Keith Urban Concert Drunken Mess Dozens of People Treated, Arrested for Booze OD

7/28/2014 7:04 AM PDT
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A Keith Urban concert devolved into a drunken mess Saturday night ... with dozens of people being treated by medical personnel for alcohol issues ... and a number of others being arrested.

Urban was playing at the Xfinity Center in Mansfield, about 30 miles south of Boston. According to local police and fire officials, 46 people were treated and 22 taken to local hospitals ... mostly due to drinking. Things were so bad, officials had to activate "a phase one EMS plan" ... which included ambulances from five surrounding communities.

People were so drunk at the show ... 50 people were taken into protective custody for their own good and many others arrested ... all for "alcohol-related issues."

Who knew a Keith Urban concert was such a good time?