Kim Kardashian Here's a Secret, Victoria My Fave Lingerie's Selling Out!

2/4/2016 11:45 AM PST

Kim Kardashian is moving high-priced panties like Oprah moves her favorite things. 

Kim recently dropped her list of Valentine's Day must-haves, and while none of the stuff is cheap (Ross, it ain't) ... Kim's followers still cleaned out stock from several distributors. Some of the items include a $128 bra, a $400 choker, and $9k ring.   

Fallon Jewelry, the company selling the choker, tells us it sold out of their initial stock within a day. Similarly, Fleur du Mal says it moved a week's worth of inventory in a day after Kim shouted out its bra and panties set.

Kim's no dummy, she made sure to include her own perfume on the list -- so ya know she made a bundle too.