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Manny Pacquiao

Rips 'Uneducated' Mayweather

9/2/2014 7:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Manny Pacquiao is following 50 Cent and Nelly's lead -- bashing Floyd Mayweather for his apparent lack of formal education.

Manny was doing an interview with NJ.com when he started going off on the boxing champ. 

"I think I finally understand him ... what he says ... how he acts ... and I don’t like it."

"But what l learned and heard from him, well, I realize why he is like that. I understand sometimes when the people are not educated they just talk to talk. He sets a very bad example." 

Mayweather's erudition has been under attack lately -- with 50 claiming the fighter can't read and Nelly trashing him for allegedly failing to graduate high school. 

Floyd has been mostly silent about the attacks -- but his father went off on his behalf ... calling 50 (and everyone else ripping his son's education) as "player haters." For more sports stories, check out tmzsports.com!

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We all know Floyd is an idiot.

18 days ago

Yosemite Sam    

Wow, this dude can't even read.

17 days ago

Macc 6400    

For an uneducated human being who can't read, he sure knows how to run his own company and promotional team, negotiate contracts that lead him to earning hundreds of millions of dollars, that's for sure. This guy is more successful than all the people talking trash about him.

17 days ago


As a black women I agree with Pacquio. Floyd is the epitome of the ignorant black male stereotype. This bothers me because it's not a fair representation of black men.

17 days ago


He cant read, cant he hire a tutor?

17 days ago

pee pee    

Money talks, after boxer is over he gonna wish he could read

17 days ago


His dad called them "player haters"? Lol. You can add awful family to that list apparently too

17 days ago


His father should be accepting responsibility for his son’s illiteracy instead of firing-off with that weak defense. I think Floyd deserves these attacks -- not because he’s uneducated but because he’s an ass. I’m not familiar with TI but I thought it was grossly disrespectful for Floyd to carry-on about that man’s wife. For that alone, he deserves any public attacks that he gets. I’m a long-time boxing fan and I have never seen any champ run from what would be the best fight of their career. Floyd’s stupid antics while dodging a fight with Manny makes any real boxing fan’s blood boil. Maybe these attacks will be good for him; let’s just see how he finally responds.

17 days ago


Lol a good father would say "i hope my son returns to finish his education some day." That, or "PLAYA HATAS!"

17 days ago


Nelly needs to shut up. I didn't graduate either. Not, because I chose not too, but because my bipolar kicked my senior year. My IQ is all-out higher then his & I have idea what my IQ. It tops the charts.

17 days ago

Waka Waka Waka    

If he doesnt know how to read then how does he know wich on & off ramp to take..lol..waka waka wakaaaaaaaa

17 days ago


At least he has enough brains to make more money then manny

17 days ago


Good ol america cant read and still got millions smh

17 days ago


I think it's funny how back in 2010 Pacquiao and Mayweather were supposed to fight but Mayweather kept backing away even after Pacquiao agreed to all his ridiculous demands. Mayweather won't fight him cause he knows Pacquiao will beat him.

17 days ago


He'll be broke in a few years if he can't read do***ents his team has him sign.

17 days ago
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