Justin Bieber Bev Hills Neighbors Rejoice Ding Dong, The Biebs Is Gone!

Justin Bieber MovesIt's been rainy and gloomy in LA all week, but it's all sunshine and rainbows for the residents of a Beverly Hills condo ... because Justin Bieber has finally moved out!

Bieber officially cleared out Monday. An email had circulated among tenants, suggesting a party when the day came that Justin was a memory ... so Saturday night should be crazy at the condo.

Biebs has terrorized his neighbors since he signed the lease back in June. 

June 24 -- Days after Bieber settled in neighbors are already complaining

July 3 -- The building hires extra security 

July 21 --  Cops called to the condo six times in one night for Bieber-related problems

July 29 -- Cops show up to tell residents how to handle Bieber

October 15 -- A Bieber homecoming party is busted up by cops

We've heard Bieber is looking to rent an L.A. home, but so far nothing's in cement.