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Jay Z & Beyonce

We're Crazy in Love!

Really, We Swear!

8/1/2014 7:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0801_jayz_beyonce_kissing-pcnBeyonce and Jay Z got super snuggly during their Wednesday night concert in Seattle ... clearly an overt display to counter numerous reports of an imminent split. 

There have been a slew of stories in the wake of the elevator video ... postulating theories about the relationship.  The NY Daily News reported this week ... the couple is putting on a good face only because of their current tour.

So the question ... are they still crazy in love or is it on to the next one?


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No one really cares. Just the nosey, irrelevant people who have no life of their own. I personally don't care because its not like I'm gettin any of their money to say whether or not they love each other and are staying together or whether they will divorce and the world will end shortly there after. Who cares? Let them be peaches and cream or razor blades and lemon juice.

51 days ago

Nosy and Concerned    

I think they are happy when they are together...I thought their issues were due to cheating and them being apart?

51 days ago


They are normal people. undergo make in their marriages! stop hating! you will never be like them! jayoncé forever!

51 days ago



51 days ago


People kill me for always wanted to see the worst in things. Why can't they be happy crazy in love. I would hope that they are ...that's what marriage is all about. I want to see them succeed and be happily married.

51 days ago


Tmz stop being such haters.

51 days ago


Whether their marriage excels or not, it's not our business. I understand they are public figures but the judging and prying into their lives is just too much. I wish them the best and hope that ANY marriage whether it be Bey and Jay or Michelle and Barack succeed.

51 days ago


We all have our personal problems why worried about their problems no one is perfect but God so who are we to judge

51 days ago


I am so tired of this story.

51 days ago


How about their damn business

51 days ago


Here's one for you guys, with all your mixture of white and black together, do you have a clue how really fcking racist you come off to the public, I bet if you seated one of the blonde girls next to the one black girl they would break out in hives just before slitting their own throat...especially that really mean blonde that was one of the first ones when the show started, she can't even hide her willie lynch.

51 days ago


yeah right

51 days ago


She looks like ewww don't kiss me u probably ate her huhu

51 days ago


in the word of jay z (song: blue )
_"it's barely 12 noon
And my wife changed again
Baby needs Pampers
Daddy needs at least three weeks in the Hamptons
Please don't judge me, only hugged the block
I thought my daddy didn't love me
My baby getting chubby
Now I'm staring at praying that things don't get ugly
And I'm stuck in that old cycle
Like wife leaves hubby
**** joint custody
I need a joint right now
Just the thought alone ****s with me
This relationship **** is complicated
All I know is we ain't speaking everyday
I ****ing hate it
I don't wanna duplicate it
I seen my mom and pop drive each other mother****in' crazy
And I got that ***** blood in me
I got his ego and his temper
All is missing is the drugs in me
Father never taught me how to be a father
Treated mother I don't wanna have to just repeat another leave another
Baby with no daddy want no mama drama I just wanna
Take her back to a time when
Everything was calmer"

and it is not the only one...

50 days ago


I laugh at all the people who say they don't care, it's not our business, there are more important things in this world... Yet, are on the TMZ site!! TMZ will report celebrity gossip not important world issues!! Anyway, hopefully they are still crazy in love and this is just a way the media stirs the pot

50 days ago
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