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Jackie Chan


After Weed Bust in China

8/20/2014 7:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Jackie Chan says he's "VERY ASHAMED" of his son Jaycee -- claiming his 31-year-old son humiliated his family after getting busted for pot in China. 

Chan's son was caught in a huge drug crackdown last week -- with cops saying they found about 3.5 ounces of the green stuff in Jaycee's Beijing home. 

Now, his famous father has penned a bizarre letter to the public -- blasting his kid ... and essentially saying he FAILED as a father.

"When I first heard the news, I was absolutely enraged" ... Jackie wrote in a letter posted on his official website.

"As a public figure, I feel very ashamed; as his dad, I'm very sad and disappointed. But the person who feels heartbroken the most is his mom."

"I hope our younger generation will learn from Jaycee's mistake and stay far away from drug abuse."

"I would like to take this opportunity and say to Jaycee: you’ve done something wrong and you have to be responsible for the consequences. I’m your dad and I’ll always be with you. We will face the road ahead of us together."

"I should also take some of this responsibility because as his dad, I didn’t teach him well."

"Therefore, on behalf of Jaycee and myself, I extend our deepest apologies to everyone for the negative impact this has caused on society. Thank you."



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Mumra the Ever Living    


China EXECUTES drug dealers. They've executed a dozen so far this summer and still have a couple dozen to go.

Jackie Chan is groveling like this because it's acts of contrition that will get his son a twenty year prison sentence. Otherwise, it's a bullet to the back of the head in front of a couple thousand people - and then the Chinese government will make the family pay for the bullet. BTW, that is exactly how they execute people.

63 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living

Yeah, Pot is considered an illegal drug in china. They consider anyone holding three and a half ounces to be a drug dealer. Chan's son could end up with a bullet in his head.

You people got to realize that Chan's kid is in fuquing China, not Los Angeles.

63 days ago

BillyBob Again    

The letter is not "bizarre ". It's Chan attempt, to calm down Chinese authorites. His son could be facing death panalty!

63 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Clearly Jackie is from a differant culture. Even though it's "just weed", it is illegal. Parents from some other cultures have actual expectations of their children. I understand his shame, but I hope he knows that we are not judging him. I wish him luck helping his son get his act together.

63 days ago


Before you go saying "it's just weed" just remember it's China. Not the US. Far worse consequences, and family dishonor in the Chinese culture is taken seriously.

63 days ago


Nothing like trying to save face rather than getting real.

63 days ago


no wonder, he needs the weed.

63 days ago


The death penalty don't forget it's China. I hope Jackie and his son didn't start all kung fu fighting over this lol

63 days ago


Its weed not crack.He sounds like he needs to toke.

63 days ago


There's nothing really "bizarre" about his statement. He was painstakingly honest about his feelings. I'm sure the statement was released in China and America. It didn't happen in America, so obviously the consequences will be much worse.

63 days ago


jackie didn't his son...i'm sure he taught his son when he was young.......he's 31 and no one held a gun to his head

63 days ago


Well we are talking about China were the consequences for such a thing are more severe not to mention that their personal image and reputation means alot to them.

63 days ago


I went clubbing in Beijing earlier this year at some dance clubs next to Worker's Stadium and it's pretty common to see people tore up on drugs. My friends said weed, Molly, and coke are your staple drugs with the upscale crowd. VICS Club was of the hook!! Google it.

63 days ago



It's not that bizarre. The statement makes sense coming out of Chinese culture. China is really touchy about drugs (they never forgot about the Opium War and never forgave the west for introducing opium to the country). They executed a British national a few years back for bringing a crap load of cocaine into the country. It pissed the UK off.

If your kid gets caught with drugs, Chinese parents believe they have failed their duty as parents -- that they did somehow screwed up in the kid's upbringing. I don't agree with it, I think the kid's actions has little to do with Jackie. But there is this sense of honor in a Chinese family, so no doubt Jackie is apologizing to the public in that regard.

Hope this helps!

P.S. I'm Chinese-American =)

63 days ago


Gosh it's just weed!!! Calm down china man no need to be ashamed

63 days ago
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