Patrick Schwarzenegger He's Driving the Party Bus NOT Miley

12/7/2014 12:55 AM PST
Miley Cyrus has gotten a bad rap, allegedly corrupting her new BF Patrick Schwarzenegger, but we've learned he's an insane partier who is actually pushing her beyond her limits. 

Celebs who have partied with both Miley and Patrick tell TMZ ... Patrick has been raging in Miami, organizing nightclub and strip club trips with his girlfriend and others ... and never seems to even take time to sleep.

Patrick -- who is well-known on the EDM circuit -- was at a Miami strip club with Miley and Paris Hilton, pulling out wads of cash and making it rain

Pictures have surfaced of Patrick smoking weed with Miley and Wiz Khalifa. As one celeb source told us ... "He was smoking weed long before he met her [Miley]."

As for reports that Miley is corrupting Patrick, we're told members of his family are laughing ... they've known about his hard partying and actually think it's good he now has girlfriend who might slow him down.