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Apple iPhone 6

New Pics

Drool, Geeks!

8/15/2014 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Photos

Tech geeks may want to take a hit off their inhalers and brace themselves ... because TMZ has obtained possible pictures of Apple's brand spanking new iPhone 6!

We're told the phone was smuggled out of a Foxconn factory in China ... where the majority of iPhone models are manufactured.  

The owner of the phone says the smuggler is his friend -- an ex-employee --  who worked in Foxconn's hardware department designing the outer casing for the new model.

As for the inner workings -- we're told it's not running an authentic Apple IOS, which is SOP during the development stage for security purposes.

We're told the new phone is noticeably lighter ... and appears to have a new sensor on the front ... though it's unclear for what.

The official Apple unveiling is allegedly set for next month.


No Avatar

Fred Thompson    

Hurry up and take my money already.

47 days ago


iPhone 6 is old news. iPhone 7 is where it's at!

47 days ago


Unless this phone can project holographs I will remain unimpressed with anything 'new' that comes out.

47 days ago

BillyBob Again    

WOW! This is so great! Steve Jobs is a saint. Apple is awesome. The new NSA-phone, codename "iPhone6", is there!
It's apps and GPS can tell you with the precision of a car length where you are and what you do.

47 days ago


The voice on the new Apple iPhone 6: Siri, is being replaced by Fiona Apple.

47 days ago


I'm officially done with Apple and with TMZ.

47 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

Great a new way for sluts to take those ridiculous selfies in their mirror!! Just what the world needs!!

47 days ago

LuLu1024 👀    

Looks a whole lot better but I'm done with these basic iPhones. They don't do anything special. It's just the "apple" name that brings people in. I'm turning in my 5s for the galaxy s5 when I go on my lunch break today.

47 days ago


So then they will say I phone 6s is the phone with all the cool sh.t get that one, oh what the 7 then 7s. Just make a new dame phone.

47 days ago


A new iPhone is coming out.. So that's why my iPhone is acting up. I think this time around I'm switching to another phone...

47 days ago


This is a fake. I'm an iOS developer. Look at the edges of the screen. In the 5 and 5s Apple announced the pixels would be embedded in the display. Looking at the black edges in the display you can see the screen itself is further into the device and not embedded into the front panel. Why would apple go back to that when this will be probably there most important launch ever. Nice try guys, but once again, you haven't fooled me, shouldn't fool you guys either.

47 days ago


Tech geeks need to take a hit off the inhaler? That's the most tmz statement ever. It's a phone you ****ing idiots. The same kind in your own pocket. Who writes this ****? L0l geeks and the phones huh huh why don't you hit the inhaler. Jesus. It's the tmz s*** sitting inline for weeks at the Apple store you stupid ****ing hypocrites.

47 days ago

Black Adam    

When does it end with these phones?! Morons keep buying these things when they don't even have any features that's worth spending another $400.

47 days ago

Ming the Merciless    

That looks like crap.

47 days ago

A D    

geeks are using android, not this brick

47 days ago
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