Shia LaBeouf Videos Show Actor Assaulting Protester

1/26/2017 6:33 AM PST
Exclusive Details

We just found the video of the incident that got Shia LaBeouf arrested early Thursday morning.

The video doesn't capture the entire incident, but there's definitely a scuffle between Shia and another guy. You see everyone looking at the scuffle, and at 13 seconds you hear someone say, "He hit me!"  

Cops say the victim and witnesses claim Shia pulled the guy's scarf, scratched him in the face and pushed him.

We have a second video where Shia seems to whack a guy in the chest, shake his hand and then yank him away. We know there was a group of people with the alleged victim and this guy could have been part of the pack.

Cops tell us whatever caused the dispute ... it had nothing to do with Trump.