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Kylie Jenner

She's a LIAR

Claims Other Driver In Crash

8/18/2014 9:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kylie Jenner
is full of BS by claiming she was rear-ended by a reckless driver Thursday ... because the other driver says she not only caused the crash but copped an attitude.

As we first reported ... the 17-year-old was driving her brand new Range Rover when -- according to her -- a woman swerved into her lane and rear-ended her.

But the woman's lawyer says what REALLY happened is that Kylie made an illegal U-ey with no warning and crashed into oncoming traffic.   

The accident was so bad ... the lawyer -- Gary Daglian -- says his client's passenger ended up in the hospital.

Kylie Jenner Crash

And the lawyer goes on ... claiming Kylie was "aggressive" and tried to strong-arm his client into settling up for cash and NOT calling any cops or insurance companies. His client told Kylie to pound sand.


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As much as i hate those brats, all of them, this is really just another broke lawyer who got wind of the accident and is trying to cash in on it. even if she did make an illegal u turn, person behind her is at fault. ive rear ended people before and cop said that you always have to be prepared to stop as if you had a baby thrown in your way unexpectedly, otherwise it's your fault. girl was probably traveling too fast on surface streets if she didnt see a range making a u turn. the range couldnt have moved that fast making the u.

64 days ago


What shocker a rude self entitled Kardashian. Too bad she didn't break her new nose, new jaw, and dislocate cheek implants and cut her giant new lips and rupture her breast and butt implants.

64 days ago

James R. - Los Angeles    

Please use the "Do you know who I am? DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM??" phrase.

64 days ago


The fall of the Kartrashy empire!!! Hahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahha

64 days ago


Stupid is as stupid does. Buy she to stupid to even understand that phrase lol so life goes on....

64 days ago


great. now we just need that entitled little piece of sh*t to lie in court to a judge...bwahahahaha

64 days ago


She'll be out in a brand-new Range Rover next week her family has the money to keep doing it anyway there is no parental supervision in that house obviously look at her birthday party she just had!!!

64 days ago


Hope the woman sues the sheet out of her for being a little k unt and a horrible, inconsiderate driver.

64 days ago


She was probably fleeing a restaurant where - believe it or not she forgot to pay.

64 days ago

The Realest    

What the heck does Pound sand mean? Sounds corny AF

64 days ago


When someone hits you from the rear, it's their fault. Despite what some ambulance chasing lawyer says. Ask any cop.

64 days ago


dides. Kywhore Jenner got lip injection at the age of 15 to make her Lips voluptuous. The doctor that injects their face also does my aunts. If you don't believe me check out her pic's around two years ago and check her lips now. Amazing what plastic injections can do to a bit ch face. Just check her lips. What kind of a mother let's her kid gey face injections. I hhope your lip injectiins get infected kylizzy hahahhaHHHH

64 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

This isn't going to stop until one of these pampered pigs kills someone, and even then they'll get off.

64 days ago


Someone needs to put that lying little Kardashian Whore in jail. Let's be honest - she was sucking on another black c ock when the accident occurred. They are all scank whores.

64 days ago


She's 17 and has been chauffeured most of her life. What do you expect her to be a perfect driver? Who cares she got into a fender bender.

64 days ago
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