Fox News Contributor to Dina Lohan Look at All the People Who Called You a Bad Mother!

8/7/2015 8:28 AM PDT

A Fox News contributor has invoked the Elton John Defense in Lindsay and Dina Lohan's defamation lawsuit, claiming even the Rocket Man thinks Dina is an enabler.

Lindsay and Dina filed suit because back in 2014 some guests on an FNC panel said the mother/daughter had done coke together, Lindsay was an addict, and Dina an enabler.

New legal docs cite Elton, who once said of Lindsay, "Get rid of the people who are around you, and by that I mean her family, too. They are enablers."

The docs actually reference 48 stories, with similar comments from  Liv Tyler's mom, a Bev Hills psychiatrist, Aaron Carter, the New York Times and Daily News, and ... of course ... Lindsay's own father, Michael Lohan.

Fox News previously fought back against the lawsuit by saying Lindsay Lohan's drug use has long ago been established as fact ... even by Lindsay herself.