Minecraft Creator Giving Away MJ Leftovers ... Found in $70 Million Pad


0127_minecraft_house_auction_gallery_launchMinecraft creator Markus Persson is simply giving away a bunch of stuff, including Michael Jackson memorabilia that was left behind in his insane Bev Hills mansion. 

Not only did the billionaire gaming mogul snatch the crib from Jay Z and Beyonce -- he outbid them in 2014 -- but the previous owner left Bentley furniture, Shepard Fairey prints and even framed and autographed MJ pics.

36-year-old Persson (yes, he's that young) is auctioning off the items and all the proceeds will go to Design by Donation which supports at-risk youth.  

Don't worry about Markus -- he'll still have a candy room, home theater, car lift and his infinity pool with a view to entertain him.