because some delusional prophet gave some moronic followers that they have to impose themselves on people by killing, torture , and rape that what happeining in the northern iraq

62 days ago


just like the ancient time when islam was spread by force and now the reality in northern iraq happening reveals the cold light what the doctrine of the three choices means for conquered non-Muslims populations, and why the dogma of the 'three choices' is no defence against the assertion that Islam was spread by the sword.

62 days ago
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