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NFL Draft Browns Take QB with Top Pick Welcome to Cleveland, Baker!!!

4/26/2018 5:18 PM PDT
Breaking News

The pick is in ... the Cleveland Browns have selected Baker Mayfield as the first overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft!!!

Baker's story is pretty incredible -- he went from being a walk-on at Oklahoma to being the reigning Heisman Trophy winner. He threw for 129 TDs and just 29 interceptions in his college career.

Now, Mayfield has been given the task of turning around a miserable Browns franchise, which has combined for 4 total wins in the past 3 seasons ... including ZERO in 2017.

The next top picks in the draft are expected to be Saquon Barkley, Bradley Chubb, Quenton Nelson and of course ... fellow QBs Sam Darnold, Josh Allen and Josh Rosen.

BTW -- commish Roger Goodell got booed heavily once again when he walked out to open the Draft, even though he was joined by a group of Dallas Cowboys legends ... in Texas! Roger Staubach, Troy Aikman and Jason Witten got their cheers later, though.

Baker was clearly overjoyed by the selection ... breaking down in tears when he found out he was going to Cleveland. 

Tom Brokaw Facing Claims of Sexual Harassment

4/26/2018 5:51 PM PDT
Breaking News

Tom Brokaw is being accused of making inappropriate and unwanted advances ... on 2 female co-workers in separate incidents in the 1990s.

One of the women, Linda Vester, claims the veteran broadcast journalist and former anchor of NBC Nightly News sexually harassed her while she was a reporter for NBC on "Weekend Today" in 1994 ... according to a report by The Washington Post.

Vester claims he asked her to have a drink with him, she replied "I only drink milk and cookies" ... and Brokaw later called her room around 3 AM and told her to order the milk and cookies because he was coming over.

She then says he showed up uninvited and attempted to force a kiss on her, jerking her head towards his, but she resisted ... then he left.

The second woman -- who chose to remain anonymous -- says she was a former PA at NBC News when he took her hands and put them under his jacket against his chest. He then invited her to his office later on ... insinuating he wanted to give her more than job advice.

She says she left the company shortly thereafter.

Neither woman reported the incidents when they happened. Brokaw has denied the allegations.

Instagram Model Sued She Sexually Assaulted My Dog!!!

4/26/2018 2:15 PM PDT

Hef was sexually assaulted during a photo shoot with a hot bikini model, TMZ has learned ... and we should say ... Hef is a dog.

The model's name is Deyana Mounira, and 2 weeks ago she showed up for a photo shoot at the home of a guy named Tony Toutouni ... who says he's "Instagram famous." Dude does have 1.5 million followers. Anyway, during the photo shoot ... Tony says Deyana started playing around with his dog, Hef.

According to the lawsuit, Tony's filed against Deyana ... Hef stands about 5' when on his hind legs, while Deyana goes about 5'6". As Tony puts it, Deyana "began sensually playing with Hef; arousing Hef by playing with his genitals and masturbating him."

Tony says Hef was totally into it, and started mounting and thrusting and "even appeared to place his front legs on [her] buttocks."

In the suit, filed by attorney Ardy Pirnia, Tony says he told Deyana and the photog he did NOT want the footage on the Internet ... and they agreed. However, the video and photos showed up on her IG a couple days later.

Gotta say, the video's pretty damning, although it's hard to tell who's the aggressor. Tony later posted the video himself, but added the caption, "I can't believe this Thirsty girl used my dog to gain followers."

Tony is suing Deyana for fraud and infliction of emotional distress (on Tony, not Hef). Good luck proving it, but he wants her to fork over $1.5 million in damages.

As for Hef ... based on a pic posted this week, seems like he's recovered. Bow wow wow.

Ciara Future's Blowing Off Our Son ... And It's Hurting Him

4/26/2018 3:31 PM PDT

Future may not be a deadbeat dad, but he's a repeated absentee one ... at least according to Ciara, who's trying to drag him into court over it.

Ciara blasts her baby daddy in new docs, claiming he's skipping too many scheduled visits with little Future ... who's now 3 years old. According to the docs, Future no-shows for visits 37 percent of the time, and frequently he does so at the last minute -- which screws with her schedule.

She also says when their son goes to Georgia, where Future lives, the child spends most of his time with grandma or great-grandma -- instead of Dad -- and she rarely gets to FaceTime with her son.

She also says little Future has health issues that have been exasperated by all the cross-country travel. She doesn't say why that's Future's fault, but does say it's another reason why the travel schedule for their son needs to change.

Ciara says the boy is constantly exhausted due the to travel and, as a result ... has emotional breakdowns while he's at school.

She wants to go to mediation with Future, so they can hammer out a better schedule for their son's travel and for sake of his health. We've reached out to Future's camp.

Cardi B Sued By Ex-Manager for $10 M I Discovered You and You Screwed Me Over!

4/26/2018 1:45 PM PDT

Cardi B is on the receiving end of a lawsuit by her ex-manager, who claims he turned her from an Instagram wannabe to a star and she repaid him by giving him the shaft.

Speaking of shaft, a guy with that name claims he began working with Cardi B in 2015 after she sought him out, hoping to propel her from social media to music stardom.

Shaft (real name Klenord Raphael) claims in a new lawsuit, he taught her the ropes of the music biz and orchestrated her relationship with VH1's "Love & Hip Hop."

Even more significant, Shaft says his contacts and personal team of writers and producers are responsible for her megahit, "Bodak Yellow."

Shaft goes on to allege her monster hit allowed her to secure major record and publishing deals worth millions.

He's also claiming she defamed him by telling her fiance, Offset, and others he robbed her blind. Shaft says last December, Offset texted him and said, "[U] better stop play acting like u don't know u taking her sh** from her u a snake. U can't hide from me N**** and u not bout to play my WIFE."

Shaft blames Cardi's makeup artist/publicist for poisoning her against him.

Shaft's rep tells TMZ, "Since discovering Cardi B in 2015, Shaft has played an integral role in developing her music career and public image. While he is proud of their successful collaborations as she evolved from Instagram influencer to music megastar, Shaft is disappointed by her actions to freeze him out of her career, which are detailed in the complaint."

The rep continues, "Shaft is confident that his lawsuit will validate his conduct and substantiate his legal claims."

He's suing for $10 million.

NFL Prospects Fashion Walk ... En Route to Draft

4/26/2018 1:35 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

The NFL prospects are stylin' it up on their way to the 2018 Draft ... and we're live streaming the whole thing.

The draft is always an opportunity for the fresh rookies to make a fashion statement -- for better or worse -- and this year's batch is living up to the hype.

Saquon Barkley's sharp outfit includes special messages representing his high school and Penn State. The stud running back also copped embroidered socks featuring the initials of his newborn daughter, and Nike made him a custom pair of Air Max sneakers with the same fabric used for his tux, according to stylist Tom Marchitelli.

Jaire Alexander's killin' the kick game as well with leopard kicks ... along with a red suit designed by Boushra Alchabaoun from Elevee.

Boise State stud Leighton Vander Esch went all out with the bespoke plum suit designed by Sami Jenks of Elevee. Ex-UCLA star Kolton Miller also went with Jenks ... sporting a Super 150s Italian wool suit.

The draft is set to go down from AT&T Stadium at 5 PM PT ... so be sure to check out all the dope outfits before the Browns officially go on the clock.

Nancy Grace Cosby Needs to Do Hard Time, Period!

4/26/2018 1:34 PM PDT

Nancy Grace says Bill Cosby's conviction on sexual assault charges is a long time coming -- and he needs to go to prison ... and immediately.

We spoke to the former prosecutor and TV host on the heels of Cosby being found guilty Thursday on all three counts of aggravated indecent assault -- for which he's facing up to 30 years in prison.

Nancy's not sure he'll get the full 30 years, which would amount to a life sentence since Cosby's 80 years old, but she says it doesn't matter. Hard time is necessary in his case.

She also comes to the defense of Cosby's victims -- especially, Janice Dickinson, who Nancy says caught a ton of flak after going public with her allegations against Cosby. 

Malik Yusef Get Ready, Chicago Kanye's Got Something Big For Ya ...

4/26/2018 1:34 PM PDT

Kanye West's friend and G.O.O.D. Music affiliate, Malik Yusef, says the rapper's upcoming announcement Friday is going to be huge ... like, humanity huge.

We talked to Malik about Kanye's big news -- which Yusef says is coming tomorrow -- and he gives us more than just a hint about what it will involve. If you guessed it has something to do with Ye's hometown ... give yourself a pat on the back.

But that's not all. Malik, who's also based in Chicago, tells us Kanye's enormous impact on the city already -- both musically and culturally -- is just a start ... and what he has planned for Chi-town is a microcosm for the whole country.

Stay tuned ...

Bill Cosby Guilty of Sexual Assault ... Lashes Out in Courtroom

4/26/2018 10:50 AM PDT
Breaking News

1:15 PM PT -- Cosby's been ordered to remain in his home until sentencing.

11:18 AM PT -- Multiple people in the courtroom claim Cosby lashed out after prosecutors asked he be taken into custody immediately because he owns a private plane and could flee. Cosby shouted, "He doesn't have a private plane, you a**hole!"

Cosby was released on a $1 million bail.

Bill Cosby's retrial for sexual assault has just ended, and the jury found the once legendary TV dad guilty on all 3 counts of aggravated indecent assault. 

The jury of 7 men and 5 women deliberated a full day before reaching their verdict and finding Cosby guilty of drugging and molesting Andrea Constand in 2004 at his home.

The 80-year-old faces a maximum of 10 years in prison for each charge.

The verdict comes after the jurors spent 13 days in the courtroom hearing lawyers' arguments and testimony from witnesses, including Constand and 5 other women who claim they were also drugged and sexually assaulted by Cosby.

That wasn't enough, though, because on Wednesday the jurors asked for the legal definition of consent. The judge said Pennsylvania law did not provide a definition ... it was essentially left up to the sensibility of jurors.

Cosby's attorneys attacked Constand by portraying her as a liar who tried to frame him to make money ... while prosecutors called out the attack as the reason sex crime victims are afraid to come forward.

Prosecutor Kristen Feden also blasted Cosby for smirking while she talked about his accusers, saying ... "He's laughing like it's funny, but there’s absolutely nothing funny about them being stripped of their capacity to consent.”

As we reported ... Cosby's June 2017 trial ended in a mistrial because the jury then had 2 not guilty holdouts

Canter's Deli Owner Daughter Hints Foul Play Possible in His Death

4/26/2018 12:46 PM PDT

The daughter of Gary Canter, the late co-owner of L.A.'s famed Canter's Deli, is accusing his widow of sinister behavior ... and, as a result, she wants control of her father's estate.

Jennifer Canter says in new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, her dad's wife, Traci, waited hours before calling 911 when she found Gary dead in December 2017 ... insinuating foul play was involved. Gary reportedly died of a massive heart attack.

Jennifer claims Traci sent a photo of Gary's body to TMZ in order to get it published. We have not found any record of any such photo being sent to us ... plus we never posted anything about Gary's death.

In the docs, Jennifer says Traci's been selling off her dad's valuables and refuses to let her look through his belongings. Even weirder, Jennifer claims Traci had Gary kidnapped in 2014 in an elaborate move to find out where he'd stashed cash in their house.

She also says she doubts her father and Traci were legally married. 

Jennifer's asking a judge to allow her to take over her father's estate -- which she claims is valued at around $500k -- to keep Traci from harming the family even more.

We reached out to Traci ... so far, no word back.

Rep. Joe Kennedy III Gone Fishin' For Phone in Trash!

4/26/2018 11:52 AM PDT

Rep. Joe Kennedy III put new meaning into dirty politics when he had to go digging for his phone through a fast food restaurant's trash can.

People who were there tell us JK3 had finished eating an early dinner Wednesday at Santa Rosa Taqueria on Capitol Hill and accidentally threw out his tray of food with his phone on it. 

Joe was alone, so he took off his suit jacket, rolled up his sleeves and got to work. Problem is ... the phone's heavy and went to the bottom of the bin, so Joe was diggin' for a good 10 minutes, according to restaurant-goers who were more into watching and taking pictures than helping out. Can't blame them for not wanting to get covered in leftover taco meat and guacamole.

Joe, who delivered this year's Democratic response to the State of the Union, eventually got his phone out and cleaned up in the bathroom.

Makes ya think ... if he'd do the same for his Chapstick.

Bam Margera Sentenced in DUI Case

4/26/2018 11:59 AM PDT

Bam Margera just avoided jail time in his DUI case ... instead getting probation, AA meetings and some fines and fees.

We broke the story, Bam was pulled over by the CHP back in January for being on his phone while driving. Cops detected a strong scent of alcohol on the "Jackass" star, he took a breathalyzer and failed and was eventually charged with two counts of DUI.

Law enforcement sources tell us he was hit with 3 years probation, has to attend an alcohol program, pay fines and fees, go to AA meetings and go through a "live in" program.

Margera checked himself into rehab shortly after the arrest.

Tekashi69 Loses Barclays Center Gig Amid Shooting Investigation

4/26/2018 11:28 AM PDT

Tekashi69 is now persona non grata at the Barclays Center, so he's been axed from the lineup of a big upcoming event there ... TMZ has learned.

A source connected to Brooklyn's Soulfrito Fest 2018 tells us ... 6ix9ine will no longer be performing at the show due to an ongoing police investigation of a shooting at the venue connected to the rapper's manager.

We broke the story ... the shooting allegedly went down inside the Barclays Center during last weekend's Adrien Broner fight after Tekashi's crew had an altercation with a rival rap crew headed by Brooklyn-based MC Casanova.

6ix9ine's manager, Tr3yway, is a person of interest in the shooting, along with another shooting hours earlier in the streets of Brooklyn.

The Soulfrito show was announced months ago, and Tekashi69 was one of the most highly anticipated acts on the lineup of more than a dozen performers. No word yet if Barclays will offer refunds to disappointed 6ix9ine fans. The venue declined to comment.

We reached out to the rapper's rep ... no comment there either.

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