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Kevin Sorbo

I'm Sorry ...

I Was Stupid to Call Ferguson Rioters 'Animals'

8/21/2014 11:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kevin Sorbo Apologizes
Kevin Sorbo now says he made a bonehead move in the middle of the night by trashing Ferguson protesters.

Sorbo went on TMZ Live to address his Facebook post, claiming the rioters were using the shooting of Michael Brown, "as an excuse to be the losers these animals truly are."

But ... he didn't fully backtrack his comment that Obama was elected by Blacks.


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Nah man stand your ground. It was partially correct anyways.

34 days ago


Why apologize? You think those animals can even afford the internet to find out what you said?

34 days ago

Timmy Boy    

I will have respect to anyone who stands his/her ground.

34 days ago


Y apologize. It's absolutely true. For those morons to ruin their own town. Get over it already. It's ur ancestors fault for being lazy ni**ers and not fighting back when u were being taken from Africa to come here and now no one can say the word "black" with out everyone being racists. It's called opinions idiots u r allowed to have them. And to all the black people eff u for turning everything into race wars. U ruin the towns u move into just like dirty animals

34 days ago


Their behavior resembles animals. Hollywood is missing a good opportunity to make a Planet of the Apes sequel. Luckily, no work boots were stolen while looting.

34 days ago

Edddie Nash    

No shock. He's a coward just like the people who agree with him in the comments sections. Social media has made the racists and bigoted cowards brave. They hide behind the computer screen spewing hatred. Cowards.

34 days ago

Mr. Underhill    

That should've been simonsez you are proving yourself to be a very big bigot by your own comment. Frickin bigot!!!'

34 days ago


Blacks are just as racist, violent as whites and burning the community (your own home) to protest is just stupid. As a latino, i wouldn't support ANY latino who breaks the law,attacks cops, etc. I dont see much about blacks supporting any laws except getting revenge. Support law and order, and i will be there to support you in a second. Thugs, looters, criminals, lawless cops, thieves are all the same... and they seem to be the only one who vomit their trash online...

34 days ago


White and black people need to unite.The world is falling apart and Arabs ISIS are coming here and want to kill all of us. Wake up!

34 days ago


When people behave this way, destroying personal property and creating trouble they are acting like animals. The facts rant out yet but they want to turn this into a race thing. How many times do whites act this way? Never even though there wronged just as much.

34 days ago


he is correct though..the looteres and rioters use this as an excuse to do so...if not tell me how breaking into a shoe store and stealing shoes will gain justice in this situation>?

34 days ago


I don't agree with the political correctness and he should not have apologized. Kevin was right to call the protesters animals, they're acting like animals so call them animals. It has nothing to do with race. If you act the fool consequences will follow. I hate the fact that Michael Brown is dead. I will tell you this -most people of any color if attacked by a 6'4'' 300 lb MAN (not kid like is being reported) would shoot and not think twice.

34 days ago


Let's not forget this white dude is Austrailian, not American. He probably had to apologize because his public relations team told him he is not allowed to piss off black people, therefore; retracted statement.

34 days ago


Well, their actions speak pretty loudly, so he isn't that far off!

34 days ago

What's he apologizing for? They are animals.

34 days ago
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