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'Teen Mom 2' Jenelle Evans Defends Husband David He Doesn't Hate LGBTQ People!!

2/20/2018 12:08 PM PST

"Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans is standing by her hubby, saying he doesn't hate members of the LGBTQ community ... and her evidence is essentially, "we know gay people."

David Eason came under fire on Twitter after he said, "Lmao why don't you go tell the homo and transgender parents to start teaching their kids better morals? Oh I forgot thats supposed to be normal." Both "Teen Mom 2" fans and cast members called for his firing from the show.

Now Jenelle's coming to David's defense, telling us, "David didn't understand how offensive people would get or how Twitter even works. Now that he realizes his voice is very strong within media/tabloids he has deactivated his account. He agrees he will keep his comments to himself from now on."

She continues, "David doesn't hate people from the LGBT community. My old manager was gay and used to be one of me and Davids close friends. We attended Farrah's birthday in Miami with a lot of LGBT people there and he didn't act in any type of way. We went had a good time and left."

Evans wraps her statement with, "We are sorry for the comments that were made."

We've reached out to MTV for comment on the offensive remarks ... so far, no word back. 

President Trump Makes Move to Ban Bump Stocks Following Vegas/Florida Shootings

2/20/2018 1:55 PM PST
Breaking News

President Trump's doing something about gun control -- he says he's signed paperwork directing Jeff Sessions to get the ball rolling on banning "all devices that turn legal weapons into machine guns."

Trump says this process actually started after the Las Vegas massacre in October, when he told the Attorney General to look into whether the bump stocks used by Stephen Paddock were illegal under current law.

The Prez must have been encouraged by what Sessions reported back, because now -- in the wake of the Florida school shooting by Nikolas Cruz that left 17 people dead -- he's made a big move to propose regulations almost all gun control advocates support.

It's unclear what Sessions will do from here, but steps are clearly being taken to address the gun crisis after the latest mass shooting in America

However, don't count on the Florida State House to keep the progress going ... around the same time Trump made his announcement, state legislatures voted down a measure to hear a bill banning assault rifles 71-36.

Baby steps ...

Golden State Warriors Exec She's the Real All-Star ... Doubles Up Team Steph's Donation!!!

2/20/2018 12:14 PM PST

Steph Curry's All-Star team lost to LeBron's Sunday, meaning his charity of choice received less than half the donation as Bron's ... until now.

Brotherhood Crusade was picked by Curry as the community outreach program to rep for the All-Star Game, which ended up getting $150k since Team Steph lost (LeBron's charity got $350k).

Charisse Bremond, president and CEO of the organization, tells TMZ ... Warriors exec Erika Glazer felt bad it didn't get the winning money, so she pledged to match the donation and give an extra $150k from her own pocket. We're told the check will be there by week's end.

Bremond says Glazer's donation and the Team Steph donation -- $350k total -- will go toward operating costs, bolstering a variety of programs for its kids, providing mental health services and paying its high-quality staff.

Brotherhood Crusade helps around 3,000 kids a year in South L.A. and was the unanimous choice by the stars on Team Steph to play for. Several kids from the program attended the All-Star festivities last weekend and got to meet the players.

This is Brotherhood Crusade's 50th year serving the community.

Justin Bieber Papa Biebs Ties the Knot, Mon ... No Speech from Justin

2/20/2018 11:19 AM PST
Exclusive Details

Justin Bieber's dad, Jeremy Bieber, got hitched Monday evening -- and while the Biebs and Selena Gomez were there ... Justin passed on making a toast.

Sources tell us Jeremy tied the knot in Montego Bay with his longtime girlfriend, Chelsey Rebelo -- and Justin and Selena were among the 30 or so guests. We're told JB flew down, stopping in Texas on the way to pick up Selena ... before touching down in time for the wedding.

Justin and his younger siblings, Jazmyn and Jaxon, were all part of Jeremy and Chelsey's wedding party. For once, Justin did NOT want to get on a mic ... we're told he did not make any sort of speech during the reception.  

The wedding itself went down in the backyard of a villa, and we're told a local DJ and band handled the tunes. Jeremy's friend, Andy Curnew, helped organize things and even booked the pad.

Congrats to the couple!

Times. 🌞

A post shared by Jeremy Bieber (@jeremybieber) on

Frank Ocean Sues Producer You Didn't Write 'Blonde'

2/20/2018 11:23 AM PST

Frank Ocean's in a legal war with a guy he used to work with, but who's now trying to take credit for Frank's music ... according to Frank.

Frank's suing Om'Mas Keith, whom Frank says he hired in 2014 to produce master recordings for his "Blonde" album. Problem is ... Frank says Om'Mas is now trying to get credit for co-writing a bunch of those songs.

In docs, obtained by TMZ, Frank says Om'Mas registered with ASCAP -- which manages royalties for songwriters -- and claimed he had co-written 11 songs ... including "Pink + White," and "Ivy."

Frank says he hired and paid Om'Mas a flat fee to work on the master recordings ... and that's it. Frank's adamant -- Om'Mas didn't write the lyrics, melody or music. He's suing to get a judge to block Om'Mas from getting songwriting credits. 

'Teen Mom 2' Star Kailyn Lowry Jenelle's Hubby Has Gotta Go Over Anti-LGBTQ Comments

2/20/2018 10:13 AM PST

11:16 AM PT -- David's page has been removed from Twitter.

Kailyn Lowry's disgusted by what her "Teen Mom 2" castmate said about gay and trans people, and wants him axed from the show ... TMZ has learned.

Kailyn's responding to Monday's online rant by Jenelle Evans' husband, David Eason, in which he said ... "Lmao why don't you go tell the homo and transgender parents to start teaching their kids better morals? Oh I forgot thats supposed to be normal."

He added he's not going to let his children associate with LGBTQ people or "be that way."

Kailyn tells us she's extremely disappointed in Eason, wants nothing to do with him and doesn't want her kids around him. She says she feels bad for his children for having to "grow up with someone that clearly holds so much hate towards others."

She says there's plenty of precedent for what happens to TV personalities who make bigoted, hateful comments -- they get the boot ... and it should be no different for Eason.

Andy Dick GF Files for Restraining Order

2/20/2018 10:46 AM PST

Andy Dick's longtime girlfriend, and mother of 2 of his kids, has filed to get a restraining order against him ... TMZ has learned.

Lena Sved filed documents Tuesday in L.A., requesting court-ordered protection from Dick. We don't know if a judge has signed off yet, but typically a temporary restraining order will be approved ... until a later hearing can be scheduled.

The court has classified this as a domestic violence case, but it's unclear what she's alleging Dick did.

Andy and Lena have 2 adult children together ... both in their 20s.

The couple's been on and off for decades. They appeared on "Celebrity Wife Swap" together in 2013, even though they weren't married. In fact ... they weren't even dating at the time. 

We don't know if they're still together right now -- their last public outing as a couple was in 2015.

Judd Apatow Donates $1k to FL Shooting Victim

2/20/2018 10:21 AM PST

Judd Apatow is just one of thousands of people who've donated to a child who was shot and critically injured during the Florida high school shooting ... TMZ has learned.

Judd's rep confirmed to us that the comedian had, in fact, contributed $1,000 to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student Anthony Borges, who was shot multiple times while attempting to save others last week in the mass shooting.

According to the official GoFundMe page, Anthony took bullets to both legs and his back while trying to close and lock a door to a classroom full of classmates. He's alive and stable, but has "a long road of recovery ahead." The fund has raised over $400k so far. 

There are 2 other donors who might be famous -- a Kevin Smith donated $1,000 and Eric McCormack donated $500. We haven't heard back from reps to confirm it's the filmmaker and the  "Will and Grace" star. 

Serena Williams I 'Almost Died' After Giving Birth ... Emergency Surgery

2/20/2018 8:32 AM PST
Breaking News

Serena Williams says she "almost died" after giving birth to her daughter, Alexis Olympia -- if not for a team of super doctors who removed a large hematoma from her abdomen. 

The tennis star says her daughter was born by an emergency C-section on Sept. 1 after Olympia's heart rate plummeted during contractions. 

The surgery went smoothly, Serena said on ... "But what followed just 24 hours after giving birth were six days of uncertainty."

Williams says she suffered a pulmonary embolism -- which is when a blood clot blocks one or more arteries in her lungs. 

Serena contacted medical professionals -- but the coughing from the embolism got so bad, her C-section wound popped open and she required another surgery. 

"The doctors found a large hematoma, a swelling of clotted blood, in my abdomen. And then I returned to the operating room for a procedure that prevents clots from traveling to my lungs."

Serena eventually made it home and was ordered to spend the next 6 weeks in bed. 

She credits the "incredible medical team of doctors and nurses at a hospital with state-of-the-art equipment" -- and urges people to support UNICEF, which provides medical services to mothers and babies around the world. 

Queen Elizabeth Stylin' & Profilin' w/ Anna Wintour ... Front Row at LFW!

2/20/2018 9:20 AM PST

Queen Elizabeth made a rare appearance on the sidelines of a catwalk as she graced London Fashion Week alongside Anna Wintour ... but she didn't seem that impressed.

The Queen was spotted sitting in the front row Tuesday at Richard Quinn's fashion show, and while a bunch of people -- including Anna -- clapped for the models as they strutted ... Elizabeth seemed to hold back a bit on the applause.

Based on this video, it's unclear if she had just wrapped up a polite Royal mini clap ... but she definitely didn't hold it as long as everyone else. Richard and co. shouldn't feel too bad, though ... apparently she hardly claps for anything.

What's crazier ... this appears to be the first time the Queen of England has attended a show for London Fashion Week. Even at 91 years old ... Elizabeth can still surprise us.

Blac Chyna Ex-BF Says That's Him in Sex Tape ... And He's PISSED!!!

2/20/2018 1:00 AM PST

Blac Chyna's most recent sex tape partner is her ex-boyfriend, Mechie ... according to him, and even though he admits recording it himself, he's as pissed as she is about the leak. 

A rep for Mechie tells TMZ ... the explicit video showing a naked Chyna performing oral sex was shot back in July. We're told Mechie was the one who recorded the encounter, but it was all captured using Chyna's phone.

His rep says Mechie never had his own copy of the video, so he has no clue how it got out. 

You'll remember -- Rob Kardashian posted naked pics of Chyna last year ... as well as an intimate video of Mechie making out with dark-haired Chyna. The sex tape is from a different session because Chyna has a platinum blonde 'do.  

We broke the story, Chyna's attorney, Walter Mosley, calls the new, leaked video a "criminal matter" -- while her other lawyer, Lisa Bloom, put a name on the crime ... revenge porn.

Our sources say Mechie plans to go to cops, and wants the leaker found and prosecuted. 

We're told he and Chyna have not talked since their split in August.

TMZ Live: Jen Aniston & Justin Theroux Never Married?

2/19/2018 10:45 AM PST

  • Fergie: Botches NBA All-Star Nat'l Anthem
  • Donald Trump Calls Out Oprah
  • Black Panther: Huge Stars Rejoice!
  • Cardi B & Migos: Swarmed In L.A.

Milo Yiannopoulos Ends $10 Million Suit vs. Publisher ... No Money Exchanged

2/20/2018 7:58 AM PST
Exclusive Details

Milo Yiannopoulos' $10 million lawsuit against Simon & Schuster is over and done ... and the publishing giant says it isn't paying him a dime.

TMZ broke the story ... Milo sued his former publisher claiming they caved from mounting pressure -- from all kinds of celebs -- to put the kibosh on his book deal after allegations surfaced he condoned pedophilia.

Milo's lawsuit claimed Simon & Schuster was set to publish his book, "Dangerous," but got cold feet when stars like Sarah Silverman and Leslie Jones put Milo's publishers on blast for helping Milo spread hate speech.

Now both sides have filed to dismiss the lawsuit, and Milo can't refile it either. Usually that means there was some sort of settlement paid, but Simon & Schuster says "We are pleased that Mr. Yiannopoulos’ lawsuit has been withdrawn, with prejudice, and with no payment. We stand by our decision to terminate the publication of Mr. Yiannopoulos’ book."

The only upshot for Milo is his $80,000 advance for the book. He tells us he got to keep that, and brags he's made more than $1 million from publishing the book on his own. He says he didn't want to blow that money on lawyers ... and that's why he walked away from the lawsuit.

Simon & Schuster says Milo got to keep the $80,000 advance because they never asked for it back. 

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