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Robin Williams

'Crazy Ones' Cancellation Devastating

'A Personal Failure'

8/16/2014 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

 Robin Williams The Crazy Ones Cancelled
Robin Williams was "devastated' when his TV show, "The Crazy Ones," was cancelled ... sending him into a deep depression that ultimately led to his suicide. 

Sources who frequently interacted with Williams during the last month of his life tell TMZ ... Williams viewed the cancellation as a "personal failure."  As Williams put it to one person just before the show debuted, "My face is all over town [on billboards] and it's all on my back."

We're told the cancellation after only 1 season sent Robin into a tailspin -- as one person said, "It hit him hard" -- and that's why he entered the Hazelden Addiction Treatment Center last month -- not for substance abuse, but for depression.

To make matters worse, we're told Robin was increasingly depressed that he was older and good roles for him were few and far between.  He would talk about Robert De Niro, saying even he was having a hard time.

Our sources say Parkinson's disease wasn't nearly as significant a factor in his depression as "The Crazy Ones."  We're told Robin knew he had the disease for 5 months.  

One confidant tells us, "Robin was told by doctors the medications were so great he wouldn't even start to show symptoms for 6 or 7 years."


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Cancel the kardashians fake reality TV shows please. I told you stupid TV kills of real beloved actors, by only giving jobs to FAKES and ho's.

70 days ago


Leave his memory be and let his family try to start healing :(

70 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

Let it go tmz. Enough is enough. Just regurgitating other people's stories at this point. It's disgusting

70 days ago


I'm sure he was quite disapponted, but I doubt he was THAT devastated. Actors and actresses do more films and shows that aren't so successful than those that are. It's always been the nature of being an actor (and yeah it's not easy), even for the lucky ones who manage to land one long-standing show. To try and pinpoint this , that or the other as a primary trigger to his mental illness is just pointless and just shows a lack of basic understanding about mental illness and mood disorders overall. It's a neurochemical condition.

70 days ago


I think he was experiencing what a lot of people experience when they get older. Everything becomes harder. Finding jobs as someone who is older is very, very difficult, especially in the entertainment industry where your roles would be fathers, grand fathers and generally supporting roles instead of starring roles.

It's hard to feel unwanted after giving your entire life to an industry.

70 days ago

King Quic    

I didn't even know he had a show out. If I did I definitely would of checked it out. I know getting older you get less roles, but something eventually big would have happened for him. He just needed to have some faith. Faith can take you a long way in life.

70 days ago


Seriously....that's enough. It's his families business. We all know and it sucks...Stop running it into the ground.

70 days ago


Ego couldn't handle it?

70 days ago


It should have been painfully obvious the show wasn't a winner by reading the script. Robin couldn't save that garbage writing.

70 days ago


Seems like a pretty trivial reason to kill yourself. A lot of us struggle with a lot of failure in our lives yet still keep fighting. Guy had everything. Priorities apparently in the wrong place.

70 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

I didn't even know that he had a TV show. It's really sad to hear that vanity was behind his death.

70 days ago


omg that is so very sad rip

70 days ago


This is below low for tmz. His bodies not even cold and your already making fun of him and blaming an entire show on his shoulders. I've read a lot of bad "so called reporting" on this website but this one actually made me shake my head in disgust.Shame on you all at tmz

70 days ago


This absolutely needs to be talked about, so all you people saying to "leave his family in peace", shut the hell up. We need to learn what could drive such a successful man to suicide so others can benefit from his huge mistake.

70 days ago


harveys polo shirts, junkie staff, ugly feminist douche bags with hipster glasses, fat white trash overeaters, wannabe ghetto experts, are a personal failure

70 days ago
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