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Robin Williams

Turned Down HUGE Vegas Offer

8/27/2014 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Robin Williams
turned down a huge Las Vegas offer 2 years before he died ... and sources connected with Robin tell us it's further proof he did NOT have money troubles.

TMZ has obtained an AEG Live document to Robin ... offering him $600,000 to headline 2 shows at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace.

We're told Robin's people turned the offer down ... he was shooting "The Crazy Ones" at the time. Robin's people -- who have maintained all along money was not a factor in his suicide -- tell TMZ if he was really cash-strapped he would have done some moonlighting in Vegas to rake in some dough.

Under the proposal ... ticket prices ranged from $75 - $150.



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Mariah and Nick are getting along great!

Splitting amicably!

36 days ago


Hey, young ones, listen up. Chemical drugs alter the natural chemicals that are in your brain. If you take chemical drugs like cocaine or meth, the natural chemicals in your brain become overpowered, and they cannot then do the work that is required for your brain to function. It can even result in permanent retardation with the first use. It also alters ceratonin levels that can trigger depression or anger or rage, and sometimes the damage is permanent and cannot be reversed. You can smoke a couple of joints if you really need to escape your life for awhile, because they are natural chemicals that only provoke a mild affect to brain chemicals, but don't ever do manufactured base chemcials like Xtc or cocaine or meth. Some people even die instantly the first time they ever use it. Robin Williams was doing cocaine already in the 70s, and it altered his brain chemistry for the rest of his lifetime. That is what triggered his lifelong depression. The thing about chemical drug users, is that they are always trying to achieve the same euphoria that they experienced the first time they used the chemical drug, but they can never actually achieve that, because there is only one time that your brain and body is that "pure" that it can be affected in that euphoric way. Every time you use those chemicals again, the high you achieve can never be the same, because you are no longer dealing with the pure, natural state of your brain, since you already damaged that natural state with the first use. Seriously, look around at the adults in your country, and realize that many of them have been chemical drug users in their lifetime. Don't be a lemming who follows stupid behaviour, because your brain is something you should take care of. Be Strong. Say NO to chemical drugs.

36 days ago


Paul Walker's giving up the racing life-style!

Planning a comeback!

Didn't die!

36 days ago


ummmmmmm. that IS NOT GREAT MONEY!! Robin was not in financial straits, but he surely did not earn what he was worth during his lifetime, something those close to him know. This Was an issue for him...wishing he had negotiated many deals differently. To put this article in perspective, paid W h or es like the K's get more than this to just show up at an event. This is proof to me Robin's people were telling the truth about him being low balled all the time. It is a tough business. If you make a great deal, those around you steal it. This makes Robin's gifts to the sick and dying even more striking and meaningful. Rest dear Robin. You have the biggest paycheck there is Now.

36 days ago


People that suffer depression are usually very good at hiding it. In most cases they feel shame and don't want anyone to know. We'll never know why he did what he did.

Let the man R.I.P.

36 days ago


Let Robin rest in peace, u know that he took the tv job because he didn't want to b away from his family

36 days ago

She's baaaack    

You're doing some serious backpedaling there, TMZ.

36 days ago


$60...0K for Robin Williams, and for more than one performance at that? That sounds like an insult. And AEG's name pops up again. Company better change its name.

36 days ago


Slow reporting day for TMZ they've been reporting on this dead man a lil too long now.

36 days ago


I bet if they announced a showtime with Robin Williams .... People would still buy the ticket . Some people are so dumb.

36 days ago


What's the matter. Beiber or Kardashian didn't do anything stupid today (yet)?

36 days ago


A world without Robin Williams just isn't funny

36 days ago

terrence popp    

please view this tribute to robin williams from the service men and women who are greatful for his 13 USO tours, please like and share

36 days ago

Mr Barcliff    


36 days ago


Meanwhile, as TMZ grasps further at strawman diversion into why he did it, fellow comic Rob Schneider contends that toxic meds for his condition(s) are what did him in.

36 days ago
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