'Best Ink' Star Arrested for Stealing ... Ex-BF's Beer Stein

9/18/2015 8:05 AM PDT

A tattoo artist who appeared on the TV show "Best Ink" got nailed by cops for burglarizing her ex's apartment, but luckily ... she can drown her sorrows in the $200 beer stein she allegedly jacked.

Jessica Rotwein -- a Season 1 star on 'Ink' -- was arrested Thursday for the burglary cops say she pulled off back in March at her ex-boyfriend's Bronx apartment ... where security cams caught her coming through the front doors. 

Rotwein was apparently fond of beverages -- she allegedly made off with the high-priced mug, 2 shot glasses, and $40 coffee maker. She also took her mail and a $15 shower caddy, 'cause y'know ... hygiene.

We're assuming it was a bad breakup.