Dencia Disses LisaRaye & MLK Jr. Over Skin Whitening War!

2/2/2016 2:38 PM PST

LisaRaye McCoy and singer Dencia's feud over a skin whitening cream is getting so heated ... even Martin Luther King Jr.'s becoming collateral damage.

We got Dencia outside Mr Chow, where she told us her lawyer's drafting a lawsuit against LisaRaye. Dencia owns a cream called Whitenicious, and as we first reported ...she's accusing LisaRaye of saying it causes cancer.

For the record, LisaRaye says she actually said, "whitealicious."

But check out this video ... Cameroon native Dencia blasts her enemies for attacking a "young black girl from Africa" ... and then she drags MLK Jr. and Malcolm X into the mess.

This is one way to mark Black History Month. Just not a great one.