Hoverboards Are Here ... But They're Too Cool For You

8/5/2015 10:19 AM PDT

Lexus just made everyone's "Back To The Future" dreams a reality when they released video of their new hoverboard, The Slide ... and unlike Marty McFly's, this one can go over water.

The hoverboard has an insulated core, filled with superconductor blocks that are cooled to -197°C by liquid nitrogen... and has to be refilled every 10 minutes to keep it cool and working.

But don't expect to defy gravity just anywhere ... the skate park where the video was filmed was specially fitted with a magnetic track that maintains the levitation of the board.

So once they replace every road and sidewalk in the world with these magnetic tracks, then we can enjoy the freedom of levitating a couple of inches off the ground ... until then our feet will have to do.