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Michelle Obama I Do Weddings Too!!!

9/23/2018 6:56 AM PDT

Michelle Obama is about to launch her stadium tour which should rival any rock band, but she has a much more intimate side hustle ... officiating weddings.

The former First Lady did the honors Saturday in Chicago for Stephanie Rivkin and Joel Sircus. The bride's pop is the Deputy Mayor of Chicago and, as you know, Michelle has deep roots in Chi-Town.

BTW ... not that it's relevant, but both the bride and groom graduated cum laude from Yale.

Michelle will hit 10 U.S. cities for her stadium tour to launch the sale of her memoir, "Becoming." The price of admission is crazy ... it starts at $30 with the top price of $3k for a pre-show meet-and-greet.


Drake Serious Illness Triggered Concert Cancellations

9/23/2018 7:43 AM PDT

Drake was seriously ill this week ... something his team didn't want out, but now the man himself is acknowledging it.

Drake canceled 2 Miami concerts Friday and Saturday at the American Airlines Arena. We were told Friday there was an issue with production, but that's clearly not the case.

Drake just went public, saying "I got so ill so fast I had never experienced anything like that in my life." 

It seems Drake was actually hospitalized by what he said ... "Thank you to the two doctors and nurse that helped me with round the clock care." It's possible, of course, he was treated at a hotel, but with 2 doctors and a nurse ... sounds pretty serious.

He then expresses gratitude to the man upstairs, saying, "Thank you God for allowing me to recover and continue."

North West I'm a Model Kid Now!!!

9/23/2018 7:13 AM PDT

North West had a distinctly Michael Jackson vibe Saturday as she marched down the runway at a celeb fashion show. 

The 5-year-old daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West made her modeling debut at the L.O.L. Surprise Fashion Show in Santa Monica.

She wore what looks like a "Thriller" getup as she walked the runway with purpose.

There were other celeb offspring as well ... Busy Philipps' daughter, Birdie, and Sara Foster's daughter, Valentina, were also front and center at the children's fashion event.

Kim and Kanye have been in Chicago and have been spending lots of time in Chicago ... this after Kanye said he and the fam were moving there. As we reported, they will keep their L.A. home and shuttle back and forth, but Kanye's serious about planting roots in the Windy City.

Serena Williams I'm Shakin' Off a Bad Month ... On 'Lip Sync Battle'

9/23/2018 7:19 AM PDT

Serena Williams dropped it low during a taping for an upcoming episode of "Lip Sync Battle."

The tennis star shakes and grooves to Beyonce's hit single, "Sorry," off her Lemonade album.

In case you didn't know ... Serena was also in the music video for "Sorry."

Serena Williams is coming off a tough month after losing to Naomi Osaka at the US Open ... a match laced in controversy after Serena was docked a game after getting into it with the ump. Then an Australian paper, The Herald Sun, published a racist cartoon of Serena.

Interesting song choice ... Serena could be telling us how she feels about the whole US Open thing.

Drake Best View in the Six ... From My New Ballin' Basement!!!

9/23/2018 1:00 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Drake loves to sit courtside at basketball games and now he's bringing that action to his brand new Toronto mansion with a near-NBA-sized basketball court ... in the basement!

Drake's under-construction pad will be lavish even by his standards because it's got a 15,000 square foot basement. The 6 God's plan for that level alone? Spa surrounded by 2 saunas and a massage room ... pool WITH a hot tub ... and snack lounge suspended ABOVE the b-ball court.

That's a check, check, check and check ... according to Drizzy's building permits filed with the city.

Above ground, it's just as sweet. He's gonna have a rooftop terrace with another hot tub, a sprawling outdoor swimming area flanked by bars and massive projection screens. Translation: Best. House. Party. Ever. 

Of course, he'll also have the standards: wine and champagne bar, home theater, recording studio and award ROOM (when a shelf alone won't cut it).   

Architect Ferris Rafauli designed the mansion, and it's in the same uber-exclusive neighborhood where Prince once owned a home.

Yasiel Puig Cops Cruising His Hood After 4th Home Burglary

9/23/2018 12:50 AM PDT

If Dodgers slugger Yasiel Puig's house is hit by burglars again ... it won't be because of a lack of effort by cops.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... cops have significantly increased their presence in the San Fernando Valley area where Puig's home -- and so many others -- have been hit by thieves.

Puig's 4th burglary -- the last one was this week -- was the catalyst for law enforcement to kick things up to nab some of these bad guys.

We broke the story ... LAPD got video footage of the suspects breaking into Puig's home after one of them kicked the front door open. Cops believe there are 3 suspects involved in the latest burglary ... and say they're the same perps who tried to steal his stuff on August 30.

Incredibly, Yasiel had yet another intruder on his property Thursday night ... but the guy isn't believed to be one of the burglars. Puig has a Ring security system set up at his home to get alerts for any visitors, but so far it hasn't been enough to keep thieves away. 

Cops are clearly hoping a boost in neighborhood patrols will do the trick.

In other news...

Justin Bieber Worries Fans After Viral Video Of Him Hugging, Shaking Girl Surfaces

Justin Bieber has sparked concerns about his health, after a bizarre video of him greeting fans surfaced online.


Stars and Scars You Be the Judge

9/22/2018 12:45 AM PDT

Kanye went nuts on Nick Cannon this week, and Nick returned the fire. And, Justin Bieber is acting like a responsible adult in love, with a prenup. So, we gotta ask ...

Arnold Schwarzenegger Orchestrates Patrick's 25th Birthday At Oktoberfest!!!

9/23/2018 7:34 AM PDT

Arnold and Patrick Schwarzenegger went back to their roots Saturday to celebrate Patrick's 25th birthday in Munich, Germany.

The famous duo decided to mark the occasion at Oktoberfest. It was a long trip for Patrick, but not so much for Arnold. The former Governator has been in nearby Budapest, shooting the yet-untitled Terminator 6.

They went all out ... wearing standard Oktoberfest issue.

Arnold's girlfriend, Heather Milligan, was also on hand and appropriately dressed. Lest there be any doubt, it's pretty clear Arnold has fully recovered from his recent heart surgery

Arnold tweeted:

Patrick's most recent acting gig was his leading role in "Midnight Sun" with Bella Thorne.  

Drea de Matteo My 'Mom Van' Got Jacked!!!

9/23/2018 12:40 AM PDT

Drea de Matteo could use some of her old TV mafia ties to, uhh ... y'know, have a little sit down with the mamalukes who jacked her minivan. 

Okay, first off ... no one woulda touched Adriana's ride in "The Sopranos" days, 'cause Christopha and Tony woulda cracked 'em good. Now, back in the real world, Drea's Honda Odyssey really was stolen from in front of her Hollywood Hills home ... according to law enforcement sources.

We're told she parked it on the street last month, and it was gone when she came out the next morning. It hasn't been recovered, but cops are still investigating.

It's a big loss for Drea, who has a 10-year-old daughter and a 7-year-old son. Mom needs something to take the kids to all their activities.

Our advice, Drea ... don't let Uncle Silvio take 'em to soccer practice!

'Sopranos' fans know what we're talking about ...

RZA Defends NFL Over Maroon 5 Pick ... Adam Levine Is Dope!!

9/23/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Here's something you don't hear rappers say a lot lately ... CUT THE NFL A BREAK!!!

RZA -- the leader of the Wu-Tang Clan -- says he doesn't think the NFL deserves all the crap it's been getting for booking Maroon 5 for the Super Bowl halftime show. 

And, the reason? He really digs Adam Levine!!

Remember, the game will be played in Atlanta -- home of stars like Outkast, T.I. and Migos. The guys from Maroon 5 are from L.A., and some people are pissed about that. 

But, not RZA -- who says Adam is everything that's RIGHT about music ... he's talented, progressive and embraces hip-hop. He even points out Adam has a song with Future

In fact, RZA says he wouldn't be surprised if Adam brought out a special guest like Drake

Wanna see Wu-Tang perform at the Super Bowl? 

Well, that's not gonna happen -- but RZA says the guys would definitely be down to perform a halftime show for the NY Jets or the NY Giants -- all they have to do is ask!! 

Wu-Tang's for the children!!!!!! 

Kiara Mia Jimmy G Date Night Porn Parody?? ... I'm Down!!

9/23/2018 12:20 AM PDT

Wondering how Jimmy Garoppolo's famous date night with Kiara Mia ended up??

Good news ... Kiara tells TMZ Sports she's down to take all the imagination out of it for you -- and make a legit porn parody of their epic L.A. night!!

"I might possibly be open to that!" the famous porn star tells us. "That sounds fun!"

Remember ... Jimmy and Kiara hit up Avra restaurant in Beverly Hills for a romantic evening earlier this summer -- but nobody spilled the beans about what went down afterward.

When we got Kiara at LAX and asked if an X-rated remake of the night was a possibility ... she seemed into it -- and even had some ideas for the male lead!!

BTW ... Kiara said her date with Garoppolo has opened the door for other athletes to dip into the porn star dating world ... and some have maaaaybe even popped into HER DMs!!

Eat your heart out, Jimmy.

Olivia Wilde Good Genes or Good Docs?

9/23/2018 7:14 AM PDT

Olivia Wilde's good looks are getting better in time!

Here's a 19-year-old version of the "House" actress exuding youth back in 2003 (left) and 15 years later ... The now 34-year-old mother of two was spotted looking timeless at the movie premiere for her new film "Life Itself" earlier this week (right). 

Wildly beautiful. 

The question is ...

NFL Rookie Class' Smokin' Hot WAGs!

9/23/2018 12:01 AM PDT

Not happy with your favorite NFL team's rookie class so far?? Here are some things that won't disappoint -- THEIR SMOKIN' HOT GIRLFRIENDS!!

Saquon Barkley, Baker Mayfield and Josh Allen have combined for just one W for their teams ... but they're doing just fine off the field with Anna Congdon, Emily Wilkinson and Brittany Williams.

Don't let that trio overshadow some unheralded rookie WAGs -- 'cause Dorance Armstrong's GF Jaylyn and Mason Cole's fiancee Madison Davis pack a serious punch in a bikini too.

Check out the pics ... and, oh yeah, go team!

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