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'Big Brother'

Ariana Grande Hides Grandpa's Death

From Brother Frankie

7/23/2014 9:39 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Ariana Grande Grandpa Died"Big Brother" is now keeping a deep secret  -- something that could derail the show if revealed too soon -- and it involves the death of one of Ariana Grande's relatives.

Ariana's grandfather died Tuesday.  He's also the grandpa of Ariana's brother, Frankie Grande, who's a contestant on "Big Brother."

It seems just before he died the grandfather knew Frankie might bail from the show if he found out, so one of grandpa's last wishes was to keep his death a secret from Frankie.

Ariana was chronicling her grandpa's illness ... recently posting pictures with him in the hospital.  But Frankie never saw them per the rules of the show.

Ariana made her grandfather's wishes clear, tweeting, "asked grandps last week if he wanted us to pull frankie off bb & he said "no way! he's gotta play the game even tho i don't understand it"

It seems from the "Big Bro" live feeds ... Frankie is still in the dark over his grandpa's death.
7:00 PM PT -- Producers just told Frankie about the death.



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For those of you blaming the reality show, You have to remember that it is the family that has made the decision not to tell him. Is it the right decision? I don't think so, I would be more then mad if someone in my family passed and I wasn't told for 2 months. Money means nothing compared to family.

89 days ago

You Don't Know    

I think it is safe to say that 90% of the people commenting on how wrong it is that TMZ reported this, have no idea how Big Brother works. This story can be posted on every single website imaginable & he still will not find out about it until he is evicted. The Big Brother house is COMPLETELY, I repeat COMPLETELY shut off from the outside world. They know nothing, no current events, no family matters or family drama, until they leave the house.

89 days ago


What a f-ing loser that he chose Big Brother over his family obligation. The family is obviously a bunch of fame whores.

89 days ago

bonnie bell    

Is she posing?

89 days ago

Morton Lipshitz    

Reality "stars" are such AZZES!

89 days ago


Well, if Ariana's grandpa asked the family to not let her brother Frankie know, because it could upset his chances of winning Big Brother, then they should respect his dying wish. The grandpa made his decision and thought of his grandson before himself and that is admirable.

89 days ago


I am a long time viewer and website reader and I must say I truly do not understand your motives anymore. You left up the video of the Tracy Morgan crash even after family members BEGGED you to take it down. You got one video that made Tim McGraw look like he just slapped someone for kicks n giggles, yet I don't see the other video from a different angle showing the woman RIPPING his jeans! And today you are reporting this article. For the sake of any good you might still have in you, please stop reporting things that can hurt people!!! There must be other stories you can report? I know you must have some small piece of decency left. One more harmful article and I'm done. I know one person won't make any difference to you, but maybe I can redeem myself somehow .

89 days ago


He seems like a good dude from a decent family. Definetly the most entertaining on the show. Nothing he can do about now, might as well let him continue and reflect later.

89 days ago


Just like anything else. Don't believe everything you read on TMZ. His grandfather stated that no one is to tell Frankie until he is out of the BB house. So do more reading on a story and not by just what one source says.

89 days ago
70. Booboo.....stick ya head in doodoo    

Next potential train wreck

89 days ago


Tell him. Its like we,re watching The Frankie Show anyway!!!

89 days ago


Frankie knew of his granfathers ailment when he joined the cast and his grandfather made it clear he didn't want him to be told. Funny how a lot of you who have never even watched the show spew out the most hatred. This is a family matter that has nothing to do with any of us, so pull the sticks out of your butts and worry about your own miserable lives.

89 days ago


Harvey and the girls from 'Famous in 12' were hoping this would happen on their show for the ratings but CW cancelled before the producers could make it happen.

89 days ago


He should have had a choice ,he's grown,

89 days ago


She always looks high

89 days ago
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