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Tony Stewart Investigation

No Video or Audio Evidence Gathered

From Stewart's Team

8/10/2014 3:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Investigators collected ZERO video from Tony Stewart and Kevin Ward Jr.'s race teams after Saturday night's tragedy because the Sheriff says it does not exist -- which TMZ Sports has learned is a little strange.

Ontario County Sheriff Philip Povero tells TMZ Sports they checked Stewart's #14 sprint car -- and Ward's #13 -- to see if there was mini-cam footage of the moment the NASCAR superstar barreled into Ward ... but came up with zilch.

It's odd because we're told -- by multiple sources in the racing world -- Stewart commonly has a mini-camera of some sort mounted on his cars when he races on smaller dirt tracks like Canandaigua. We've made multiple calls to Stewart's racing teams, but have not heard back.

The sheriff also told us there were no recordings of communication between Stewart and his pit crew -- though our sources say that's standard ops for a small race not airing on TV.

That lack of evidence perhaps explains why the sheriff has made several pleas to the public for any footage of the incident. It's simply not clear from the YouTube footage already out there if Stewart was reckless.


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Ridiculous witch hunt. TmZ u know NADA about NASCAR so stop trying! Pathetic

72 days ago


I'm from Bristol, Tennessee. Not a fan of NASCAR, but have grown up around it my entire life. Watched the video a good 20x AT LEAST and by "NO STRETCH OF THE IMAGINATION" did Stewart purposely try to hit the kid. As someone so very well put it on an ESPN forum post last night, "the minute that kid got out of the vehicle and started out across the track (while a race was still going on) he commit suicide".

72 days ago


He's going to jail...

72 days ago


Never even heard of this Tony Stewart dude, but from what I can see he should cut down on the carbs and skip a meal every once in awhile. Overweight is the number one cause for Diabetes. But more importantly, I thought race cars had to be light... but I guess when you're white you can be a fat@ss and still be called a "race car driver." Truth.

72 days ago


This is sprint car racing NOT Sprint Cup racing. These are not big money cars or races, they don't have cameras or sophisticated equipment in then. TMZ, you know nothing, so STFU.

72 days ago


First thing they teach you in racing is. Got a beef deal with it after the race. The minute he got out of his car was asking for trouble. Being 20 and dumb cost him his life. For his tantrum, lesson learned the hard way. Not smokes fault the idiot stepped out in front of him.

72 days ago


the kid never should have gotten out of the car. wait for a tow and deal with whoever you think wronged you off the track. playing tough guy on a track like that is gonna get you killed.

72 days ago



72 days ago


It's as simple as this, they do not have cameras in car.. Why is it strange, remember they're there to race not watch for dumbasses who get wrecked to play chicken running in the middle of the track.

72 days ago


Yeah right, the video/audio already being circulated clearly shows Stewart gunning his throttle RIGHT before impact. Not necessarily saying he was trying to hit Ward, maybe intimidate him? Reckless behavior at best.

72 days ago


This is a dangerous past time.. The "nascar type" is an interesting sort of person.

72 days ago


He kilt him deliberately. He gets celebrity justice, without doubt

72 days ago


I'm NOT a fan of NASCAR, but seeing as though this happened less then 20 miles from where I live, it's been on the TV allllll day long. I'm sorry and I don't mean to speak ill of the death or anything, but why in the hell did that guy GET OUT OF HIS CAR AND WALK INTO ONCOMING TRAFFIC??!!?! This was a RACE... on a RACETRACK. These cars were going SO fast. Why would anyone, angry or not, walk out in front of speeding cars? How can anyone say that this was more then just a horrific accident. I seriously doubt that this guy would ruin his entire career to intentionally hit some guy. People just need to blame someone... but if you want to blame someone, blame the guy that PUT HIMSELF IN IMMEDIATE DANGER because he was pissed about getting bumped!!

72 days ago


That dude was standing in the middle of a dark track in a black outfit the guy in front of Stewart almost hit him too...there wasn't much stewart could have done. I feel bad for him and his family but don't think it's anything charges should be brought up for

72 days ago


They definitely should gather all available evidence when a person has died. Nothing wrong with a thorough investigation. If i was the driver who hit and ultimately killed the other driver, I would welcome the investigation so my name could be cleared. If you hit a car that pulls out in front of you at the last minute, you're held accountable. Now imagine if you hit and killed a person that walked out in front of you. At the very least, the police would look at all available evidence before deciding a cours of action. It's just normal protocol; not an attack on car racing.

72 days ago
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