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NFL's Jonathan Martin Had Gun in Possession When Detained by Cops

2/25/2018 6:24 PM PST

A disturbing new twist in the Jonathan Martin saga ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ Sports the ex-NFL lineman had a gun in his possession when he was detained by police. 

As we previously reported ... cops tracked down the former Miami Dolphins player Friday after he posted a photo on IG showing a shotgun and ammo -- along with a threatening message and the names of former teammates and high school acquaintances. 

We're told cops believe Martin had recently purchased two weapons -- one of which matched up with the gun in the IG post. Sources tell us when they found him on Friday, he had a gun in his car that fit the description police had. 

Multiple sources also tell TMZ Sports Martin is currently undergoing a psychiatric evaluation.

Of course, Martin was at the center of the Miami Dolphins bullying scandal in 2013, and had accused multiple teammates of physically and emotionally abusing him. 

The teammates, including Richie Incognito, have always maintained it was routine hazing and nothing more. Incognito had previously expressed concern about Martin's long-term mental health. 

Emily Ratajkowski Spotted After Surprise Wedding With New Hubby, Sebastian

2/25/2018 3:18 PM PST

Emily Ratajkowski clearly wanted folks to see her after her blitz wedding this week, so she stepped out in spots with her new hubby ... mission accomplished.

The new bride and her groom, Sebastian Bear-McClard, went out for the first time in public Saturday night for dinner in NYC after their courthouse marriage the day before. Em rocked a matching leopard print outfit ... meanwhile, Seb was feelin' blue.

As we reported ... Emily and Sebastian tied the knot Friday at City Hall with a couple friends in attendance. She and her guy had only been dating a few weeks. Social media star, The Fat Jewish, was one of the people who appeared to serve as a witness.

No word on a honeymoon yet ... date night's a start, though, we guess. 

NBA YoungBoy Allegedly Seen Body Slamming GF ... Hours Before Arrest

2/25/2018 2:36 PM PST
Exclusive Details

NBA YoungBoy allegedly got caught on camera body slamming his girlfriend mere hours before he was arrested in Florida this weekend ... and the footage is brutal.

TMZ has obtained surveillance footage of what we're told shows YoungBoy throwing his gf, Jania, down on the floor of a hotel hallway in Waycross, Georgia Saturday. 

Sources at the hotel tell us this happened a few hours before the rapper was arrested in Tallahassee on an outstanding felony warrant for kidnapping and other alleged crimes. 

We're told a hotel guest heard the commotion and called the front desk to alert them, and then the front desk called cops. Sources say YoungBoy and Jania had fled by the time police arrived ... but the footage and evidence found in their room was enough to issue a warrant.

We're told on top of the disturbing video ... cops found blood in their room. TMZ broke the story ... YoungBoy got busted later that night after law enforcement came into contact with his tour bus.

As for Jania ... she's taken to social media to deny the encounter was anything but playful roughhousing between the couple. We've reached out to YoungBoy's camp ... so far, no word back. 

Kim Kardashian Tickled Pink ... When Kanye Just Can't Hold It Any Longer!!!

2/25/2018 1:30 PM PST

1:45 PM PT -- Turns out Kanye wasn't peeing after all. Sources tell us he was faking for the cameras.Kim Kardashian got a good laugh from her husband ... and Kanye West got instant relief as he handled his biz wiz. 

Kim and Kanye had just arrived Sunday at a warehouse in L.A. when he answered nature's call -- outside the building. Kim, rocking a new pink 'do, turned around and appeared to burst into laughter at Kanye's desperate need to pee.

Y'know this was an emergency, because the couple was fully aware of the paparazzi. Then again ... we haven't seen video, so it's possible 'Ye was just clowning for the cameras and not actually urinating. Either way, Kim was entertained by his antics.

When ya gotta go ...

Reese Witherspoon Bleach for the Stars ... On Hollywood Blvd.

2/25/2018 11:55 AM PST

Reese Witherspoon knows if you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself ... which is why she spruced up her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  

Reese filmed herself out on Hollywood Blvd. Sunday morning, and told her IG followers she'd be visiting an old friend in the area. That friend ... 2010 sidewalk Reese.

She playfully cleaned up some smudges on her star ... while also giving the hardware a nice little pep talk on not letting the world walk all over it, despite its permanent position in life.

The lesson here (as far as we can tell) -- you're never too famous to get down and dirty for ever-lasting fame. That's Hollywood ... the gleam, and the grime. 

Sam Smith & Brandon Flynn Smokin' Smooch Always Before a Stoge

2/25/2018 11:24 AM PST

Sam Smith and his boyfriend, Brandon Flynn, were burning up the UK this weekend in more ways than one ... but it was mostly by (tongue in) mouth.

Sam and Brandon were spotted out in London Saturday night with Sam's sister, Lily, taggin' along. As any couple would, the 2 lovers stopped for a peck in the street. Kidding ... it was more like a full-blown movie make-out sesh, actually. Awww, young love!

At some point, Brandon was seen with a lit cigarette in hand -- as was Lily. Can't blame 'em -- something this hot is often followed up by some tobacco and nicotine ... even though smoking is awful.

One thing's for sure -- these two aren't shy about showing affection in public ... as seen here, here and here

Larry King 'The NRA is a Menace to America'

2/25/2018 9:15 AM PST

Larry King makes no bones about it ... the NRA is subverting the United States.

We got the talk show titan Saturday night in WeHo leaving Madeo, and he's fed up like many others that the NRA has essentially purchased Congress with campaign donations.

Larry was a bit confused ... our photog asked what someone should get the man who has everything -- he was referring to Larry's friend Floyd Mayweather, who celebrated his 41st birthday this weekend.

Larry thought we were referring to him, but then he came up with a good present that will make this country safer. 

U.S. Curling Team Denied a Delta Flight Upgrade After Winning Olympic Gold

2/25/2018 12:36 PM PST

John Shuster and the U.S. curling team are probably flying back home on something less than first class after winning gold at the Olympics ... all 'cause Delta denied 'em an upgrade.

The official U.S. Curling handle hit up Delta on Twitter Saturday asking if there was a way to get upgraded on the flight home from PyeongChang after taking 1st in men's curling.

Unfortunately, Delta said it had nothing for them upgrade-wise ... but at least if offered a congratulations and a warm welcome to the flight.

The curlers were gracious in their response, thanking Delta for looking into it and hoping for a smooth ride home. John and co. won the USA its first gold medal in the winter sport ever ... beating out Sweden for top honors. 

Looks like an historic achievement only gets you so far in the world these days.

Chrissy Teigen My Potatoes Made it Through TSA ... But Not in a Casserole Dish

2/25/2018 10:37 AM PST

Chrissy Teigen called an audible on an airport carry-on that paid off big time -- 'cause she was able to bring scalloped potatoes onto her flight without security gettin' fussy. 

We got Chrissy heading into LAX Saturday, where just hours before she'd tweeted a very important question at American Airlines ... is ceramic all good with TSA?

Luckily, both AA and TSA hit her back letting her know the potatoes were fine in her originally intended casserole dish ... but it sounds like she switched up the container last minute.  

Maybe she wanted to play it safe with some good ol' fashioned plastic. Whatever the reason ... the grub got the all-clear, as she quickly pointed out on social media.

Chrissy did ditch a snack beforehand, though -- pawning off some cookies on a photog before walking inside. Better safe than sorry ... you can't press your luck with this stuff.

Floyd Mayweather Mariah, Jamie and Wiz Party At Wild 41st Birthday Bash!!!

2/25/2018 7:29 AM PST

Floyd Mayweather turned 41 years this weekend and to celebrate he threw an insane party for himself. 

The bash went down Saturday night at The Reserve in Downtown L.A.  Floyd joined Mariah and Jamie at the DJ booth and it looked like they were having a super fun time.  Other guests included Wiz Khalifa, Bobby Brown, John Singleton, Stephen Belafonte, and Laura Govan.

The theme of the party ... Bank of Mayweather.  Check out the video ... the font is the same as Bank of America, which makes sense -- Floyd seems to think he rivals B of A in assets. 

Floyd got lots of expensive gifts ... gifts he bought himself, which include an ridiculously expensive watch and necklace, a Bugatti and a Rolls Royce. 

It's clear he had a good time after the party, which lasted until the wee hours of Sunday morning.  As he gets on the bus to leave, with a slew of very attractive women.

Demi Lovato, Wilmer Valderrama Guacamole Lunch Date!!!

2/25/2018 7:38 AM PST

Demi Lovato has what appears to be an unbreakable bond with former bf Wilmer Valderrama, because they were hanging together over the weekend.

We got this pic of Demi and Wilmer chowing down for a late lunch Saturday in the San Fernando Valley at Sol Y Luna.

As you know ... the 2 dated for 6 years but broke up in June, 2016.  

It's interesting ... Demi released a documentary last October called "Simply Complicated," which talked about the breakup and wondered if she made the right decision.  She said her heart is always with him.

Eyewitnesses said they were super friendly with each other, laughing as they ate guacamole which was made for them at the table.

Very Bieber/Selena-esque.

In other news...

Lorde Live Streams In A Towel

And Sets the Record Straight on Those Jack Antonoff Dating Rumors


Kim Kardashian So Who Won 'Family Feud'?!!?

2/25/2018 8:02 AM PST

Kim Kardashian was coy about her fam's appearance on "Family Feud" ... she won't give up whether the Kardashian's kicked the West's asses or vice versa.

Kim was leaving the Create & Cultivate Conference -- which empowers women to launch their careers -- Saturday in Downtown L.A. when we asked about the game show.  TMZ broke the story, the plan was for the Kardashians to square off against the Hiltons, and although Paris and Kathy were on board the other family members were not so they bailed.

And check out the little girl who engages Kim, asking her to follow her on Instagram to support her pet project, Child Hunger Sucks. We check ... so far, Kim isn't following her but the day is young. 

Justin Bieber Downsizes With New $17.9 Million WeHo Rental

2/25/2018 12:50 AM PST

For most Justin Bieber's new modern crib would be a dream come true, but by Bieber's standards it's a shell of his last place.

The Biebs just secured a new rental ... a $17.9 million crib in West Hollywood above the Sunset Strip. At 6,000 square feet and 3 bedrooms, it's almost half the size of his last pad in Bev Hills, which was a 8,600 square foot, 6 bedroom bachelor pad.

There's a movie theater and the infinity pool looks out on an incredible view of L.A., but the coolest feature has to be the master closet, which looks like it was inspired by a DJ's booth.

The last place set Bieber back $55k a month. Sources say he is shelling around the same for his new digs.

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