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Michelle Beadle

Rips ESPN Colleague

Over Dom. Violence Comments

7/25/2014 11:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Michelle Beadle Stephen A Smith Domestic ViolenceESPN has a civil (and gender) war on its hands ... as "SportsNation" host Michelle Beadle has lashed out on Twitter at "First Take" host Stephen A. Smith for his comments about domestic abuse.

It began Friday morning when Smith, in the context of the NFL's suspension of Ray Rice, brought up the idea that there are things women can do to prevent themselves from becoming domestic violence victims.

Beadle, who revealed she was once in an abusive relationship, said she "would never feel clean again" after taking in Smith's comments. She wrote, "I'm thinking about wearing a miniskirt this weekend...I'd hate to think what I'd be asking for by doing so @stephenasmith. #dontprovoke"

She added, "Violence isn't the victim's issue. It's the abuser's. To insinuate otherwise is irresponsible and disgusting. Walk. Away."

For his part, Smith did apologize to Beadle and said he "could've been more articulate on the matter."

But he seemed to make the situation worse when he went on to say, "... What about addressing women on how they can help prevent the obvious wrong being done upon them? ... I was simply saying that preventive measures always need to be addressed because there's only but so much that can be done after the fact....once the damage is already done."

Oh, the damage is done alright.
Stephen A. Smith has issued another apology, for his apology. Read it here.

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There is nothing wrong with what Stephen a Smith said TMZ and Michelle Beadle took it way out of proportion, and made something out of nothing. Their is absolutely nothing wrong with telling people don't provoke other people? The fact that your website and idiot Michelle Beadle made a deal out of it makes you guys and her look very stupid. What a non-issue. Just dumb.

68 days ago


Both sides have a valid point. A woman raising her voice and getting in a man's face is not provocation and an excuse to hit her because she "said" something that attacks someone's manhood. Now if a woman violates a man's physical space in any way including a punch, slap, kick, spit, or throwing a drink, you've just provoked a justified reaction. As long as you keep your hands to yourself, there should never be a physical retaliation, ever.

68 days ago


Stephen A Smith was responding to a comment the football players gf said that she had started it. Meaning she was first to be physical. Stephen A said first that there is no excuse for a man to ever hit a woman. However women should also be responsible enough to also not get physical lest it might provoke the man to react.
Basically both sides should argue with words not with your fist.

68 days ago

Bob Barker    

Stephen A. Smith is so ****ing annoying and knows nothing about sports. How people watch or listen to him is beyond me. He is just trying to justify another blacks actions. He should be kicked off espn for that. He won't cause he would play the race card.

68 days ago


We've got to be honest about the fact that women regularly get in men's faces and are violent as well. We have created a culture where women are sometimes violent and don't expect to be hit back. NO one should put a hand on another person. When you hit someone you should expect that they might hit you back which is why I don't put my hands on anyone because I don't want them to hit me. Simple as that. Don't come with that "a man is stronger bs" and he can take it. No one deserves domestic violence. This isn't a woman's issue but a human one. This woman is projecting hard right now.

68 days ago


Domestic violence isn't a victim or abuser issue, it'a a relationship issue. Both parties contribute and both parties need help. Ray Rice's wife said that she instigated the fight by attacking him first. Doesn't justify his actions and more than his response diminishes her actions.

68 days ago


TMZ. you are late to this story bro.

68 days ago


Domestic violence isn't a victim issue or an abuser issue, it's a relationship issue. Ray Rice's wife admitted that she instigated the fight by attacking him first. That doesn't justify what HE did any more than his actions diminish what SHE did.
I still wonder why Solange wasn't charged with a crime other than the existence of a double standard.

68 days ago

harvey is racist    

knock it off ..sometimes women do start that ****. They get in a guys face and try to get physical with a guy knowing that their strength doesnt even remotely compare to that of a guy. They get pummeled and one to play the victim

You act like a man, you get treated like a man.

68 days ago


This adderall pill popping idiot has no filter on that hideously ugly sewage hole he calls a mouth. Good for Michelle Beadle for calling his punk ass out. Smith, you can't hide behind pc or the race card this time. What an idiot.

68 days ago


What a Dumb Bitch.. she need to shut the **** up before the Who world Realize how Stupid she Really is. Dumb Ass

68 days ago

bobby bones    

Smith should be fired for his sexist remarks, and Beatle should be fired too for thinking that as a women that anyone gives two crasp about her sports opinions......is that sexist .. too? Beatle, go to the cooking network, if you can even cook, you tore up old hoe.

68 days ago

Dirk Diggler    

I wish I was on First Take so I could yell at Stephen A everyday I listen, but Michelle Beadle needs to dry her ***** and calm the F down. I saw the whole show, not no 2 minute clip that they trying to post here, and Stephen A said nothing wrong. If anything, ESPN should take action against Michelle Beadle, who left their network a couple of years ago to work with a major network, got her show cancelled, and is now coming back to ESPN with her tail between her legs. She gets back and she's trying to make a name for herself by calling out the easiest target in the book, Stephen A Smith, for something in which he said nothing wrong. SHE should be disciplined.

68 days ago


I clearly understand the points, Many women wanna be a victim when THEY KNOW they started some sh*t to begin with & Beadle is 1 of those examples

68 days ago


Women need to learn how to jab and move and cut the kitchen in half.

68 days ago
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