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CNN Sued

Correspondent Allegedly Bit EMTs

In Drunken Rage

8/4/2014 10:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

CNN is being sued by 2 EMTs who claim one of the network's reporters bit them in a drunken rage.

Arwa Damon -- the Beirut-based senior international correspondent for CNN -- was in the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad back in July.  According to the lawsuit -- obtained by TMZ -- she became "seriously intoxicated" and became unruly and violent.

Authorities arrived and according to the suit ... EMTs Tracy Lamar and Charles Simons were trying to help Damon when the correspondent bit both on their left arms.  Simons also claims his knees and elbows were injured.  Lamar says she was also bruised.

The suit claims while the EMTs were providing assistance ... Damon played the famous card, saying she was a "major reporter for CNN."

The suit claims CNN knew Damon had a history of becoming drunk and abusive, and had a penchant for violence, even when sober.

Lamar and Simons are each suing CNN and Damon for $1 million.

We contacted CNN ... so far now word back.



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This doesn't surprise me at all. I ALWAYS thought there was something VERY odd about her reporting. At times it seemed like she could barely speak. Now it all makes sense.

44 days ago

Jay W.     

Arwa... you dirty whore. You can bite me anytime !

44 days ago



44 days ago


The EMS guys should be glad they weren't married to that witch.

44 days ago


She may well be a "major reporter for CNN" but who tne hell watches CNN to know?

44 days ago


It's Baghdad...she might have eaten some rabid dog.

44 days ago


This is absurd. I'm not condoning her drunken behavior, and I have no idea who she is, but these EMT 's are money grabbing asshats. My husband is an active duty Marine recovering from a brain injury that causes grand mal seizures. He woke up from one while being treated and was very disoriented from the meds. Even though he doesn't have full use of his left side, he was able to put up a fight and cause minor bruising, etc. He was absolutely mortified when the drugs wore off and we both apologized profusely. Every single medical PROFESSIONAL, from the EMT's to the attending ER physician, shrugged it off saying they've been through far worse and it's an inherent occupational risk . EMT's are trained to respond to potentially dangerous calls with unruly patients. A lawsuit like this is a dangerous precedent, especially given the minor injuries. Bruises? Bites? I got those plus a broken toe teaching kids with behavioral issues.

44 days ago


She belongs on FOX News like all of the other barnyard animals.

44 days ago


At least she's potty trained.

44 days ago


liberals... this is who they are..

44 days ago

So Nasty So Rude    

Hope she had her shots.. Drunk bitch!

44 days ago


What a bunch of crap. Why don’t they just say that CNN is really in no way responsible but we’re suing them because they have lots of money? They’d still be money-grubbing *******s but at least they’d be honest money-grubbing *******s.

44 days ago


If you work in healthcare you deal with patients who are not in their right minds for whatever reason, it's part of the job. I'm a nurse and I deal with crazy patients all the time. Sounds like these EMTs are looking to dip into CNNs cookie jar over their own poor performance handling a belligerent patient.

44 days ago


I'll take a bite out of that!

44 days ago


Uhmm very strange.....another liberal hack who's against violence, but then get's violent, like the liberals who hate the rich yet keep growing their own bank accounts, who rage against tax breaks, but make sure they take every single one, who tout, push, and literally nazi-like force obamascare on everyone - yet vote that THEY don't have to be in that pool,

...they're always claiming they're the "tolerant" party, and then tolerate NOTHING and no one who goes against their view (have you tried talking about global warming....oops I mean climate change, or the gay marriage issue and my goodness don't bring up anything about our president.....oops, I am sure some tolerant liberal just labeled me a racist).

And the liberal democRATS have been the self-proclaimed party of the poor for 40 years now, and yet blacks are STILL poor and nothing has improved - but keep voting for them as they need someone to patronize (mexicans are the new blacks to dems)

44 days ago
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