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Stephen A. Smith


For Domestic Violence Remarks

7/29/2014 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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ESPN is yanking Stephen A. Smith off the air -- suspending him for the inflammatory comments he made about women and domestic violence last week.

The network says Smith will not appear on his show "First Take" or on ESPN Radio until next Wednesday. During a discussion about Ray Rice's suspension, Stephen A. said he would tell women to make sure they're not doing anything "to provoke wrong actions" ... in addition to telling men what NOT to do.

This morning on "First Take" Smith apologized -- and ESPN released a statement, saying ... “We will continue to have constructive dialogue on this important topic. Stephen’s comments last Friday do not reflect our company’s point of view."

The network continued ... "As his apology demonstrates, he recognizes his mistakes and has a deeper appreciation of our company values.” 

Smith's comments also infuriated fellow ESPN anchor Michelle Beadle. She's yet to react to his suspension.


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I'm sick and tired of "celebrities" abd their phony apologies to CYA. You can also bet he will soon be rewarded by another company for his bad behavior....it's a growing trend these days

51 days ago


if he had made a racial comment, he would have been fired. why should this subject be treated less seriously? you know that apology was phony!

51 days ago


Best news I heard all day

51 days ago


Women always start domestic disputes their brains r smaller its science

51 days ago


I'm not a fan of Stephan A., but I think he's getting punished for something he didn't even really say. All of you who think his words were to mean that a woman can provoke her own domestic abuse is not reading Smith's entire explanation or didn't watch the entire segment. And Michelle Beadle simply "jumped the gun" too quick before really thinking about what Smith was trying to explain. And even after Smith's explanation to her, she couldn't even offer a simple apology for overreacting, but instead offered the blame-is-still-on-you statement of "I stand by my words". She even mentioned she was "forced" to watch the video? who forced her to watch it? maybe the person who forced her to watch it should be the person she should be addressing her domestic violence views to.

People need to stop being so sensitive about reading/hearing tiny blips of some media's statements or articles (trying to get views) & immediately crying wolf...and instead read/watch the entire discussion and then formulating their opinion. I saw the entire segment. What Smith was saying is true. 'Cause i have seen women provoking men into actually hitting them. Listen, it is not REPEAT NOT right for a man to hit a woman. However, man is not perfect. And each man has their own limits. While some men are able to control themselves while provoked, another man may not have the same control. That is what Smith was simply trying to say.

51 days ago


Probably just semantics, but ESPN did not "suspend" him. He will simply not be appearing on ESPN for a week.

Just thinking that he's still getting paid. And that he is treated differently than other ESPN employees who had stuck their respective feet in their mouths.

51 days ago

Rashod Davenport    

Sadly, we live in a time that you can hire a commentator for their viewpoint until it is not a shared viewpoint and then they are suspended. No one is allowed to have a free thinking mind theses days. If you piss off enough people, you're fired. If something goes wrong, someone has to take the heat for it. Whether the action was correct or not because someone has to see that punishment was given. Land of the free...until you piss off the money.

51 days ago


WOW! I too am against a man putting his hands on a woman, but I am also against a woman putting her hands on a man, HOWEVER, it seems in today's society it is fine for a woman to put her hands on a man. If a woman hits me, I'd just take it and walk away very angry and yes it has happened a couple times. However, for a woman keeps hitting and/or spitting on a man & he attacks back, he's wrong, but she deserves to get attacked back. I dont wanna here a woman who feels as though she can assault a man and get away with it, doesn't deserve to get hit back, when she does. For the idiots who say otherwise, what if it were your son or father getting relentlessly, physically assaulted by a woman, w/o attacking her back? Before anyone criticizes me for my comments, answer that question.

51 days ago


It's said to live during these times ...everything thing you say is scrutinized by political correctness. If it not racism it's insulting to women, anti-gay or anti this anti that. To make this man go though this is bull****. **** the Left

51 days ago


White guy=fired

51 days ago

the Biebs    

Bullcrap This pile of crap, should get fired. I guess he doesn't have a mom, to feel that way towards women. Women should be cherish, not mistreated. And please, men get their periods too.

51 days ago


women hate double standards until they benefit from them. **** women.

51 days ago


Roger Goodell did nothing over a wife beater and is getting the back lash for it. ESPN went overboard to avoid a back lash for a comment made.

51 days ago


D bag

51 days ago

Yes Honey    

There is no longer a such thing as "freedom of speech". It's now called " political freedom of speech or else lose your job". It's sad what the world has come to.

51 days ago
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