Lorenzo Lamas' Son A.J. Arrested for Robbery with a Baby ... at Target

9/10/2015 8:20 AM PDT

Lorenzo Lamas' son was arrested in an eerily similar situation as Kim Richards ... but in this case, he allegedly stole from Target and fought his way out with a baby in his arms.

A.J. Lamas -- who appeared on the reality show, "Leave It To Lamas" -- was popped at a Van Nuys Target for robbery. Cops say he stole a wrench, clothes and tennis shoes. As for why he was busted for robbery ... cops say on his way out when security tried to stop him, he punched the security and got away.  

What makes it particularly dangerous and sad -- he had a baby in his arms during the incident.

We're told cops found Lamas at a nearby hotel and arrested him.