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Daytona 500 Champ Denny Hamlin: Warning To Uber Drivers ... If You Suck, I'm Snitching

Daytona 500 Champ Denny Hamlin Warning To Uber Drivers ... If You Suck, I'm Snitching

2/24/2016 12:45 AM PST

Attention all Uber drivers ... if you plan on picking up Daytona 500 champ Denny Hamlin be at your best ... 'cause the speed demon says he has ZERO problem hitting a driver with the dreaded 1 star review.

Hamlin was out in NYC -- still basking in the glow of his win -- when our photog asked about the proper etiquette when it comes to a subpar Uber ride ... do you hit 'em with the 1 star or let a poor dude slide?

Listen up Uber drivers ... if you're looking for any four-wheeled comradery from Denny you ain't gonna get it ... he says he's more than willing to ruin your reputation ... if you ruin his trip.

Check out the clip guys ... and please try to be on time.  

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