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Robin Williams

Suicide By Hanging

No Note

8/12/2014 7:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

9:00 AM PDT: We've learned Robin was discovered by his personal assistant. Robin's wife Susan left their house Monday morning to run errands. While she was gone, Robin's assistant came over, knocked at the door but no one answered. She became concerned because Robin was supposed to be there. She then knocked on the window and when no one answered she went inside and found the body.

Robin Williams
committed suicide by hanging himself inside his home ... sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ.

Sources say the family has heard nothing about a suicide note and it appears the comedian did not leave one.

We're told Robin hanged himself inside the main house ... not the garage.

Law enforcement will hold a news conference today at 11 AM PT to discuss details of the suicide and TMZ will livestream it.

As we previously reported ... Robin had been struggling with a deep depression and went to rehab last month. People familiar with his condition say he seemed almost too far gone back then.



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Why couldn't it have been anyone else. Like a Kardashian.

40 days ago


My thing today is celebrating Robin's great courage.

Awesome gifts - just last month I rented his stand-up performance at Carnegie Hall.

His length of time in the industry - he sruvived a lot of friends including John Belushi.

He owned every genre - t.v. - movies - stand-up.

He was tired, felt like it was time.

Provided for everyone around him.

Made two ex-wives very rich.

I toast the-most-brilliant-wit of our time.

Unendurable psychic pain -

-what sucks for me is that RW was in so much PAIN.

Heart goes to Susan, his kids, the stand-up community which will always love him.

Hey and maybe he'll come back.

40 days ago


When for some reason medication is no longer effective the next option is still ECT, or electrical impulse therapy. Today ECT is a kinder, gentler form of what it once once and it is very effective.

It is much more preferable to the alternative which we are witnessing here. Don't be afraid to recommend or even to take advantage of the best medicine had to offer should it come to that. Sometimes after a long life medication just is not responsive any longer - we don't quite know why, but Williams had severe illness, surgery, had exposure to medications that would be intensive, and this could have affected his responsiveness to his maintenance regimen for what I believe was his long ago diagnosed bipolar disorder.

In dual diagnosis people it is even more complicated. People with an addiction who have a mental health diagnosis like one of the forms of depression can get knocked off their orbit and it is tough to get that balance of medication back that works for them and is right for them where they are in the stages of their life, which constantly changes.

But keep the faith and work with us. Come to us. We are here for you in the hospital, in the rehabs, in the psych units. We know what we are doing. We've seen this all before. I'm confident the RNs and Docs could have gotten on top of Williams' very tough depression had he stayed in MN long enough. It sounded like he felt pressure to leave too soon due to work commitments.

40 days ago


When people assume you have it all, they ignore the obvious symptoms... People assume bcuz someone is financially stable that they should be happy and all problems solved.. This is so sad Robin's life ended this way.....

40 days ago


He is swapping technique stories with David Carradine now.

40 days ago


How selfish---leaving loved ones to discover him and leaving no note---how ill was this man, and for how long? Were the jokes really nothing more than a cover for the depth of his depression? Why didnt the xperts recognize this, or were they too busy laughing too? Please, no more "funny guys" dying this way...

40 days ago


**** him. It’s sad, but what bothers me is when someone does this and knows that a family member will likely find their dead body. That person will be traumatized for life. Imagine the horror of finding this in your home and having that image burned in your brain forever. I've lived through the horror of this myself. The image never goes away.

40 days ago


People who suffer wiith bi-polar/major depression are often in a lot if pain....I know. Please educate yourselves on this serious illness an do whatever is in your piwer to help someone suffering. May you RIP Robin Williams, you are already terribly missed!

40 days ago


I bet he was a-whackin his pee pee!

40 days ago


This is sad !! Behind laughter hides sadness

40 days ago


my heart is broken. i had crying a are amazing actor . its sad terrible im speakless i love you rest in peace your spirit is endless endless endless:-((

40 days ago


Depression aside...Rehab aside...Great artistic talent aside, maybe Todd Bridges was the honest one here...Selfish. I mean hangs himself in the family house note...nothing... Oh PS...and a wife and daughter to find him?

40 days ago


I doubt it was suicide--sounds like a David Carradine style accident! No note.......

40 days ago


He hanged himself, not "hung" himself

40 days ago


He decided to exit, so let's have a going away party instead

40 days ago
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