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Paris Jackson

Reconnecting with Family

Per Doctor's Orders

7/25/2014 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Jackson FamilyParis Jackson is back in the L.A. area -- possibly with a boyfriend -- and we've learned the point of the visit is to re-establish Jackson family ties.

Paris was hanging out in Calabasas Wednesday night with some friends as guardian T.J. Jackson followed closely behind.  It looks like the guy with the dark hair might be a date or a boyfriend.

Sources connected to the Jacksons tell TMZ ... the doctors who have been treating Paris after she tried to take her life have told her she needs to create a family support system ... because she's become estranged from her entire family.

We're told doctors were concerned 16-year-old Paris' only meaningful relationship has been with Debbie Rowe -- her biological mother who does not have custody.  

Doctors want her to mend fences with Katherine, her siblings and other immediate family ... they think it's important to her healing.

Paris tried to take her own life by cutting herself a year ago.  She's been living in Utah at a boarding school where she's receiving therapy.


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57 days ago


The media needs to get out of her face... When my Son was 12 years old, he chose to come live with my wife, and I. I'm not sure if that rule is the same . I don't know whether thats a state thing, or a federal thing. But, with us, it wasn't a news thing, or
like so many of these . these young people keep seeing their . Keep her away from that leech of a family. She wants to stay with her biological mother, and not the people who just try to find ways of making money from her. It's not a good thing , for her to be followed by the media, as she's not a news whore, like someone with a giant rear end.

57 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

Shes getting better and they want to reconnect her with them. Bad doctoring. She will be sick again in a month

57 days ago


THis child is absolutely stunning looking.. Hold on, Paris, two more years... hopefully at 18 you will be able to get some sort of inheritance and leave the pack of wolves... move out of Cali.. and try to find some peace. Hopefully you will continue to heal. I am sad there is no sort of "normal" anything for this WHOLE family

57 days ago


Paris is maturing and has transformed herself from that rebel, tongue-hanging out, slutty/L.A. Miley Cyrus look into a beautiful, stylish, and graceful young woman. Utah and estrangement from the Jackson family clearly have been good for her. I hope she is concentrating on her studies as well and will go on to college.

The doctor has it WRONG. You've got to watch those so-called mental health "professionals." Yes, Paris, you need to develop a support system, but friends are family that you make for yourself, especially if you have a horrible family like the Jacksons. In less than two years you can leave them all behind for good. Your father would be horrified at how you have been "taken care of." Take Blanket with you, and maintain strong ties with Prince -- you need to take care of each other, because the Jacksons only want to use you. STAY AWAY FROM LATOYA; SHE IS POISON!!!!!! Janet is no better. Stay away from them all!!! MARC SCHAFFEL also wants to use you -- B E W A R E !! He was an ENEMY of your father, NOT A FRIEND!!!! HE SUED YOUR FATHER AND CAUSED HIM UNTOLD GRIEF. Don't believe anything positive Debbie might tell you about him. He wants to make money off of you -- one way or another Paris, and he DOES NOT care about you.

Tell the doc to take a hike; the LAST thing you need is to "reconnect" with the Jacksons.

You are intelligent, strong, and look lovely, Paris; your father would be very proud of you.

57 days ago


LEAVE THE KID ALONE!!!!!!!! Hasn't she been through enough and you maggots from the media are just going to hound her right back into the nut house. She's just a kid, stay out of her business!

57 days ago


Obviously Paris' doctors have NO IDEA what goes on inside the Jackson household nor have read any PAST HISTORY about that disfunctional family. It is NOT Paris' responsibility to mend fences with the Jackson family !!!! It is the Jackson family that need to mend fences with Paris Jackson !!!! MJ3 were the ones lied to by the Jacksons when Katherine was kidnapped. It was Katherine who lied to the judge & threw her own kids under the bus just so she could keep custody of MJ3 and their allowance. Paris' doctors need to be fired !!!!!!! Michael kept his children out of the media. After his death, Katherine put the kids in the media as much as possible and used them to make money for herself. She uses them for every Jackson financial promo since 2009. Wake up doctors !!!!!!!

57 days ago


Her "family?" Are you kidding me? She doesn't have one drop of Jackson blood in her...and THankd GOD for her sake. They are twisted freaks; everyone of them. She would be better off writing off the strange years of her early childhood and living with her mother on her ranch. (It is a ranch, right? Correct me if I'm wrong.) The Jacksons have money, but that kind of money corrupts and destroys people. Poor girl.

57 days ago
24. Booboo.....stick ya head in doodoo    

Wish her the best..

57 days ago


If this whole attempted suicide thing is true. Then that proves that Michael Jackson is either dead, or he's blonde woman living in the world somewhere.

57 days ago


Being estranged from that family might not be a bad idea.

57 days ago


She needs different doctors the more space she puts between herself and that freak show of a family the better.

57 days ago


Margaret Lodise is Paris' court appointed attorney. It's time for Paris to contact her to make arrangement to terminate those Utah counselors and let the senior Cascio parents or Nanny Grace take guardianship of Paris for the next two years.

The Utah counselors obviously NEVER did a background check on the Jackson's. Putting Paris back with them is throwing her back into the lions den.

57 days ago


It's a good thing she didn't reconnect for a lunch date with of the Jackson brothers because they would've stiffed her when it came time to paying the bill.

57 days ago


The Jcksons are not her family. You think that might be the problem? White girl does not identify with blacks who look nothing like her and is tired of pretending to be something she is not. No wonder she tried to kill herself. Wacko was a freak show and a very selfish person for purchasing someone else's white kids and trying to pass them off as black.

57 days ago
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