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David Tutera, Ryan Jurica

Twins From Split

Have Never Met

7/29/2014 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

072914_david_tutera_launchThe twins born more than a year ago to David Tutera and ex-partner Ryan Jurica have never met.

As TMZ previously reported, Tutera and Jurica each fertilized an egg that was implanted in the same surrogate, who gave birth to the two babies at the same time.  David and Ryan split before birth ... David kept the girl, Cielo, and Ryan kept the boy, Cedric.

David -- who hosts CELEBrations on WE tv -- told Harvey and Charles on "TMZ Live" ... the kids have had zero contact because of the nuclear breakup.   

Ryan tells TMZ ... he's attempted to create a relationship between the twins, but David would have none of it.  Ryan says he thinks the kids need to establish a bond sooner than later, and, "I will do all that I can to foster it."

David hedged on "TMZ LIve," saying he's open to the kids connecting one day.



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The parents selfish behavior is tragic.
These siblings are just that, siblings. Their dad's chose to create a family not them. As a mom of twins, my heart breaks for the children. I hope the dad's wake up or something changes soon before they get too much older.

54 days ago



54 days ago


2 completely worthless human beings. Castrate them both so they can't have any more!

54 days ago


David, your such a s*** bag. Such a loser. Think of the kids, before your egotistical self.

54 days ago

The Del Rubio Triplets    

Most selfish parents ever. Those twins are missing out on an important bond all because they won't stop fighting. I feel so bad for those kids:(

54 days ago


I used to like David but now I have to rethink watching his upcoming program.......get over yourself and think of your children.....I cannot stand selfish adults.

54 days ago


These are two selfish parents. You broke up- so what-parents do that regularly and don't take it out on the children. What will happen later in life when your kids see how self centered and immature you have been?

54 days ago


These two are petty a$$ b****s ppl who use their kids in a split shouldn't be parents the twins not meeting each other only hurts the kids.

54 days ago
24. not only will siblings not know each other, they each decided they only loved one of their children. shameful. what a disgrace

54 days ago


These two selfish men are ruining these twins lives their going to grow up without each other because of these two selfish self-centered a$$holes.

54 days ago


Now the kids will grow up fall in love and have inbred children.

54 days ago

Lonna Rivera    

Maybe I'm not understanding this but they aren't blood related, just shared a womb since 2 different eggs were implanted....Correct?

54 days ago


Dear David and Ryan-

Though I highly doubt you will read this, I wanted to share a story just in case one of you (or a friend/family member) happened to come across the comment section.

This story makes me so incredibly sad, because something similar happened in my family, which ended in tragedy.

My aunt and uncle went through a terrible divorce, just two months before my aunt gave birth to twins. Because of how volatile the relationship was, they had a similar agreement- my aunt would raise the girl, my uncle, the boy (which in my opinion is completely bizarre). Due to their fighting, they parted ways and my twin cousins did not meet until two years ago--when they were both 18, after connecting through Facebook. Their parents disgustingly had nothing to do with the meeting, as my uncle was against it.

It's well do***ented that most twins share an incredible bond. Even when separated by distance or many years, most still connect on a very powerful and personal level. Because it took 18 years for them to meet, both of my cousins began to DEEPLY resent their specific parent, despite the fact each had a good relationship with them prior, individually. After the meeting their relationship with each parents took a nose dive- the twins truly teamed up with each other, realizing how disgusting a selfish their parents actions were, keeping them apart for all these years.

While I'm not going to share too many intimate details, 3 months ago my cousin committed suicide. Despite attending counseling, he was VERY emotionally impacted and stunted due to the fact (after meeting his sister) he felt completely betrayed by his father...and mother. This spiraled out of control causing major depression, feelings of being unloved/unwanted. This ruined our whole family, his father, and most of all, his twin sister.

I understand how terrible breakups can be. I can understand the feelings of anger, jealously, and resentment. But by keeping these BIOLOGICAL siblings, twins, apart from each other, you are doing a major and absolutely despicable disservice to your children. You as parents have one job: To CARE for your children. To love them. To provide a happy and HEALTHY life for them. You are causing immeasurable harm by putting YOUR feelings and resentment towards your former partner before the feelings of your children, who have every right in the world to know their twin.

I have two words for you: GROW UP. There are MANY ways a relationship between the twins can be facilitated, and it does NOT have to include either of you seeing each other. I'm sure you have friends and family who would be happy to organize the meetings, or chaperone. The fact you cannot put the feelings and wellbeing of your children before your own personal feelings of each other just shows how emotionally unfit you are to be a parent.

This is hands down one of the saddest and most upsetting stories I have ever read. Your children are not choosing to be separated from each other- you as adults are making that decision for them. And by doing that you are setting BOTH children up for heaps of problems down the line, and guaranteed resentment to their respective parent. Hopefully it won't end as tragically as my family's story did, but even if you are the best parent in the world in every other aspect, you will still ruin a major part of their life that will have major, major repercussions down the line.

Grow up, man up, and instead of being selfish, resentful a decent parent. THIS is what your children deserve. This is what you signed up for. There are thousands of divorces every day....but twins being separated is one in a million. There is a reason for this. I truly hope you will look at the situation objectively...not from your eyes, but from your child's.

54 days ago


And this David puke calls himself a Dad. He proved he's nothing more than a sperm donor
Whats the matter with you you Fuk face?
Its about the kids not your prissy bs pouts.
Yeah Fuk Face because that's where the sperm should have stayed

54 days ago


What a SELFISH horrible thing to do to this children ! All for the giant ego of these two douches. Do they have ANY idea what they have done??? Pieces of crap, the pair of them as well as the judge who made that decision ! Outrageous !

54 days ago
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