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Porn Star Christy Mack

Free Facial Reconstruction

8/18/2014 12:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Christy Mack Plastic SurgeryChristy Mack faces a long road to recovery after being viciously beaten ... allegedly by War Machine ... but a Bev HIlls plastic surgeon has come to the rescue.

Dr. Harrison H. Lee has reached out to Mack ... offering facial reconstructive work for free. Dr. Lee says he feels a special responsibility because he's trained in mixed martial arts and knows it should never be abused.

It's unclear if Mack is down with the offer ... but it sounds like a good deal.

As TMZ previously reported, Mack's porn star friends have been raising money on her behalf ... nearly $65,000 so far on GiveForward.com.


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No Avatar


I'm sorry , I feel for the girl and all BUT all this is , is free publicity !!! Wanna give out free surgeries how bout veterans coming home w/o limbs or 1/2 face blown off , fire victims , kids born with defects sorry but this is just publicity bull$hit

64 days ago

Yesterdays Corn    

Went to google and the doctor needs to reconstruct her entire used and abused body. The nasty bolt on frankenchest looks like someone that barely survived a fire. The crotch looks like its seen 800,000 miles of cobblestone road. How does someone flush their own carcass down the toilet.

64 days ago


The swelling has to go down before anything can happen and I bet she will be OK in the long run without plastic surgery still the animal that did this should be behind bars for years.

64 days ago


To bad you can't reconstruct her soul or make her a lady

64 days ago

The Maharincess of Franistan    

Just terrible what that woman-beating TRASH did to this girl. If it was my daughter he did that to, I'd hire some dudes to do the same thing to him!

64 days ago


People are idiots. Why give your hard earned money to this pornstar who only wants to be "petty again" just so she could go back to be a pornstar again. It's sad situation that he did this to her but come on.

64 days ago


Did she have health insurance required by our awesome Obama ?

64 days ago


i feel bad for all the other abused woman out there who get nada. she is getting free everything plus 100k right in her pocket.

64 days ago

JN klein    

I hope the Mack recovers soon, because I really want to see her healthy again, and I hope she has more sense and intelligence going forward.

64 days ago

Az Heat    

I've been in my share of bar fights and have come out looking way worse than this and I didn't have any broken bones in my face. It's sad that this happen but it sounds like her porn star friends found a way to get some free money since she is getting her work done for free!

64 days ago


Then he need to bead she for every video witch is in redtube.com where she get ****ed hard a lot... Hahahaahah hes should know who is hes girlfrieand!

64 days ago

Dusty Fungus    

**** you ****s talking **** on her go suck a dick. She got abused by some macho wanker **** with no brains - he deserves every year of a sentence given to him. Bet all you ****s have had a good fap and spewed all your worthless *** all over ya hands to porn before what does that make you talking **** on her. **** YOU ALL! Abuse to anyone no matter their what they do for a living is a sign of a weak **** **** inside. Hope all your idealized women in your little fantasy life spit and **** all over you the next time they see you.

64 days ago


It pisses me off, women are beaten, murderef EVERY DAY and the world is rallying around such trash as her????? IF YOU LAY DOWN WITH DOGS YOU GET UP WITH FLEAS. Trust me..she's scratching.

64 days ago


Allegedly??? Ok....

64 days ago

paul a.    

I love seeing things done to her face

64 days ago
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