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Kiefer: Sign, Party, Drive

9/26/2007 1:02 PM PDT
Before being pulled over by police in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, Kiefer Sutherland was kind enough to stop and sign autographs for fans as he walked in to the FOX event he attended.

Kiefer attended the FOX Fall Eco-Casino party at Area in Hollywood on Monday night, just before his fateful drive home. He signed for plenty of fans, but didn't seem to interact with them in any way.

The "24" star was pulled over around 1:35 AM PST Tuesday morning in Hollywood, booked at 4:09 AM and released at 5:42 AM on $25,000 bail.

Kiefer Gets a Lift -- to His Lawyer!

9/26/2007 11:50 AM PDT
A puffy Kiefer Sutherland arrived at his lawyer's office yesterday, not quite "24" hours after being busted the night before on a DUI charge.

Kiefer's attorney, Blair Berk, will once again be helping the celebuspawn actor out of hot water. Nice to see Sutherland with a driver. That's a good idea.

Kiefer: Once, Twice, Three, Four Times a Busted!

9/25/2007 5:44 PM PDT
"24" star Kiefer Sutherland's DUI arrest last night isn't his first brush with the law. Or his second. Or even his third.

Kiefer plead guilty in 1989 and 1993 to reckless driving charges, and in 2004 to driving with a blood alcohol level above .08 -- the legal limit in California. It's the 2004 case for which Sutherland is currently on probation. But things could have been a lot worse for Kiefer. The 1989 case had two gun charges tacked on -- carrying a concealed weapon in a vehicle and carrying a loaded firearm in a public place -- both of which were dismissed. The 1989 and 1993 cases both had DUI charges as well, and both were dismissed.

Kiefer got three years probation for both of those cases, the second of which fell just after the probation was up for the first. Time was on his side in that one.

Kiefer, Dubya and the DUI Trickeration

9/25/2007 5:43 PM PDT
So how did Kiefer Sutherland's DUI back in 2004 go unnoticed?

It was quite the bust, with Kiefer blowing a .22 blood alcohol level, nearly three times the legal limit. So how is it that TMZ didn't find the case until today? Two words -- Blair Berk.

Mega-lawyer Berk, who has repped Mel Gibson and scores of other celebs, strateger-ily chose to slide into court on November 2, 2004. Kiefer plead no contest and was sentenced to 5 years probation.

So what makes November 2, 2004 so important? It was the Presidential election! While the media was bitching about Bush, Berk snuck Jack Bauer's case in front of a Sauer judge (as in Michael Sauer, Hiltie's sentencer).

Kiefer Could Face Bigtime Jail Time

9/25/2007 3:09 PM PDT
Kiefer Sutherland is in deep you-know-what.

In November, 2004, Kiefer was popped for driving with a .22 blood alcohol level, and plead no contest to drunk driving. He was placed on 5 years probation. That means if he's convicted on this morning's DUI, he will have violated his probation.

Now here's where the news gets worse: Guess who the judge was in the 2004 case? That would be Judge Michael Sauer, the guy who threw the book at Paris Hilton for violating her probation. And remember, Paris was not drunk when she was driving on a suspended license -- and she was sentenced to 45 days in jail!

Stay tuned.

Kiefer Sutherland Popped for DUI

9/25/2007 2:13 PM PDT

Jack Bauer isn't untouchable after all.

TMZ has learned that "24" star Kiefer Sutherland was busted on suspicion of DUI in West Hollywood last night, after allegedly blowing more than twice the legal limit of .08. This is the actor's second DUI in the past five years -- he was arrested in 2004. By California law, if he's convicted, he must serve a mandatory minimum of five days in jail.

Police sources tell TMZ 40-year-old Sutherland was pulled over around 1:35 AM PST on the corner of La Cienega and Beverly. Sutherland was at the FOX Fall Eco-Casino party at Area nightclub earlier that evening. The photo in this story was taken at the event.

Sutherland, who was stopped after making an illegal U-turn, was arrested for misdemeanor DUI and transported to the Hollywood Police station. He was booked at 4:09 AM and released at 5:42 AM on $25,000 bail.

We're told Sutherland was "cooperative and mellow" while he was in custody.

According to the L.A. Sheriff's Dept. website, the actor is 5'10" and weighs 150 lbs.

Sutherland is scheduled to face a judge on October 16.

A rep for Sutherland told TMZ "It would be premature to comment at this time."

Story developing ...

"24" Action Figure: News to Kiefer

8/30/2007 2:42 PM PDT
After six seasons of "24," Kiefer Sutherland's character, Jack Bauer, has proved that when under pressure -- he's the man -- which doesn't necessarily mean Sutherland follows suit.

Kiefer, whose full name is Kiefer William Frederick Dempsey George Rufus Sutherland, was seen leaving Cafe Stella in L.A. last night -- when a TMZ camera asked him about the new action figure. His smooth response: "I don't know what you're talking about." After some prompting from the cameraman, K.W.F.D.G.R.S. remembered the mini-Bauer and was able to give TMZ the inside scoop: "It's an action figure." Glad he cleared that up!

Despite a major rewrite that's delayed the start of production, FOX's well decorated "24" will return for a 7th season. Jack power!

Sutherland is 24 -- Centimeters!

8/29/2007 1:05 PM PDT
Jon Bon Jovi has his own doll, but why should Kiefer Sutherland? Lots of reasons! But that didn't stop the folks over at McFarlane toys. Now those "24" fanatics can have their own palm-sized Jack Bauer!

McFarlane did warn customers on the box with: "CHOKING HAZARD - Small Parts". The nerve!

Kiefer: Lighting Up the World

6/20/2007 2:26 PM PDT
A TMZ insider was attending a bachelor party in Bucharest, Romania. When a mysterious figure came out of the shadows to offer a helping hand, er, light.

Our source had a killer craving for a cancer stick and asked his friends if someone had a light. From the darkness crawled Kiefer Sutherland, dressed in ash black, saying, "Did someone ask for a light?" Kiefer then exhaled, "It is good to hear familiar voices." Random!

The "24" star is overseas filming his new flick "Mirrors." Minutes later, Jack Bauer disappeared back into the shadows.

Paris Arrested by the Fashion Police Too!

6/8/2007 2:55 PM PDT
With her fate hanging in the balance, Paris Hilton decided to face the judge dressed in ... drab gray sweats!

While looking like a rice farmer may not win Paris any fashion awards, time will tell if it'll at least get her some sympathy from the judge!

Daughtry -- Is It Over Yet?

2/2/2007 7:00 PM PST
How's Chris Daughtry doing since his album release? --Sara

Chris Daughtry and his band are seeing nothing but success since their record hit stores last November. In fact, Sara, their self-titled album shot to number one last week, selling nearly 1.3 million copies. A lot of those sales can be attributed to their hit single, "It's Not Over." The band's concerts are sold out all of next week, but if you're on the West coast, click here to see some more Daughtry dates mid-February.

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What kind of person is Kim Raver from "24" in real life?

Here are a few facts about Kim we can let you in on, Robert. In 1969, she appeared as a kid on "Sesame Street." At the beginning of her career she paid the bills by acting in commercials. She left the sucess that is "24" to return to "Third Watch" -- a series she'd been a part of since it premiered in 1999.

Click here to see what (and who) former castmate Kiefer Sutherland has been having to deal with lately!

Do people get paid to host the Oscars? --Mary

Yes, Mary, those famous faces get paid to read the teleprompter and ad-lib here and there, of course. Unfortunately, the Academy is not giving up the goods on the amount they dish out. What we can tell you, though, is that bigwigs typically get $100,000 or more to help hand out those little gold men! It really depends on the budget behind the show and who's going to be tossing around the jokes.

For a look back at fabulous Oscar fashions, click here! And for a look back at last year's nominations, check this out.

Who's the hot guy who plays Billy in "Entourage" and where can I see him next? --Carolyn

Rhys Coiro is the stud you're looking for, Carolyn! He played in "Entourage," and has also been seen in a couple of episodes of "Ugly Betty."

Later on this year, expect Coiro in the movie "Look" -- a flick that reveals people are unknowingly caught on surveillance cameras at least 170 times a day -- only to expose some unexpected secrets. He'll also be seen in "Mama's Boy" with Diane Keaton and Jon Heder, a movie about a 29-year-old who's living at home and senses that his welcome is worn out.

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Jack Bauer + Helicopter Crash + Smoke = Typical

10/3/2006 2:01 PM PDT
When a helicopter crashes through your apartment building, a gun toting man crawls on your roof and a fiery explosion ruins your nap, it's safe to say your day has been ruined ... well unless "24" star Kiefer Sutherland is there to rectify the situation.

That's exactly what happened to a normally quiet Los Angeles community yesterday when Kiefer and his crew stopped by to shoot an action-packed scene for next season's "24."

Sutherland's character, Jack Bauer, pulled an injured man from the smoldering wreckage before the chopper fell to the ground and exploded.

But, when the Emmy winner wasn't running from explosions or chasing after bad guys, Kiefer relaxed by playing a friendly game of chess with a crew member between takes.

If you're still craving for your fix of Jack Bauer, just hang on a for a little bit longer. "24" will return for it's highly anticipated sixth season in January.

We Need More "24"!

9/20/2006 5:15 AM PDT
When does season five of "24" come out on DVD?

Kristy, this is something everyone is sitting on the edge of their seats for. Plan to catch up on the action of "24" by getting your copy of the Emmy award-winning season on December 5. This release date comes as little surprise as the last two seasons have also come out on DVD during the first week of December. And just in time -- season six premieres Monday nights on FOX beginning January 2007.

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Where, oh where is Frankie J?

Liza, Frankie J and you are patiently anticipating the arrival of "Priceless," the Latin singer's third solo album in English. This 12-track CD will hit stores Tuesday, October 17. And if you happen to be in any of the following cities, make sure and check out some of Frankie J's live performances -- 9/21 in Charlotte, NC at The Palomino; 9/23 at the Nokia Theatre in Times Square, New York; and 9/24 at the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C.

For more in music biz, read on.

I'm dying to know -- does James Lafferty have a girlfriend?

This is something we're all dying to know, Justine. It seems as though right now the "One Tree Hill" hunk is babe-less, although sources close to him weren't able to confirm or deny. In any event, we can all sit back and watch Lafferty's Prince Charming role as Nathan Scott unfold in yet another season of the drama-prone "One Tree Hill." Season four premieres on the new CW network next Wednesday at 9pm.

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Are Eddie Murphy and Scary Spice really getting married?

Sylvia, it must have been love at first sight for funny man Eddie Murphy and Scary Spice, aka Melanie Brown -- after about a month of knowing one other, it's been reported that they decided marriage was the next step in their relationship. Rumor has it that the big day is planned for later on this month. Maybe they'll be able to adjust their wedding attire to show off the reported tattoos they got of each other's names!

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Will "Commander In Chief" ever return?

Anne, unfortunately for you and other "Commander In Chief" fans, this show won't be joining the fall lineup on ABC this year. After some controversial programming and "scheduling interruptions," it was decided to pull the show. However, thanks to the faithful fans, we might be able to expect the show to come back as a two-hour movie to properly conclude the season.

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