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Justin Bieber

Tweaking Orlando

I Look Bad Ass!

8/1/2014 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
is rubbing Orlando Bloom's nose in their Ibiza war not because he's angry, but because he thinks it makes him look hard ... and we're getting this from people who are around him right now.

Here's what we're being told ... Justin's story is that he had no ax to grind with Orlando when he saw him at Cipriani restaurant before the clash.  Justin insists he didn't even recognize Orlando and simply extended his hand.  Bieber was pissed that Orlando rebuffed him.

Now here's the thing.  Bieber quickly realized the public resoundingly believed Justin won the "fight" ... and that's when he decided he could up his tough game by humiliating Orlando with pics of Miranda on Instagram.  It was all about looking tough.

When people started saying Bieber was bad ass for posting the pic ... he upped his game with the pic of a weepy Orlando.

One source said Justin is "irrational" in the glee he's taking over the scuffle.

Bottom line -- we're told he's loving this ... having a great time in Ibiza.  And he thinks it's cool that people think he banged Orlando's then-wife and still won the war.



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i love how the pap's, idiot UFC fighters, and everyone else are piling on Orlando when he rolls with ZERO bodyguards, and Beiber is always hiding behind at least 2~...Bloom is taking so much crap its messed up. Altho that pic of him crying is real pitiful but we're talking about Beiber, everyone hates that kid but 12 yr old girls.

81 days ago


The only people that think he "won a war" is his brain washed army of immature little girls and the yes people behind him. Some

81 days ago

river rat    

I'm thinking this fool is in the throes of PMS. Midol or Pam prin work wonders!

81 days ago


There are 20-27 year olds using their brains to investigate cancer, relieve hunger, fight terrorists, etc. and this article focuses on one singer who extracts his millions from 14 year old girls and an actor who pretends to be other people for a living. They are both pretty pathetic in the scheme of things.

81 days ago


Lookin pretty hard with that prepubescent mustache..

81 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Justine shouldn't overplay his hand. He got lucky because Orlando telegraphed his punch and he saw it coming.

81 days ago



81 days ago


Bieber's a wanna be punk! If it wasn't for his entourage of gangsta groupies, the barmaids could whip his ass

81 days ago


Justin will stay losing because of that now infamous Deposition. He looked and sounded even stupider than usual. And Justin is trying to keep this "whole lotta nuthin" alive and Orlando has moved on. Justin is a spoiled boy who will never best a mature adult and legitimate actor like Orlando. And TMZ looks as dumb as Justin for reporting this like a lovesick Dweeber fan.

81 days ago

Craig Gass    

I would like to know the age of the grown man who wrote this article.

81 days ago


This whole thing is one f ucked up mess. What are they in high school? Well we know that Bieber banged his wife but why was Orlando sitting with Leo because word on the street is that she banged Leo to while she was still married. So she basically banded Leo and the Biebs. We're talking the Biebs, a rat faced little toddler and Leo, present day fat Leo. How embarrassing for Orlando.

81 days ago


Can't think of a better word for Justin Bieber than..."punk." Boycot the punk, his recordings, his concerts, anything and everything that has the word "Bieber" associated with it. Urge your friends to do the same. The punk (Bieber)!

81 days ago


I knew Harvey secretly has a "love jones" for Justin. Always showing JB shirtless on this site and making fun of his chin hairs. Pathetic.

81 days ago


He doesn't look badass; he just looks like an ass.

81 days ago


I hope no-one will buy Bieber's music anymore and that he will fade away as quickly as possible. What a stupid kid !

81 days ago
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