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War Machine

Cops Won't Give Me a Fair Shake

So I'm Gonna Keep Runnin'

8/11/2014 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

MMA fighter War Machine is still a fugitive from justice -- after allegedly brutalizing his girlfriend -- because he thinks he's doomed if he surrenders to police.

War Machine, who's been on the run since the fight early Friday morning, tweeted late last night that he went to the home of his porn star girlfriend Christy Mack to propose to her -- but found another man at her house when he got there.

Christy ended up in the hospital, and police named War Machine their #1 suspect. In one of his tweets, he said ... "The cops will never give me fair play, never believe me."

Christy's family and friends tell TMZ ... War Machine is delusional about Christy. They say he and Christy were no longer in a serious relationship, and he had no business showing up at her house.

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Ben IncaHutz    

You know when a porn girl is lying? If she is opening her mouth and theres nothing going in!

76 days ago


Hopefully you are practicing your butt crunches for when they catch you and toss you in the GP.

76 days ago


When the Cops do catch up with him, he'll be shot down like a rabid dog

76 days ago


Why did this man do something so heinous, did he suspect she had sex outside their relationship?

76 days ago


I’m sure “the other man” knows what happened.

76 days ago


I have two words for you mr machine ..... PORN STAR

76 days ago


Whether he did it or not I would think about changing my name from "war machine" to " puppy cuddler" or something similar so the prosecution can call you that in court. " you know your honor, he does call himself the puppy cuddler. ..."

76 days ago


this guy is a total loser for hitting a woman. And a total girl for running.

76 days ago

Edddie Nash    

The Christy Mack broad needs to be hiding. She is in serious danger. This dude is crazy. One of his tweets he says " she belongs to me. She is my property and always will be" This is not going to end well.

76 days ago


So he beat her ass because it upset him that she was with another man...yet she works in an industry where she takes one man in each hole but War ***** doesn't seem to have a problem with that???

76 days ago


His next fight may be at a Nevada State prison

76 days ago


Run woman beater! The PO PO will get you in the end.They always get their man

76 days ago


Ok this is all quite interesting in many ways so let's get to the facts.

1) He has already beat her ass once before, she took him back.

2) When he beat her ass the first time she took all the photos of them both together OFF her Instagram and tweeted about him saying stuff along the lines of "leave her alone, blah, blah, blah.

3) She is a f'n PORNSTAR and being a man who has dated someone so desperately trying to get into the industry I know how delusional and ****ed up these types of girls are. Highly Narcissistic, Vain, they play games like professionals and def know how to press the right buttons with their partners with their whorish career choices.

4) Warmachine has gone to jail for almost the same exact thing with a different Pornstar.

5) No woman she be given "Fame" for taking it in every hole on her body. That's ridiculous unless you're going for the "pain olympics"

6) The whole thing is downright stupid. And if they weren't in a serious "relationship" then she wouldn't have him on her Instagram. Look I used to be an extremely successful player and the last thing i'm going to do if I am "Banging" more than one girl is put ANY of them on my Instagram so I think little Christy is delusional in this department. She is trying to save face and cover her ass so her hands look to remain clean as we all know is bull****.

8) Their PR teams are HORRIBLE!!! Somebody should have made a statement sooner as now it just looks like Christy specifically is trying to memorize her series of events so like I said before she comes out clean in which she is not, she is really dirty. Of course War Machine isn't going to say to much he's running from the law and better hope the PoPo's don't track his IP address with all these dorky ass tweets.

NO MAN SHOULD EVER HIT A WOMAN!! I don't feel that both parties are innocent, not by a long shot but these two have proven to be a wreck waiting to happen especially with their really stupid tattoos of each others names on their bodies. Hey Christ "Property of War Machine" right?!?!? Pair of IDIOTS if you ask me...

76 days ago


You know the cops are gonna end up killing this guy, right?

76 days ago


Just get a good lawyer and you'll be out in no time. Women beaters always are. A little community service here and there. Just ask Chris Brown

76 days ago
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