20 Stars Going Short You Make The Close Call

4/17/2015 12:33 AM PDT

Everywhere you look, Hollywood's hottest ladies are chopping their coifs. But is the boy cut the best cut?

Take a look at 20 babes who've gone blunt and sound off on the long and short of it!

20.Kim Kardashian

19.Jennifer Lawrence

18.Alexa Chung

17.Taylor Swift

16.Nicole Kidman

15.Julianne Hough

14.Miley Cyrus

13.Hayley Williams

12.Charlize Theron

11.Kaley Cuoco

10.Nicole Richie

9.Jessica Alba



6.Ashley Benson

5.Kristen Wiig

4.Lily Collins

3.Anne Hathaway

2.Vanessa Hudgens

1.Shailene Woodley