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Scottie Pippen's Wife 911 Call 'My Husband is Getting Aggressive with Me'

11/1/2016 11:06 AM PDT

Scottie Pippen's wife tearfully told a 911 dispatcher her husband was getting aggressive, but he was doing everything he could to call off the cavalry.

We obtained audio of the 911 call made October 1st -- the first time cops responded to the Pippen's Florida home. Later that month, Scottie filed for divorce.

It's unclear what the argument was over, but as we reported Larsa had been hanging with Future and it appears it was a source of conflict.

NBA's Paul Millsap Car Crash 911 Call 'The Motorcycle's On Fire!'

10/20/2016 8:43 AM PDT

TMZ Sports has obtained the 911 call made after Paul Millsap's Rolls-Royce collided with a motorcycle this week -- with the witness describing a fiery scene as people tried to help the injured biker. 

We broke the story ... the Atlanta Hawks superstar was driving his Rolls on Monday around 6:30 PM when a biker slammed into the front of the vehicle. 

A woman called 911 and told the operator, "Oh my gosh, there's fire. It just happened. There's somebody lying on the ground."

"I heard a crash ... and I saw something fly out. I thought it was a piece of a vehicle. It was a person. And the person landed on the sidewalk."

The biker was transported to the hospital with serious injuries. Millsap was not injured.

Cops reportedly blamed the biker for the collision and cited him for failure to maintain his lane. 

Tommy Lee Busted Bike Gets Famous Fix 'er Up

10/3/2016 12:30 AM PDT

Tommy Lee's hog is down -- but not for the count -- because it's in good hands with the boys from the TV show, "Counting Cars."

Count's Kustoms owner, Danny Koker, got Tommy's totaled bike back after it was in an accident a couple weeks ago. Tommy originally bought it from the famous Vegas shop, and the guys plan to get his baby good as new.

We're told they'll present Tommy with the fully restored machine in an upcoming episode of the show. 

We broke the story ... a friend was riding Tommy's chopper when he got rear-ended. The 911 call is pretty scary, but luckily everyone was okay.

Robby Gordon's Dad 911 Caller ... Looks Like Murder-Suicide

9/22/2016 5:33 PM PDT

A close family friend of Robby Gordon's father called 911 after entering the house and seeing 2 dead bodies, and immediately said it looked like a murder-suicide. 

The friend was very calm during the call -- he says he's a retired firefighter -- and says "Baja" Bob Gordon's body was in the bathroom and his wife, Sharon, was in the bedroom. He says he could see a rifle next to Bob's body.

As we reported ... a butcher knife was found near the wife's body. Police are investigating all angles of the case.

Tamar Braxton 911 Call My Husband Bit Me ... Right in the Ritz!

8/24/2016 8:16 AM PDT

Tamar Braxton's domestic dispute with her husband got so down and dirty, he bit into her hand ... according to a friend who called police.

TMZ obtained the 911 call made Sunday from the Ritz-Carlton in Atlanta -- the caller immediately tells the operator about the alleged bite, and Vincent Herbert fleeing the scene.

As you can imagine ... the operator's concerned an ambulance will be needed.

Neither Tamar nor Vincent is saying what really went down. We got them at LAX the next day, and they made it seem like all's right in their world.

George Zimmerman I'm Pressing Charges ... Puncher Called Me 'N***** Lover'

8/5/2016 9:23 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

George Zimmerman says the guy who punched him was pissed he explained away the Trayvon Martin shooting as self-defense -- and he says the puncher was far from supportive of the black community.

Zimmerman claims the puncher -- a white man identified only as Eddie -- and his friends recognized him. He says one of Eddie's friends asked him to prove he was "that guy." Zimmerman says he took out his driver's license and also told the group he'd shot Trayvon in self-defense.

According to Zimmerman, that pissed off Eddie, who then said .. "You better get the f*** out here you n***** lover, you ain't welcome here." Moments later, Zimmerman says Eddie punched him in the face.

Zimmerman explained all of this to the 911 operator he called after the alleged punch. You can hear it in his voice ... he desperately wanted police to show up and arrest Eddie and his crew.

We know it's bizarre -- why in the world would anyone consider George Zimmerman, of all people, a fan of the black community??

Zimmerman tells TMZ he thinks it's because he used the words "self-defense" to describe the Trayvon shooting. In other words, he thinks Eddie wanted him to be more proud of shooting a black kid.

He says he intends to press charges against the alleged puncher and his friends.

Eddie had fled the restaurant by the time police arrived. Officers spoke to several witnesses who all had different versions of what went down. Zimmerman is the only one who mentioned the n-word exchange.

Ezekiel Elliott The 911 Call He's Been Hitting Me For Days

7/22/2016 10:18 AM PDT
Breaking News

TMZ Sports has obtained the 911 call made by the woman accusing Ezekiel Elliott of domestic violence -- in which she says the Cowboys running back had been hitting her for days. 

The woman seems remarkably calm during the call -- and explains why she would like an officer to come to the scene. 

The woman says she was initially going to wait until tomorrow to report the incident -- but changed her mind. 

Cops arrived to the scene and spoke with Elliott -- who adamantly denied striking the woman. Several witnesses also say they did not see the NFL player attack her. 

He was not arrested. No charges have been filed. The woman was referred to the prosecutor's office if she wants to continue to pursue a case against Elliott. 

Johnny Manziel Crash The Polite 911 Call 'I'm Not Hurt'

7/19/2016 12:45 AM PDT

Talk about cool under pressure ... 

Johnny Manziel couldn't have been more polite and composed in the moments after he was T-boned in a hit-and-run incident in Dallas last month ... at least judging by the 911 call. 

TMZ Sports obtained the audio from the June 20th incident -- in which Manziel reports that his car door was smashed in by a 4-door Charger that sped off after the collision. 

"I'm okay. I'm not hurt ... but I was definitely just in an accident."

Johnny said he also had a witness who will vouch that the QB did nothing wrong

But the best part of the call is when the dispatcher asks for the caller's name -- and you hear the voice sheepishly respond, "Jonathan Manziel."

As we previously reported, cops are investigating the crash. As for Johnny, he refused medical attention and left for Cabo a few days later.

Tony Robbins Claims No One Burned in Fire Walk Tell That to 911 Callers

7/12/2016 12:30 AM PDT

Tony Robbins insisted on 'GMA' Monday that no one was injured when they walked on hot coals during one of his seminars ... but that's certainly not the way it sounds from the 911 calls.

TMZ has obtained tape of several 911 calls, in which people on scene describe what they see. A woman, who says she's a security dispatch officer at the convention center where Robbins held the fire walk, described 3 injured people and "very bad burns."

Another caller said her husband and others were burned and they needed more ambulances.

Tony claimed on the morning show no one was really injured, and brushed off the complaints as nothing more than blisters.

According to initial reports, more than 30 people were burned by walking on the coals, and 5 were hospitalized.

NFL's Louis Murphy Trapped in Museum 911 ... Nobody's Here & I'm Missing the Party!!

7/7/2016 1:36 PM PDT

Tampa Bay Buccaneers player Louis Murphy was so drunk and confused about why he was locked in a museum, he called 911 and he's now made the Hall of Fame ... for 911 calls.

In the call obtained by TMZ Sports, the wide receiver tells the dispatcher he was a groomsman at his friend's wedding at the Flagler Museum -- but "got kinda drunk," and accidentally fell asleep in a garden and got locked inside.

29-year-old Murphy said he cut his hand while trying to break through a door to freedom. You'd think a guy who uses his hands for a living would be pissed about that, but no ... Murph was more upset his friends were somewhere partying without him.

He was clearly still wasted. Just listen. So good.

Museum security found him and cops showed up around 1:15 AM, but agreed no criminal charges would be pressed because Murphy agreed to pay for the door repair costs. 

Orlando Mass Shooting Mateen's 911 Call 'In the Name of God'

6/20/2016 7:50 AM PDT
Breaking News

Omar Mateen demanded America stop bombing Syria and Iraq during phone calls to police, and said he was killing in the "name of God the merciful."

The FBI just released a heavily redacted transcript of the 911 call, placed at 2:35 AM ET, he made from inside Pulse nightclub. He said, "Praise be to God, and prayers as well as peace be upon the prophet of God. I let you know, I'm in Orlando and I did the shootings."

The FBI says he frequently spoke in Arabic, and all of that has been redacted. 

He later had 3 conversations with police negotiators where he identified himself as an "Islamic soldier" ... and said he was there because of the bombing of Syria and Iraq. He also threatened, "There is some vehicle outside that has some bombs, just to let you know."

Mateen added, "You people are gonna get it, and I'm gonna ignite it if they try to do anything stupid."

As has been reported ... Mateen threatened there would be "more of this type of action going on" in coming days.

Disney Gator Attack 911 Call

6/19/2016 6:36 AM PDT
Breaking News

A breathless guest at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort called 911 to report a drowning ... not aware that what actually happened was a 2-year-old boy had been dragged underneath the water in the grip of an alligator.

The women reveals a lifeguard by the pool was close enough to the area of the attack to arrive quickly.

It's the first in a series of 911 calls.

Richard Simmons Lots of Medical Info During 911 Call

6/17/2016 12:30 AM PDT

The 911 Richard Simmons emergency was rooted in some medical problem ... which is clear from the heavily redacted emergency call.

TMZ has obtained the 911 call from June 3rd, and it's apparent whatever the emergency, it's covered by patient privacy. 

Simmons' people say he was just dehydrated, but that's a little curious because it doesn't seem that information would be redacted.

TMZ broke the story ... Simmons was incoherent when paramedics arrived. He spent 3 days in the hospital before being released.