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'Sons of Guns'


On Heels of Hayden Rape Case

8/27/2014 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Discovery is permanently pulling the plug on its hit show "Sons of Guns" ... as the show's star faces child rape charges. 

A rep for Discovery tells TMZ ... “Given the serious and horrific nature of the charges against Will Hayden, we have decided to halt further production of Sons of Guns and cancel the series.”

TMZ broke the story ... Hayden was re-arrested Tuesday when cops decided to charge him with child rape. Hayden was first arrested 2 weeks ago for allegedly molesting his 12-year-old daughter.

Hayden is the owner of Red Jacket Firearms ... the gun store featured on Discovery's show, which ran for 5 seasons.

Hayden is still in custody after his arrest.
11:30 AM PT -- Will didn't just lose his TV show ...he lost his company too ... Red Jacket Firearms just announced they've severed all ties with Hayden.


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boo boo    

Tmz: just say he's charged with child rape. Quit saying it's his daughter - she has enough problems without tmz identifying her!

55 days ago


Dang ding didlly doo! what thee!

55 days ago


When this first came out the child was questioned and released BACK into his custody. His older daughter even claimed nothing out of sort was going on. If this was going on why are new accounts bringing brought up worst n worst n why was she released to him in the first place? She was left in his care to begin with so if the ex had a hint something was going on why was the child left with him? Just my opinion.

55 days ago


So much for being innocent until proven guilty in this country. Already judged by the fat ass lazy american public in the internet. if he is guilty, I hope he rots in hell, but give the guy his time in court just like all of us deserve.

55 days ago


That willy is FVCKED .....

55 days ago


I love how cases are tried by the media nowadays instead of a court of law.

55 days ago


If his ex is scornful enough to have trumped this up, she's probably trembling right now. The truth will come out... one way or another.

55 days ago


What happened to "innocent until proven guilty?" I guess Discovery's policy is "guilty until proven innocent" like in Mexico and a lot of other third world countries. What a joke....

55 days ago


No network wants this on their hands, guilty or not. The alleged crimes are absolutely horrific. One of these parents is evil. If he is guilty of molesting her I hope he rots in prison. If the mom is putting the kid up to lie because of their split and is behind all this I hope she gets charged as well. Either way, the little girl loses and will need therapy after this.

55 days ago


Patrick. You dumb b@stard. You won't fair as well as you think you will in a gunless society.

55 days ago


Proving that it is deranged people who promote and display guns. Ever notice how most of the hard-core gun radicals in the U.S.A. are also.....Republicans, which are hard-core religious zealots. Just sayin', it's obvious to anyone who has their eyes wide open that the demographic of gun "players" are not all there upstairs.

55 days ago


Don't you just love how all the sheep want to hang someone before trial.

Child Protective Services already said they found the sex abuse claims unfounded the first time he was arrested. They removed the girl from the home for several days and questioned her as well as had her speak to a medical professional. They then returned her to the home because the accusations were unsupported by the evidence (including physical).

The girl wants to go live with her mother and her mother keeps making up bull**** for her to parrot. 12 year olds don't like having to listen to parents anyway, and the fact her dad actually has rules and such makes living with a mom who lets her do whatever she wants seem like Disney World in comparison. The mother is a real piece of work. There's substantial reason for why full custody was given to the father and not the mother (including the fact the mother was residing with a registered sex offender at one point).

The mother in question was also suspected to be the reason the ATF forced this guy to hand day to day operations of his shop over to another employee after restricting his firearm permits. Several weapons "disappeared" from the shop's inventory with no record of where they went while she was employed there and in a relationship with him. He refused to throw her under the bus though as he had not been made aware of the drug problem she had been hiding.

55 days ago


Good. Disgusting animal right there if he did do it. I almost can't look at pictures of his face after reading these horrific articles. Just awful.

55 days ago

Big Daddy    


55 days ago


Wow it's ****ed up that you guy's are defending him if they didn't have evidence to support the claim they wouldn't have arrested you guys have your priorities messed up defending a pedophile

55 days ago
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