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Barbara Walters My Sex Toy Has a First Name ...

2/17/2014 8:58 AM PST

Barbara Walters really loves herself -- like REALLY loves herself -- the 84-year-old just announced on TV she has a VIBRATOR ... and it even has a name.

The topic of vibrators came up on "The View" today ... and Barbara revealed she's a big fan of the self-love movement ... even at 84 years old ... but the name she gave her vibrator is the best part. Watch the clip.

It's not the first time Barbara's gotten down and dirty on the subject of sex -- a couple years ago she asked her religious co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck if she liked it rough. Oh, Babs.

Barbara Walters Asks Elisabeth Hasselbeck "'Do... by GWHH19

Ariel Winter's Mom Gunning for Entire 'Modern Family' Cast

2/13/2014 1:13 PM PST
Ariel Winter's mom wants to drag the entire cast of "Modern Family" into a custody war ... trying to force them on the stand and tell the judge she's not a terrible mother. 

Chrystal Workman wants a small village of witnesses to testify, including Ed O'Neill, Julie Bowen, Sofia Vergara, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Angela Gould and Diane Rodriguez.

Workman also wants ABC Network Prez Paul Lee and show producer Steve Levitan.

In all, Workman wants to call 83 witnesses.

And get this ... she doesn't have a lawyer so she would be grilling them herself.

If it happens ... Ariel will turn 18 before the trial is over. Thing is ... the judge has pretty much made it clear ... ain't gonna happen.

Derek Hough & Mark Ballas TWO'S COMPANY We Bought a House Together!

2/7/2014 12:45 AM PST

This is a story about two young people with a special connection who just bought a house together to begin a new chapter of their lives ... Derek Hough and Mark Ballas.

TMZ has learned ... the "Dancing with the Stars" pros -- who also happen to be BFFAEs -- just went halfsies on a quaint little place in the San Fernando Valley.

Official documents show ... the best buds each threw in on the $1.275 mil home ... which comes equipped with a massive closet, fabulous kitchen and a spa bath that could easily fit two.

The master bathroom even contains his and his sinks.

Congrats fellas.

'The Bachelor' Ditzy 'I Don't Read' Lawyer Kicks ASS In Court

1/15/2014 12:50 AM PST

Hot bachelorette Andi Dorfman REALLY sold herself short when she ditzily described herself as a lawyer who barely reads -- and TMZ has the proof ... video showing Andi kicking some ass in a huge murder trial involving a famous rapper and the Russian mob.

The court footage was shot Monday in Atlanta during a hearing for the trial of ex-mobster Mani Chulpayev, who's accused of playing a key role in the 2012 murder of rapper Lil Phat.

26-year-old Andi -- an Assistant District Attorney in the Fulton County DA's Office -- kills it.

Pretty shocking ... considering the way Andi presented herself on "The Bachelor" recently.  "Legally Blonde" springs to mind -- and it raises the question ... Does a girl have to dumb herself down in order to attract a guy?

Katie Couric I May End Up Taking a Big Pay Cut But Hey, It's a Part-Time Job!

12/15/2013 12:35 AM PST

Katie Couric
 actually scored millions of dollars with her new contract ... but it could end up being a huge paycut if her talk show goes away ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to Katie tell TMZ, she'll be raking in $6 million a year from Yahoo in her new role as "Global Anchor."  That pales in comparison to her role as anchor of the CBS Evening News, where we're told she was pulling in $15 mil a year.

At ABC, we're told Katie's company had an overall deal that grossed $20 mil a year, but not all of that went to Katie personally. 

We're told she's leaving ABC news entirely, and although her talk show has not been cancelled, it would be shocking if it didn't go away at the end of the TV season.

Now here's the best part -- the Yahoo! job is a part-time gig. 

So we gotta ask ...

Sam Champion Me and My Hubby Want Kids ... and I Want Some POWER!!

12/5/2013 12:55 AM PST

Sam Champion is leaving ABC's "Good Morning America" partly because he and his hubby want to start a family and partly because of his thirst to become a honcho ... ABC sources tell TMZ.

Our sources ... who are extremely familiar with the situation ... say Sam has been chronically unhappy at GMA. We're told he wanted his own show -- badly-- but ABC execs weren't biting.

So, Sam jumped to the Weather Channel (which is co-owned by NBC), where he will anchor the network's new flagship morning show and also serve as managing editor.

Our sources say Sam wanted to be the one who replaced Larry King at CNN and he was shocked when he wasn't tapped. As one source put it, "Sam loves power, and becoming managing editor (of the Weather Channel) gives him that."

Oh, by the way, our NBC sources say Al Roker -- NOT a Sam fan -- is "pissed" his Weather Channel show will be Sam's lead-in.

Another reason Sam bailed from GMA is that he and his husband want kids and the hubby refuses to leave Florida (GMA is in NYC).

We're told Sam will be spending about half his time in Miami so the kids will know his face in person and not just on the tube. As for moolah, we're told its a lateral move. Our sources say Sam was pulling in around $2.5 mil at GMA and he'll be making around the same at the Weather Channel.

$2.5 mil for weather ... now THAT'S making it rain!!!

ABC News We're Selling Out to the Kardashians

10/21/2013 7:00 AM PDT

Screw Obamacare or the murderers that broke out of prison in Florida, ABC News just sent out an email blast to the media with the most important news of the day -- IT'S KIM KARDASHIAN'S BIRTHDAY!!!

Seriously, ABC News just fired off a news release with the subject line, "Kim Kardashian Turns 33."

Wait, before we go any further .... ABC included a note at the top of the email warning, "News organizations using excerpts of this reporting should credit/link to ABC News."

But ABC didn't launch the press release JUST to tell us information widely available on the interweb -- they also made sure we knew, "In honor of the reality star’s 33rd birthday, we are dedicating our entertainment section to all things Kim Kardashian."

The email concludes, "Don’t forget to wish her a happy birthday!"

Oh, we won't!!!

Keep up the good work ABC News -- delivering the news the people NEED to know.

Now, excuse us ... we have an exclusive Kevin Federline story to write.

'Dancing With the Stars' Disney Witch Hunt!

9/1/2013 2:00 PM PDT

is none too pleased that TMZ got the cast list of "Dancing With the Stars," because we've learned the head of security has launched an investigation to find the leak.

The Mouse House apparently was not amused when we told you Valerie Harper, Leah Remini, Snooki, Elizabeth Berkley, Amber Riley and others will be appearing in the upcoming season.  We're told security will start interviewing staffers tomorrow to find the alleged mole.

So we're guessing this won't make Mickey's parents happy ... we found out Tristin McMannis will be Valerie's partner.  What's more ... we're told Valerie -- who has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer but is in remission -- is rehearsing like a champ and is getting no special breaks. 

Good luck on the hunt ... sons of Walt.

Valerie Harper 'Dancing with the Stars' Despite Terminal Brain Cancer

8/28/2013 10:02 AM PDT

Valerie Harper
-- whom doctors gave three months to live back in March due to her terminal brain cancer -- hasn't just defied medicine by staying alive ... she's signed on to "Dancing with the Stars."

As we reported, 74-year-old Harper -- famous for playing the role of Rhoda on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" -- announced she had been diagnosed with leptomeningeal carcinomatosis, a rare form of cancer in which cancer cells spread into the membrane surrounding the brain.

Doctors gave her roughly until June to live ... but it's already August, and we've learned she's doing so well she is set to appear on the upcoming season of "Dancing," an extremely physically-demanding reality show.

We're told Valerie and her partner Tristan have already been practicing for two days, and she's surprisingly good. Our sources say she's completely self-sufficient and doesn't need any special assistance ... at least so far.

TMZ broke the story ... Leah Remini will also be on the next season, as well as Snooki, Elizabeth BerkleyAmber Riley from "Glee," and Christina Milian.


Leah Remini Screw Scientology I'm 'Dancing with the Stars'

8/28/2013 8:49 AM PDT

Leah Remini
is going from Dianetics to disco ... TMZ has learned, the famous ex-Scientologist will appear in the upcoming season of "Dancing with the Stars" ... and Snooki will be making her post-pregnancy debut along with her.

Sources close to production tell us, the former "King of Queens" actress is on the show.

As we reported, Remini recently underwent a very public split from the Church of Scientology after raising questions about the disappearance of church leader David Miscavige's wife Shelly.

Remini filed a missing persons report regarding Shelly's disappearance in July, demanding answers, and the Church was NOT pleased ... ripping the actress for her wanton betrayal.

FYI, police claim they made contact with Shelly in the wake of Remini's report and determined Remini's concerns were "unfounded." Eerie.

In addition to Remini and Snooki, our sources say Elizabeth Berkley,  Amber Riley from "Glee," and Christina Milian will also be on the show.


Elisabeth Hasselbeck Peace, View!

7/9/2013 4:55 PM PDT
Breaking News

Joy Behar isn't the only one jumping ship on "The View" ... Elisabeth Hasselbeck is also bailing on ABC's daytime talk show.

Fox just released a statement, saying Hasselbeck will be replacing Gretchen Carlson on "Fox & Friends." A rep for ABC said Hasselbeck's last day on "The View" will be Wednesday.

Barbara Walters also released a statement, saying, "We have had 10 wonderful years with Elisabeth, and she will now be swimming in new waters. We will miss her and wish her everything good."

It's unclear who will replace Hasselbeck on the show ... but there are rumors Brooke Shields is being tapped for the job.

Elisabeth is expected to join "Fox & Friends" in September. As for Carlson ... you haven't seen the last of her on Fox News -- she's getting her own daytime show starting in the fall.

'Suburgatory' Star Jane Levy Divorcing After 7-Month Stealth Marriage

5/5/2013 6:55 AM PDT
"Suburgatory" star Jane Levy plays a moody teen on TV, but in real life she's about to be a 23-year-old divorcee ... ending a marriage that lasted all of 7 months -- and no one seemed to know about.

Jane -- who shot to fame in the last two years with her hit show on ABC -- filed for divorce from actor Jaime Freitas on April 16, citing irreconcilable differences.

They married in March 2011 and were separated by October of that year ... they just didn't pull the trigger on a divorce. We're told the breakup was amicable.

Levy's filing indicates she doesn't want to pay spousal support to Freitas -- whose career isn't quite at her level. We're not familiar with a lot of his stuff ... then again, we don't watch a lot of foreign flicks.

Funny thing is ... they kept the marriage pretty quiet, as there's virtually nothing out there about the couple.

Except for this video they made together back in 2010 ... which is pretty weird.

'Good Morning America' Throws 'Today'-Crushing Gloat Party

4/19/2012 11:25 AM PDT
Breaking News
For the first time in 16 years, ABC's "Good Morning America" edged out NBC's "Today" in the morning show ratings last week -- and this morning, ABC News rubbed it in NBC's face ... throwing a champagne-popping victory party.

All the big swinging chicks at ABC were present ... including Robin Roberts, Diane Sawyer, and Lara Spencer -- in addition to ABC News President Ben Sherwood, Senior EP Tom Cibrowski, former "GMA" host Charlie Gibson, George Stephanopoulos, Sam Champion ... pretty much the whole crew.

We're told Robin Roberts toasted the entire "GMA" team, saying, "We're the face of it, but it's all you. Everyone in this building is a team."

We're guessing the "Today" staff got bagels.
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