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Producer Mally Mall

I'm Siding With Palestine

7/27/2014 2:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

072714_mally-mall_launchHip hop producer Mally Mall is taking a stand in the raging conflict between Israel and Palestine ... he's siding with "the victims."

The man who played a key role in bringing peace between Chris Brown and Drake is following in the footsteps of Joan Rivers ... only M.M. says he's siding with Palestine, "the victim right now."

The rapper quickly followed up by telling us he's not supporting the terrorists, just the kids who are dying in Gaza.

He also says it's a shame ... because the Muslims and the Jews have so much in common.


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Can't believe this SOB. Oh my God. His son asked him for money for food, school and I have to use my social security check to care for his son Malcolm. He even blocked Malcolm on Instagram. Oh God!' Somebody please contact me for the scoop.

53 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

because israel is in fact not actually striking and killing 'terrorists' technically. they are killing, murdering children. the 'future' terrorists, 'just in case'. that is how disgusting this government is. israel is acting proactively by murdering children, the 'guaranteed future terrorists against israel'. it is very logical and intelligent calculation. if they wait until these children are adults and are trained to attack israel, then the 'threat' against the jews is greater. so why not just wipe them out like roaches, as roach larva as children? isn't this the same thing?.. sick fuqn people. israel needs to be stopped. like now, like today. serial killer regime murdering children and babies.

53 days ago


These stupid people don't understand the issue. Israel isn't against Palestian nor the Palestian people. What they are against is Hamas, a terrorist organization, in Palestian and who's bombing them.

Israel is simply trying to eradicate Hamas.

Jeez. Get it straight before you speak utter nonsense.

53 days ago


What do you know about victims? Your son is your victim

53 days ago


Does he even know HIS country is fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan and neither one shot one bullet into the US? ..What about Guantanamo Bay? Has he ever heard of it?

53 days ago

Bob Barker    

Nobody on here knows what they are talking about. Mally Mall has a point. Hamas (terrorists) started the conflict but Israel is handling it all wrong. Over 1000 Palestinians died, mainly civilians. Only 46 Israelis died, mainly soldiers. There is no excuse for shooting rockets into schools, sorry Jews.

52 days ago


The Ham*******s are getting what they deserve. Stop launching rockets at Israel, stop getting bombed. Real simple. Anyone who understands history knows that the Israelis are the indigenous people of the land.

52 days ago


By the responses it's obvious not many know what they're talking about. If the Mexicans were sending rockets into L.A. everyday, trust me Mally Mall would think differently.

52 days ago


Way to side with the terrorists, guy. If people would pay attention to the REAL news coming in from over there, they would know Israel is FINALLY standing up to the Hamas idiots. Thanks to the liberal media and their distorted news reports for shoving lies/inaccuracies down the throats of Americans... Ridiculous.

52 days ago


If you are on the side of the children, then you are on the wrong side. Israel tells Hamas in advance where the rockets will hit. Hamas puts their children and women in the line of the attack, so then they can say they are victims.

52 days ago


Good. We'll book you a flight there today...

52 days ago


these "victims" fired thousands of rockets into civilian targets. hamas started it because they have lost power and money since their former backers in egypt and syria stopped supporting them. terrorism is their tool to rally their cause. pretty despicable if you ask me.

52 days ago

Morton Lipshitz    

Rap must be one of the Dancing Israelis who knew and watched the terrorists on 9/11 from a truck in Newark. They were happy because they knew that we would retaliate and that American blood and money would be used to fight the Zionist's enemies.

52 days ago
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