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Porn Star Christy Mack

Free Facial Reconstruction

8/18/2014 12:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Christy Mack Plastic SurgeryChristy Mack faces a long road to recovery after being viciously beaten ... allegedly by War Machine ... but a Bev HIlls plastic surgeon has come to the rescue.

Dr. Harrison H. Lee has reached out to Mack ... offering facial reconstructive work for free. Dr. Lee says he feels a special responsibility because he's trained in mixed martial arts and knows it should never be abused.

It's unclear if Mack is down with the offer ... but it sounds like a good deal.

As TMZ previously reported, Mack's porn star friends have been raising money on her behalf ... nearly $65,000 so far on GiveForward.com.


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No Avatar


So trashy. Woman should not be mistreated but it was her lifestyle choice and choice this "bad boy" Bad outcome here but really kids are living with cancer and ppl have donated 65k to a wealthy porn star??? Am I missing something here??? So sad.

35 days ago


Her face doesn't even look that bad it just looks swollen...this dumb whore is getting free plastic surgery and got money donated to her? Lmao what a joke!! She got what she deserves didn't u people watch her interview? She said "I would probably deserve it" I do not feel bad for this garbage ...maybe she will have them fix her big ugly looking snatch too? Cause that needs some work it's blown out! Lol

35 days ago


This girl didn't deserve to be hit by anyone. But why the **** does she deserve so many handouts when she is already wealthy herself? I don't believe her injuries are as bad as they say. Has anyone here ever seen someone severely beaten with a few broken face bones? Look up the story about that dad that walked in on an 18 year old molesting his son, and look at what he did to that guys face. THAT is a beating. This girl took see pictures herself and posted them herself.... Her teeth were already fake, that's why they broke easily. Her lip is busted and her one eye looks darkened... But if you look at all the pictures she posted, she's clearly squinting in one pic. Her eyes aren't swollen shut. I'm willing to bet half the donations for this girl are from shallow morons and probably mostly men. Donate that money to a woman's shelter!!

35 days ago


I don't understand why she needs plastic surgery. Her face is a bit swollen and bruised, but I don't see the need for it personally.

35 days ago


Poor wittle porn star. There are children born with clef lips are porn stars donating to charity for children or just their whore friends. Why isnt Jenna Jameson paying anything shes a whore too.

35 days ago


Christy mack porn star she looks like a real bad ass now her b her douche befriend got the ass whooping they deserved karma is a fair bitch indeed lmfbo

35 days ago


No reason to hit a woman good women very true you have to be s*** to do that but a hoe if a bitch even thinks of scratching my face with her slut nails I will ****in knock her into next week

35 days ago

D Alexander Toluca Lake    

Since when do people who make $1000 A DAY working as a sex worker and these days an escort as well need donations. POOR people need charity, not girls makings thousands a week.

35 days ago


I was dying in need of a kidney transplant. I have to take anti rejection medication for the rest of my life. I had a fundraiser and was even on the news but I only raised a whopping 2 thousand. Unbelievable that I almost died and still struggle to pay my insurance working two jobs and people get free handouts like this.

35 days ago


The media exaggerates her injuries. Her face is a little swollen but it's hard to believe that she needs facial reconstructive surgery. Maybe fix a few teeth but a broken disfigured face would be hard to believe. It's swollen and will heal.

35 days ago


Donate the money toward a good cause. But I'm sure she won't

35 days ago


i dont like how this whole situation is going. i dont even know what story to believe or what really went down. however, i dont like how both mack and war machine are rallying for money... money from people to pay for the crap situation they put themselves into.

35 days ago


Hmm!!...What are they gonna reconstruct on her face?...It's just swollen. Rihanna got beaten up...i didn't see her getting a free surgery.

35 days ago


If not I'd like to have my tail removed for free...

35 days ago


She was a famous porn star why give her money? .... The money should go for other abused women that really don't have nothing and not these pathetic ppl!!!

35 days ago
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