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Kevin Sorbo

I'm Sorry ...

I Was Stupid to Call Ferguson Rioters 'Animals'

8/21/2014 11:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kevin Sorbo Apologizes
Kevin Sorbo now says he made a bonehead move in the middle of the night by trashing Ferguson protesters.

Sorbo went on TMZ Live to address his Facebook post, claiming the rioters were using the shooting of Michael Brown, "as an excuse to be the losers these animals truly are."

But ... he didn't fully backtrack his comment that Obama was elected by Blacks.


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Knecci1 DaughterofaKing    

Kevin you're more of an animal than we will ever be. Our hair will never smell like wet dog nor do we have bugs in our hair like animals do. All though white people hide behind post and comment but I dare yo to say that **** to our face. Yall the laziest animals ever, yall stole poor ancestors cuz yall lazy ass didn't want to do your own work.

60 days ago


I agreed with him. They're looting tvs from innocent business owners and beating up people not even involved. If that's not animalistic I don't know what is. And in the end is turning out the poor innocent unarmed 6 foot tall 20th "kid" who had just strong armed robbed a business - broke the cop's eye socket and had an injury on his hand consistent of being pinched by a gun consistent of reports he wrestled to get the cop's gun. Autopsy shows he was shot in the front consistent with reports with he was approaching the cops not running away, and it is now being reported they the friend of the innocent "kid" recanted the innocent kid running away story. So... to start a violent riot without facts for the soul purpose of looting is stupid and animalistic

60 days ago


Tell them how you really feel Kevin, why recant when you know deep down you consider black people as animals and inferior to you, keep your kkk hood up and the hell with your career. Here's to hoping that no white family has to go through what these black parents have to deal with too often. Here's to raising perfect white children that never do wrong, never do drugs never steal etc. Here's to judgemental perfect white America. God bless us everyone even the animals that Kevin referred to.

60 days ago


He didn't need to apologize those looters and rioters are animals who have no respect for their own community.

60 days ago


Anyone else sick of these celebritys saying this stupid ****, and 24 hours later apologizing. They're not sorry, they just got a phone call from their agents saying their bonehead comments may destroy their careers..."Oh, I'm losing endorsements and movie deals, oops,I'm sorry."...BS

60 days ago

She's baaaack    

He got a bad eye job, maybe he's bitter.

60 days ago


I knew it wouldn't be too long before he came out with this "I'm sorry SH!T. WHAT A LOSER. Good luck with your career. LOL.

60 days ago


Could someone explain to this idiot that blacks are 13% of the population. Therefore they can't elect anyone!! The man is truly an idiot.

60 days ago


These comments are ridiculous. He said people who were rioting are animals. That means everyone who was rioting. He never once made it about race. You guys are the ones making it about race.

60 days ago


See this is a prime example for thinking before one speaks, tweets or Facebook SMH he too damn old for that ****

60 days ago


Another D-list celebrity trying to un-ring the dumb ass bell!

60 days ago


Kevin has a right speak his mind and some protestor are raping and looting. This hurts their cause of belief.

60 days ago


It's disgusting watching these ignorant people in Ferguson walking around w/ their poster boards claiming that a criminal is a "victim"! A victim of his own demise that's for sure. You act like animals then you're going to be called an animal!

60 days ago


Why are you sorry? Just calling a spade a spade...

60 days ago


He shouldve just left it alone. Its so fake to apologize for speaking the truth. If white people acted that way I'd call them animals too...

60 days ago
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