Tori Spelling to Candy Hey Mom ... Charity Begins at Home!

6/28/2015 7:16 AM PDT

Tori Spelling and mommy Candy Spelling came together Saturday night, looking like one big happy family. The one with the sparkling dress is really, really rich.  The one with the braids is selling used pots and pans.

Candy, her son Randy, Tori, Dean and their kids were all at a charity event for Better Educated Students for Tomorrow.  

As we reported, Tori and Dean had a fire sale on Father's Day on their front lawn, unloading everything in their San Fernando Valley rental that wasn't nailed down.

Candy, who is reportedly worth hundreds of millions of dollars, has had a rocky relationship with her daughter.  

Maybe Candy's in the market for some used books.  Every little bit helps.