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War Machine

Joked About Killing

Christy Mack

8/12/2014 4:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

MMA fighter War Machine joked about killing porn star Christy Mack, the girlfriend he allegedly almost killed Friday.

War Machine, with Christy Mack sitting right next to him, was doing an interview with MMAfighting.com a year ago ... talking about the "Mack" tattoo on his neck. 

When the interviewer asked how he would explain the tat if they ever broke up ... War Machine said he would simply add the letters "R.I.P." so it would serve as "a memorial to my dead girlfriend."

Mack then chimed in, "Honestly, I would probably deserve it."

War Machine is currently a wanted man with seven warrants out for his arrest in Las Vegas over the alleged beating ... which left Christy with 18 broken bones in her face and a ruptured kidney.


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While I think it's disgusting what he did to her I think there is more to the story. She let him into her home while her new boyfriend was there. She wanted drama. And now, while she is indeed the victim, she is already selling stories to anyone who will buy it. It's sad. I wish I hadn't watched the video. These are 2 very f-Ed up people with serious issues. She has now said he abused her frequently. So why would she let him inside her home? Why not call the police and get whatever u have to defend yourself with and try to hide? It doesn't make sense. She got a tattoo that she is his property and now she wants to be the poster child for domestic violence. I feel sorry for her. But in my opinion she could have done more to prevent it

37 days ago


Ruptured kidney or liver TMZ? Come on, get your **** straight!

37 days ago


"Mack then chimed in, "Honestly, I would probably deserve it.""


They wouldnt get abused so much if they werent inherently attracted to criminals and repulsed by good, honest men.

37 days ago


He's sick, no doubt, but this sounds like a co-dependent, abusive relationship. Hope she recovers 100% from her injuries and justice is served for what he did to her and her boyfriend.

37 days ago


When I see women like her who stay in abusive relationships and call it "love," I hold my little girl that much tighter. I hope my daughter knows how much she is loved by both parents and that she sees me as a strong role model who holds her own, has a career and balances a healthy, loving home life w/a profession. Daddy gives her a lot of love and attention and I pray my child never has daddy issues (or mommy issues for that matter). These women in the porn industry...the vast majority have abandonment issues and many grew up w/out parents or w/a drugged out mother, at best. Not all, but most. All we can do is love our kids and hope that they never end up thinking they aren't worthy of a healthy, loving relationship.

37 days ago


In her own words she probably deserved it. And it's not like she didn't know who she was getting into bed with. That's like the women who date Charlie sheen not knowing he's a total mess.

37 days ago


She's not laughing right now as she lays there is she?? She quote "I'll probably deserve it" what normal women would say that??? Both real losers ... She'll go back to porn and find another guy to do the same thing.. Or just go back to war machine.. Typical trash

37 days ago

David Bruno    

He should turn himself in just for the fact that whole country want’s to give him BEAT DOWN. Let him go, but make sure its announced loudly !

37 days ago


Dumb bit*ch

37 days ago


Lmfaaoo anndd the DUMBASS reward goesss toooooo

36 days ago


Lol she obviously has low self esteem to say she would deserve to be dead

36 days ago


They were actually still dating at the time of the incident. Apparently the word on the street is the guy paid for sex, he surprised her at the house. Where a fight ensued, Christy tried to stop it and war machine threw her to the ground and started beating the guys ass. To where the other guy actually hit war machine first, in the middle of the brawl Christy actually attacks war machine pulling enough. Which I guess is when he turned his attack on her when the guy made a run for it. Thats the word floating around the streets. but everyones a loser here

36 days ago


C. Mack got smacked cuz she was in the sack with a one eyed jack lookin for some crack to attack ? Now if that ain't jacked but least dudes being tracked by some old hack with a wife with a nice rack!

36 days ago

Maximus Decimus    

I don't get how he got his panties in a bunch. Her job is to have sex on camera! She has men *** in jet mouth how is he upset! What a loser!. .

29 days ago
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