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Disney Gator Attack 911 Call

6/19/2016 6:36 AM PDT
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A breathless guest at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort called 911 to report a drowning ... not aware that what actually happened was a 2-year-old boy had been dragged underneath the water in the grip of an alligator.

The women reveals a lifeguard by the pool was close enough to the area of the attack to arrive quickly.

It's the first in a series of 911 calls.

Richard Simmons Lots of Medical Info During 911 Call

6/17/2016 12:30 AM PDT

The 911 Richard Simmons emergency was rooted in some medical problem ... which is clear from the heavily redacted emergency call.

TMZ has obtained the 911 call from June 3rd, and it's apparent whatever the emergency, it's covered by patient privacy. 

Simmons' people say he was just dehydrated, but that's a little curious because it doesn't seem that information would be redacted.

TMZ broke the story ... Simmons was incoherent when paramedics arrived. He spent 3 days in the hospital before being released. 


Kardashians' Store 911 Calls Arsonist Is a Tall White Guy ... Or Maybe a Black Guy

6/15/2016 12:30 AM PDT

Cops are virtually certain the Kardashians' clothing store was hit by a lone suspect, but his race is not nearly as certain ... based on the 911 audio we obtained.

A woman driving past the West Hollywood DASH store called in, describing the suspect as tall with a skateboard, throwing "something on fire." Check out the audio, there's a funny exchange about what that something was. However, the caller was sure the would-be fire starter was black with a baseball hat.

But hold off on that APB ... you gotta hear the second witness paint a much different picture. As TMZ first reported ... the store was targeted June 6 and there's still no suspect.

Police work ain't easy.  

Cincinnati Zoo 911 Call 'My Son Fell In With a Gorilla!'

6/1/2016 1:33 PM PDT
Breaking News

Terror erupted moments after that 3-year-old boy fell in Harambe the gorilla's enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo ... and we just got the 911 call. 

In the emergency call -- released by cops -- you can hear Michelle Gregg's panicked conversation with dispatch ... screaming that her son had just fallen into the gorilla pen.

Michelle tells her son to "be calm," as she exclaims, "He's dragging my son. I can't watch this."

As we previously reported ... cops are reviewing the incident to see if any fault lies with the boy's parents.

'RHONY' Star Carole Radziwill BF Plane Crash 911 Call ... 'Just Breathe, Dad'

5/26/2016 10:20 AM PDT
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'Real Housewives of New York' star Carole Radziwill's boyfriend stayed calm and collected after surviving a plane crash ... and even made the 911 call.   

Adam Kenworthy and his dad crash-landed in a two-person plane in Iowa last week, and in the call -- obtained by TMZ -- Kenworthy says his knee is in bad shape. However, you can hear Adam's 65-year-old dad in a lot of pain ... as Adam does his best to keep him calm. 

The 911 call also gives Adam's take on what happened in the air ... you'll remember he was discharged from the hospital just a few hours after the crash. His father was hospitalized longer, but survived his injuries.


Sinead O'Connor Past Suicide Attempt Helps Cops in Search

5/16/2016 5:18 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

When Sinead O'Connor was reported missing cops focused their search on hotels, based on her recent history with suicide attempts.

TMZ obtained police scanner audio of cops in Wilmette, IL responding to a dispatcher telling them to check the local Courtyard Marriott for the "missing suicidal subject."

It's clear in the audio cops were already aware of O'Connor's suicide attempt back in November ... in a Dublin hotel.

As we reported, police eventually found Sinead Monday afternoon, safe in a hotel.


Abby Wambach Flipped SUV In Secret '14 Wreck ...Fled Scene

5/9/2016 12:20 AM PDT

0503_abby_wombach_car_crash_launchU.S. soccer legend Abby Wambach flipped her SUV in a secret late night car wreck back in 2014 -- and miraculously emerged healthy enough to walk more than a mile home following the crash.

TMZ Sports has confirmed ... Wambach was the driver of a Range Rover that crashed and flipped in Multnomah County, Oregon just after midnight on June 28, 2014. The car landed on a residential property -- causing damage to the front lawn. 

Moments after the crash, a passerby who came upon the flipped car called 911 and said the driver had already left the scene.  

A rep for the Portland PD tells us they ran the plate -- it matched with Abby -- so they went to her home (1 mile away) and located her there a short time later.  

Cops say Abby told them she had walked home because she didn't have her cell phone and wanted to call a tow truck. Unclear why she didn't flag down a motorist or knock on the door of the home where she flipped.  

Despite the severity of the crash and the curious fact she left the scene -- cops say they had no reason to believe Abby was impaired and did not administer a DUI test of any kind.  

The Multnomah County Sheriff's Dept. did file a 1 page report -- but Abby was never charged for hit and run or any other crime. 

Cops tell us this was NOT a case of celebrity justice -- with the responding officer insisting he didn't know who Abby was, despite her being a star on the U.S. National team. "We handled it as we would any other similar crash." 

In fact, cops say they helped put Abby in touch with the owner of the property so she could take care of the damages. 

We reached out to Abby for comment -- so far, no word back. 

Kid Rock 911 Call ... 'I Need a F****** Ambulance!'

4/26/2016 11:58 AM PDT

An emotional Kid Rock called 911 after finding the body of his assistant who died in an ATV wreck.

You can hear Rock's frustration with the 911 operator as he demands an ambulance come to his house.

At one point, the rocker is so upset, he hands the phone to a friend to finish the call.

Kid Rock's Assistant Severe Blow to Head in ATV Death

4/26/2016 9:32 AM PDT

Kid Rock's assistant, Michael Sacha, suffered horrific head injuries in the fatal ATV accident at the singer's Nashville home ... according to emergency responders.

TMZ obtained the audio of the fire department dispatch ... as paramedics raced to the scene on Monday morning. The dispatch operator describes Sacha's injuries and says the 911 caller "thinks [Michael]'s beyond any help."

As we reported ... Kid Rock and a friend called 911 when they found Sacha face down in an embankment off Kid's driveway.

Prince Emergency Apparent in Control Tower Audio

4/25/2016 1:00 AM PDT

Prince's life-threatening medical emergency 6 days before he died comes through loud and clear in transmissions between his pilot and air traffic control.

The audio transmissions -- obtained by TMZ -- chronicle a pilot who had to get his plane on the ground STAT in Moline, Illinois to save his famous passenger. Prince's plane is identified as "990." At 48 seconds you hear the controller from the Chicago Center say, "CFR [Crash, Fire, Rescue] will be waiting."

As we reported, our sources say Prince almost died from an overdose of Percocet ... and the situation was so dire CFR administered a "save drug" right at the airport ... as soon as the plane landed.

It's interesting ... you hear the ATC ask if the patient was male or female, suggesting the pilot didn't disclose the identity of the stricken passenger.

Prince 911 Caller Yes, He's Dead and It's Prince

4/21/2016 5:21 PM PDT
Breaking News

42116-prince-getty-07A panicked man called 911 from Paisley Park after finding Prince unconscious, and blurted out ... "people are just distraught" here.

We've obtained the transcript of the 911 call which police say was made by an unidentified male who immediately said, "Um, we're at Prince's house." Seconds later the man stammered before saying, "So, yeah, um, the person is dead here."

For some reason the caller did not know the address at Paisley Park, and had to call someone else in to the room to provide that info.

When the dispatcher asked, "Are you with the person who's ... " -- the caller interrupted, "Yes, it's Prince."

Paramedics arrived and quickly reported back to dispatch, "You can cancel anybody going to Audubon, confirmed DOA."


Katt Williams 911 Call Short Black Guy Up to No Good ... Get 'These People!'

4/13/2016 1:38 PM PDT

Katt Williams busted out a couple of canes and threatened to shoot a trucker ... at least according to the 911 caller who dropped a dime on the "little short black guy" he called a "gang banger."

The alleged incident went down late Monday night at a Flying J truck stop in Georgia. A store clerk said Katt and a trucker got into a heated argument, and then Katt and 3 women whipped out sticks or "canes." 

But you gotta hear the retired Dallas cop who called 911, claiming Katt threatened to shoot the trucker. In the caller's words, "These people are a real pain in the ass and something needs to be done about 'em."

When cops arrived, the trucker was gone. Katt claimed the trucker was harassing him for being a celeb. Since the cops didn't witness anything, and there was no evidence of a crime ... no one was arrested.

Aubrey McClendon 911 People Raced to Help ... But It Was Too Late

3/3/2016 8:49 AM PST
Breaking News

Several good Samaritans ... including someone who appeared to be a doctor or nurse ... stopped to try to help Aubrey McClendon after his car crash -- but the fire proved to be too dangerous. 

TMZ Sports obtained the 911 calls from the crash -- one caller says he actually witnessed the impact. The witnesses say McClendon's SUV swerved and crashed into the underpass and caught fire. 

Another witness says people were running up to the car to try to help ... but noted the fire was "really escalating."

Eventually, the car burst into flames and another witness told 911 ... "There were people standing up there by the vehicle, which doesn't seem very smart to me."

Emergency vehicles raced to the scene -- but it was too late. 

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