DMX I Shall Not Steal ... The Devil Is Working Hard To Destroy Me

4/9/2015 10:54 AM PDT

DMX believes the forces of evil are hard at work to take him down ... but he's not worried one bit ... because he's got God on his side and a lawyer who says he isn't a gun-toting thief.

X has admitted all along, he was at the gas station but he denies robbing anyone. He says he has no idea what the New Jersey man accusing him of holding him up at a gas station for $3,200 earlier this week is talking about, but he believes these kinds of charges just come with the territory.

We're not sure if his logic about his innocence would hold up in a courtroom, but it still sounds pretty good to us.

As for the people trying to tear him down ... X quotes Scripture and says they're gonna need to bring in the big guns.