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"16 & Pregnant" Arrest Report

House COVERED in Feces

9/21/2011 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
The home of the  "16 & Pregnant" family that was raided last night by child services was covered in dog and human feces ... this according to the arrest report obtained by TMZ.

Police executed a search warrant on the property after someone called the Department of Human Services, complaining about the living conditions in the house -- and according to their report, "Every room inside the residence had human and dog feces on the floors, walls, and clothing."

The report goes on in horrific detail:  "The house was full of flies and in some areas, maggots" -- and police claim they also found evidence of "synthetic marijuana."

The "16 & Pregnant" couple's daughter was taken away by DHS -- and animal control even stepped in ... rescuing three dogs in the house.

Josh Rendon and Ebony Jackson were booked on charges of endangering the welfare of a minor and drug possession.

"16 & Pregnant" Baby Daddy

Child Services Took My Kid

... And I Deserved It!

9/21/2011 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
A dad from "16 and Pregnant" tells TMZ, Child Protective Services in Arkansas took his two-year-old daughter away last night -- and he blames himself.

Josh Rendon -- who starred on season one -- tells us, he and his 20-year-old wife Ebony Jackson were arrested last night for child endangerment, and he's copping to his misdeeds ... saying, “It was fair for them to charge us with this. [Our house] wasn’t clean."

But that's an understatement -- a source close to the couple tells us, the house was covered in trash and infested with maggots.

According to the source, CPS received a complaint about the living conditions ... and took the child after inspecting the home.

CPS still has the kid -- but we're told Josh and Ebony are already working to get her back ... first step, cleaning up the atrocious mess.

Click here to read the arrest report -- FECES EVERYWHERE.

'16 and Pregnant' Star: My Mom's Arrest Is Her Problem

6/5/2011 3:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
"16 and Pregnant" star Whitney Purvis isn't tooooooo broken up over the news of her mom's arrest -- because she told us, "What my mom does, does not affect me." Can you feel the love?

As we previously reported, April Purvis was busted in Georgia this morning for possession of marijuana and possession of meth (that's a felony).

Whitney tells TMZ she is "nothing like her parents" and has no plans on following in their footsteps. She told us, "I do not want my son to grow up how I did."

She did add that she hopes her mom will overcome this.

'16 and Pregnant' Star's Mom

Busted on Drug Charges

6/5/2011 10:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
The mother of Whitney Purvis -- who was featured on the first season of "16 and Pregnant" -- was arrested early this morning for possession of marijuana and meth.


April Purvis, along with a man named Victor Clement, was busted by Floyd County Police in Georgia. According to the Rome News-Tribune, a traffic stop revealed less than an ounce of marijuana in the car ... and then, upon further inspection, methamphetamines were found in Purvis' purse.

Both were charged with a misdemeanor for the pot ... but Purvis was hit with a felony charge for the meth. The two are still in custody in Floyd County Jail.

Whitney was on the fifth episode of the show's first season. Her episode stood out because, as you can see above, her and her mom were pregnant at the same time. 

Judge to MTV Star -- Stay AWAY From Baby Daddy!

5/29/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
One of the moms on MTV's "16 and Pregnant" ... is now 17 and legally banned from going anywhere near her baby daddy ... TMZ has learned.

19-year-old Josh Smith got a huge victory in a Florida courtroom Tuesday ... when a judge granted his request for a restraining order against his baby mama Jennifer Del Rio.

As TMZ previously reported, both teens wanted restraining orders against each other -- but Jennifer didn't show up on the scheduled court date ... so Josh won by default and Jen's request was thrown out.

According to court docs, Jennifer must stay at least 100 feet away from Josh at all times -- and she's also banned from hanging around his car and his house.

As for their twin boys -- the documents show Josh and Jen are still temporarily sharing custody until a more permanent agreement can be locked into place.

MTV Star ARRESTED for Stealing From His Mother

5/18/2011 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
One of the dads from last season's "16 & Pregnant" is LOCKED UP in a Michigan jail right now -- after his OWN MOTHER told cops he forged her signature on a $30.00 check. 


TMZ has learned ... 19-year-old Joshua Drummonds was arrested Monday in Monroe County, MI after his mother told police he stole 5 checks out of her checkbook over the past few months and wrote them out to himself.

According to the criminal complaint, obtained by TMZ, Josh wasn't looking for a HUGE payday ... because he only took a total of $270 ... with each check ranging from $30 to $100.

Law enforcement tells us Drummonds is now facing 7 felony charges  -- 1 count of larceny for stealing the checks, 5 counts of forgery and 1 count of violating his probation.

Josh is facing up to 4 years behind bars for the larceny and 14 years for EACH COUNT of forgery.

Josh's bail has been set at $20,000. They probably won't take a check. 

"16 & Pregnant" Dad -- See What Happened Was ...

5/9/2011 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
"16 & Pregnant" baby daddy Ryan McElrath has been arrested three times during his short time on this Earth, and he says 66% of his run-ins with the law are a bad rap.

As TMZ first reported, McElrath and baby mama Jamie McKay are no strangers to run-ins with the law. When we spoke with McElrath about his rap sheet, he had something to say about each one:

November 2010 -- Assault on a female, resisting arrest
-- "The women I 'assaulted' wanted the charges dropped."
-- "Everybody thought the charge was ridiculous, even the DA."

August 2010 -- DUI, Speeding
-- "I got a DUI and that was wrong of me."
-- That was "the one time I drank and drove."

July 2010 -- Felony possession of cocaine, possession of marijuana (less than half an ounce)
-- "Totally false"
-- "Cops found scales that contained residue of coke"
-- "They weren’t even my scales! They were my friends. I was returning them."
-- "I don’t do coke ... I didn’t have any coke on me."
-- "That case got thrown out"

So why so worried about the youth of America?

'16 & Preggo' Couple -- SO MANY ARRESTS!

5/8/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
The newest couple to be introduced on MTV's "16 & Pregnant" has been arrested a combined FOUR TIMES in the past year -- with charges ranging from coke possession to assault on a female ... TMZ has learned.


The most recent arrest involves 17-year-old Jamie McKay -- who was popped for simple assault back in January for an incident involving a female classmate. According to court documents, McKay punched the girl in the back of the head -- TWICE -- but the case was eventually dismissed.

As for her baby daddy -- 18-year-old Ryan McElrath -- he was arrested for cocaine and weed possession back in July ... followed by an underage drinking bust in August.

But the most shocking part -- Ryan was busted for "assault on a female" and resisting police officers back in November. TMZ has learned McElrath's alleged victim was NOT his baby mama.

McElrath is due back in a North Carolina courtroom later this month.

TMZ spoke with McElrath who told us, "All of these are false accusations."

Attempts to reach McKay were unsuccessful.

'16 & Preggo' Mom -- My Baby Daddy's a Coke Head

5/4/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
The 17-year-old mother who was introduced on MTV's "16 and Pregnant" last night claims her baby daddy has a cocaine problem -- and now she's begging a judge for SOLE custody of their daughter.


Jamie McKay filed court docs in North Carolina ... claiming 18-year-old Ryan McElrath is "not responsible and not in a position to provide a stable environment" for their 7-month-old daughter.

In the docs, Jamie claims Ryan has a "history of driving while under the influence of alcohol" and a "history of cocaine abuse" ... and Jamie believes he's been up to no good "even after the birth of the child."050311_pregnant_mtv_still

Jamie wants Ryan to be granted supervised visitation at the local Family Visitation Center -- a court-monitored facility.

Jamie also wants the judge to order Ryan to complete a parenting class and "submit to appropriate drug and alcohol assessments and testing and to comply with all treatment recommendations."

The couple is set to face off in court on June 13.

TMZ spoke with Ryan ... who told us, "She's doing this just to cause problems ... it will all clear out in court."

Teen Dad:

Baby Mama Got Preggo

for MTV Show

4/23/2011 10:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
"16 & Pregnant" star Josh Smith says his baby mama PLOTTED to get pregnant just so she could be on the MTV reality show ... this according to court documents.

Smith filed a request for a restraining order against Jennifer Del Rio this week -- stemming from an incident in which she allegedly punched Josh in the face. 

In the docs, Smith claims his baby mama is a "compulsive liar" who concocted a diabolical scheme to get pregnant -- allegedly telling him she was knocked up (even though she wasn't) so he wouldn't wear a condom.

Smith explains ... "She was giving me sonogram pictures ... that she claimed was 'our baby' when in actually [sic] it was her friend's sonogram pictures she was copying. She lied to me and my parents for 3 months saying she was pregnant. She wanted so desperately to be on 'Sixteen and Pregnant'."

As for the restraining order, Jennifer claims she never attacked Josh ... and has since filed for a restraining order against HIM ... claiming Josh punched himself in the face to set her up so she would go to jail.

The couple is scheduled to be back in court on May 2.

Pregnant Teens -- Blame MTV?

4/23/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
So who's the bad guy in the "Teen Mom" epidemic -- the baby mamas, the baby daddies, or the grown ups at MTV?


'16 & Pregnant' Baby Daddy

The Bloodied Face Pic

4/21/2011 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
"16 & Pregnant" star Josh Smith has obtained a temporary restraining order against the 17-year-old mom of his kids -- after she allegedly socked him in the face -- and we got a pic of the bloody damage.

A judge signed the temporary order on Tuesday morning -- requiring Jennifer Del Rio to stay at least 500 feet away from Smith at all times.

As we previously reported, Jennifer insists Josh set her up -- claiming he punched HIMSELF right before calling the cops on Monday ... and then LIED to them when they arrived, accusing Jennifer of causing the bloody nose.

Jennifer has claimed SHE plans to press charges for child endangerment -- and wants to obtain a restraining order AGAINST HIM as soon as possible.

Josh and Jennifer are due back in court on May 2.

'16 & Pregnant' Mom: Baby Daddy Punched HIMSELF!

4/20/2011 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
The "16 & Pregnant" mom accused of punching her baby daddy in the face says the guy totally LIED to police ... claiming Josh Smith punched HIMSELF in an effort to set her up.


TMZ spoke with 17-year-old Jennifer Del Rio ... who told us she was driving Josh home from a job interview Monday when he took one of their twins out of the car seat ... and asked if he could take the kid for the night.

Jennifer says she denied his request -- and tried to take back the kid -- when the baby started to cry. Jennifer says she screamed at 19-year-old Josh, "Give me back my kid. You’re hurting him."

Jennifer says a struggle ensued and she was pushed into a fence -- so she called the cops.

Josh went into his house for a few minutes, says Jennifer, and when he returned, he had a bloody nose and his shirt was ripped.

Jennifer says Josh told her that he ALSO called the cops because it was “her turn to go to jail” ... insisting he was out for “payback” from an incident back in November when he was arrested for attacking her.

When cops arrived to the scene, Jennifer says Josh “lied to the cops" when he told them Jennifer attacked him. Neither Jennifer nor Josh was arrested over the incident. 

However, Jennifer tells us she plans on pressing charges for child endangerment and wants to obtain a restraining order against Josh as soon as possible.

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