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Miranda Kerr

I NEVER Slept with Justin

Long-Standing Denial

7/30/2014 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miranda Kerr Justin Bieber Hook Up

Miranda Kerr
did NOT sleep with Justin Bieber after the 2012 Victoria's Secret fashion show ... so Miranda claimed at the time as did her lawyer.

Miranda's lawyer sent out a letter at the time rumors swirled that Miranda and Justin hooked up at a hotel after the show ... when she was still with Orlando Bloom.  The letter calls such claims "false and defamatory."

We're told Kerr was as adamant as her lawyer at the time ... that she did NOT hook up with Bieber.

Apparently Orlando Bloom didn't buy the story.  The couple separated the following year.  And it's very clear from the story we posted Tuesday night ... there's beef between Justin and Orlando over Miranda.

As for Justin ... sources connected with the singer say he got all braggy when he talked about Miranda ... which of course does not necessarily mean he was telling the truth.

update_graphic_red_barMiranda posted a photo this afternoon on Instagram of herself topless in a bathtub ... just in case you forgot what all the fuss was about.



No Avatar


Who would sleep with him? He's an idiot.

56 days ago
32. Booboo.....stick ya head in doodoo    

Like a sl.ut bucket will admit they are a sl.ut bucket

56 days ago


Only her and the beebs know.

56 days ago

maleelo blahlick    

Justin probably said a snide remark like "your wife was all up on deez nuts"...and Orlando snapped.

56 days ago


Pretty doesn't mean she isn't trashy.

56 days ago


The way she leans toward him when he kisses her and her lustful unrestrained smile are certainly indications that she slept with him. Also, it seems like he kisses her with familiarity. I think she did sleep with him.

56 days ago


Over it already!!

56 days ago


Is he sitting down in that picture or is he really that much of a midget

56 days ago

maleelo blahlick    

I think because she is still the mother of his child, he isn't going to tolerate a 20 yr old douche bag talking trash about her and acting like he tapped that as if she were a trophy.

56 days ago


Is it me or does she looks a little embarrassed to be even being kissed on the cheek by him. He was like 19 then. Watch the clip a few times, that looks like embarrassment and how do you politely reject the head line of the show? everytime they put something new out it clearer and clearer she never slept with him

56 days ago


This story is COMPLETELY beyond my comprehension...I mean, why would ANYONE want to have sex with BIEBER???? I don't get it.

56 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

TMZ, not even trying to be subtle with your keyword stuffing anymore, huh?

56 days ago

Bob Barker    

Fighting over a women is stupid. They create all the problems. Bloom should of ****ed her and dumped her from the get go.

56 days ago

Wow ...    

I believe her. Why would she want to sleep with a little boy or one that resembles a little boy, especially back in 2012? If he continues to suggest otherwise, I'd sue him for defamation.

56 days ago


Justin Bieber is like Lindsay one would ever want to admit to having been with either one. However, I don't believe Miranda was ever with that ridiculous little punk.

56 days ago
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