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Tyron Woodley Rips Conor McGregor Fake Mobster and Terrible Role Model

7/26/2018 3:28 PM PDT

Tyron Woodley is going in on Conor McGregor -- saying his "larger than life mobster" image is a front ... and he's sick and tired of watching the guy act like a fake, tough guy.

We spoke with the UFC welterweight champ about Conor's plea deal in his bus attack case -- and Woodley says the lack of any serious punishment is par for the course when it comes to McGregor. 

He also thinks that Conor's behavior -- from the violent incident at the Bellator fight to the Nate Diaz can-throwing incident -- is a TERRIBLE example for young kids and upcoming fighters. 

Tyron's bigger issue ... "At some point, we have to go back to the f**king sport."

Conor McGregor Strikes Plea Deal Felony Dropped, Gets Anger Management

7/26/2018 6:11 AM PDT
Breaking News

We told you it was gonna happen ... and now it did -- prosecutors just dropped the felony against Conor McGregor and he will not spend 1 second in jail. 

It's hugely significant because if he was convicted of a violent felony, he could have been deported -- which would have had a major impact on his UFC career. 

Here's what happened inside the Brooklyn courtroom on Thursday -- Conor accepted a plea deal in which the felony count was dismissed. He pled guilty to a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge. 

He was sentenced to 5 days of community service, ordered to pay for the damage he caused to the bus -- and ordered to complete an anger management course.

Outside the courtroom, Conor issued a short statement -- "I just want to say I'm thankful for the D.A. and the judge for allowing me to move forward. I want to say to my friends, my family, my fans, thank you for the support."

Sources tell TMZ Sports ... Dana White will not bar him from the UFC as he has other fighters who have engaged in illegal violence. 

One of the reasons is that White believes the legal system has already exacted punishment on the superstar. 

Conor's co-defendant, Cian Cowley -- who also participated in the bus attack -- got the same deal ... but with only 3 days of community service.

A spokesperson for the Brooklyn D.A.'s office tells TMZ Sports ... "This is a fair resolution that holds the defendant accountable, ensures restitution for the victims and requires the defendant to perform community service where he can reflect on his conduct and give back to society.”

As we previously reported, Conor's attorneys had been negotiating a plea deal in the felony mischief case -- filed after the UFC champ threw a dolly at a UFC bus on April 5, injuring several fighters. 

Conor was initially charged with 1 count of felony criminal mischief and 3 counts of misdemeanor assault.

Just last week, we were told prosecutors had agreed to reduce the felony to a misdemeanor -- which is a big deal since a felony involving violence could trigger permanent deportation from the U.S.

The 30-year-old UFC fighter faced up to 7 years in prison if convicted on all counts. 

XXXTentacion Murder 3rd Suspect Busted ... Tracked Down in GA

7/26/2018 4:48 AM PDT
Breaking News

Three down, one to go -- another one of XXXTentacion's alleged murderers is in custody ... thanks to the U.S. Marshals.

Robert Allen was arrested Wednesday in rural Georgia. According to jail records, he's currently being held in Dodge County. The Marshals Fugitive Task Force reportedly found him at his sister's home in Eastman, GA.

Cops say his sister was cooperative when officers showed up to make the bust.

Allen was the guy who was originally wanted as a person of interest because he was caught on surveillance video outside the motorcycle dealership where XXXTentacion was moments before his murder. As we reported, a grand jury indicted him last week for first degree murder and armed robbery with a firearm.

He'll be extradited to Broward County, FL to face the charges, along with 2 others -- Michael Boatwright and Dedrick Williams.

Trayvon Newsome, who cops have named as a trigger man in the rapper's murder, is the only suspect still at large.

Color Me Badd's Mark Calderon Bryan's Wife Warned Me ... He Was 'Wasted' at Our Concert

7/26/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Color Me Badd singer Mark Calderon got a heads-up his bandmate, Bryan Abrams, was a mess hours before their onstage fight ... and it came from Bryan's wife.

According to Mark's statement to police, obtained by TMZ, the singer said Bryan was clearly intoxicated ahead of their show in Tyre, NY. He added, Bryan's wife texted him before the concert about Bryan being "wasted." So, Mark says he went into the show with concerns.

He also says Bryan assured him he'd be just fine and they'd kill it once the show started. Mark was still worried, but says they went on because they had a contractual obligation.

Mark says Bryan screwed up lyrics during their very first song, then disappeared for the rest of the concert.

Well, at least until he ran on stage and slammed Mark, who ended up injured ... while Bryan ended up in cuffs

As we reported ... Mark says he wants Bryan to get help for his booze issue, but stopped short of saying he wants him prosecuted.

Trump's Walk of Fame Star First Video of Vandal Going HAM!!!

7/25/2018 1:15 PM PDT

Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star didn't stand a chance against its latest attacker -- whose pickax was in full swing ... as you can see in this video.

TMZ obtained footage of 24-year-old Austin Clay going to town early Wednesday morning on the star ... dislodging it from the famed sidewalk, and leaving it in tiny pieces.

Eyewitnesses tell us this happened around 3:00 AM, shortly before Clay reportedly called cops himself and later surrendered. No one tried to stop him, but then again he was madly swinging a pickax -- not the easiest thing to shut down.

The damage Clay caused is far worse than James Otis' bang-up work in 2016. He'd agreed to pay $4k to fix it up after pleading no contest.

Trump Star Vandal James Otis I'll Pay $20k Bail For the New Pickax Vandal

7/25/2018 2:26 PM PDT

The OG Donald Trump Walk of Fame Star vandal is coming to the rescue of the latest guy to take a pickax to Trump's star ... by bailing him out of jail.

You might recall, James Otis attacked Trump's star in 2016 -- also with a pickax -- and we've learned he's now stepping up to pay the $20k bail for Austin Clay ... the 24-year-old who went off on Trump's star early Wednesday morning.

We're told Otis isn't just writing a check either -- he also plans to meet Clay in person as soon as he's released. We're guessing he might want to discuss technique, 'cause Clay's was way more destructive effective. 

James, who is the Otis elevator heir, avoided hard time after pleading no contest. Instead, he got 3 years probation, 20 days of community service and had to pay $4,400 to replace the damaged star.

Donald Trump Hollywood Walk Star Destroyed ... With a Pickax, Again

7/25/2018 6:45 AM PDT
Breaking News

President Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is no more -- again -- after police say a man smashed it to smithereens with a pickax. That's right ... ANOTHER pickax!

Police reportedly took a man into custody early Wednesday morning after turning himself in to Beverly Hills PD for vandalizing Trump's star. The dude who axed the star reportedly called cops to report the crime ... but was nowhere to be seen when they arrived.

Witnesses and police say the man arrived on Hollywood Blvd. with a guitar case in hand, from which he pulled out the pickax. Then ... he allegedly went at it and crushed the star to rubble -- causing far more damage than James Otis did in 2016.

Speaking of Otis ... it's unclear if he was involved. The current suspect's identity has yet to be revealed. 

Between this and George Lopez's fake peeing on the often-screwed-with star ... the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce -- which oversees and maintains the stars -- might wanna consider a long-term solution for this. We still got at least 2 more years, folks.

Safaree Samuels Armed Robbers Used GPS Device To Track Him Before Stickup

7/25/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Safaree Samuels was screwed from the get-go when he was robbed at gunpoint -- not only did he know one of the alleged assailants, but the dudes were tracking his every move before the hit.

Sources connected to the case tell TMZ ... cops found a GPS device which had been installed on Safaree's car before he was held up at gunpoint in April and robbed in New York. We're told it's unclear when the device was planted, but cops believe it's how the robbers pinpointed Safaree.

Interestingly enough, our sources say this tracking technique is one that's been used by authorities in NYC as of late ... and they even think the perps picked up the trick from them. We're told these GPS devices have been getting used more and more in high-profile stickups. 

As we reported ... two suspects have already been arrested in the case, one of whom Safaree knows very well. A third man has also been arrested in connection with the crime. 

Safaree told cops the robbers took upwards of $183k in cash and jewelry from him. We reached out to his attorney, James Leonard Jr., who declined to comment.

NHL's Austin Watson Convicted In Domestic Violence Case

7/24/2018 10:25 AM PDT
Breaking News

Nashville Predators forward Austin Watson just got a slap on the wrist in his domestic violence case -- after admitting to roughing up his baby mama at a Tennessee gas station. 

As we previously reported, the 26-year-old -- who was a first-round pick in the 2010 NHL Draft -- was arrested on June 16 after admitting that he pushed his girlfriend during a heated argument. 

According to court docs obtained by TMZ Sports, Watson told police that he and his GF were arguing about her drinking and not being able to attend a wedding when things got physical. 

Watson admitted to pushing the woman and cops found red marks on her chest. 

Watson was arrested for misdemeanor domestic assault and was facing 12 months in jail. 

But, Watson appeared in court on Tuesday and cut a deal with prosecutors in which he pled no contest to the charge ... and in exchange got probation. 

He was also ordered to complete a 26-week battery intervention program. If he violates probation, the judge can throw Watson behind bars for up to a year. 

If he completes the program and keeps his nose clean, the conviction will be expunged from his record. 

Watson scored 14 goals and logged five assists in 76 games for the Preds last season.

The NHL and the Predators have said they were reviewing the matter. Unclear if they will impose a punishment as well. 

If Watson was an NFL player, the league would impose a 6-game suspension without pay for a 1st time domestic violence offense. 

Offset Lawyer Says Something Smells ... Cop Smelled Weed, Yet No Field Sobriety Test

7/24/2018 8:27 AM PDT

The officer who arrested Offset did NOT do a field sobriety test, despite claiming he observed the rapper crossing a solid yellow line and then smelled weed in the car.

Offset's lawyer believes the traffic stop was bogus and the cop's true intent from the get-go was to search the Porsche he was driving.

It's standard practice in police departments around the country to conduct a field sobriety test when a motorist shows a lack of control over a vehicle and the officer has reason to believe the driver is impaired by either drugs or alcohol.

Law enforcement sources in the Clayton County Police Dept. would not comment specifically on Offset's arrest, but say it's often hard to prove in court that someone is driving under the influence.

Fact is ... the courts are littered with cases where people are convicted based on an officer's observations and a field sobriety test. Cops have the option to arrest the driver, take him or her to the hospital, get a warrant and draw blood. That didn't happen in Offset's case.

A high-ranking source in the Clayton County PD tells TMZ, the officers sometimes simply arrest the driver for weed, but Offset had less than an ounce, which is a petty offense. Driving under the influence is a far more serious offense, so the fact that a field sobriety test wasn't done here opens the door to questioning the validity of the traffic stop.

The cop searched the car and ultimately arrested Offset for possession of a firearm -- he's not allowed to possess one because he's a felon. Offset's lawyer says the guns were in possession of his bodyguard, who was a passenger in the Porsche.

Ex-WWE Grandmaster Sexay Arrested for DUI ... Allegedly Ran from Cops

7/24/2018 8:32 AM PDT

More trouble for ex-WWE superstar Brian Christopher Lawler -- aka Grandmaster Sexay -- who was arrested for DUI and evading cops in Tennessee earlier this month ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

According to official docs obtained by TMZ Sports, cops spotted the 46-year-old pro wrestler speeding and swerving around 1 AM on July 7.  

Cops attempted to pull him over, but Lawler failed to stop -- because, according to police, he was trying to make it home. 

Once Lawler finally stopped, cops say he reeked of booze and had an open 12 ounce can in his center console. So, they arrested him on the spot. 

Lawler -- formerly part of the tag team Too Cool with Scotty 2 Hotty -- was taken to a nearby station where he was booked for DUI and evading arrest. Bail was set at $40,000. 

The arrest comes just 1 month after he was busted for allegedly running from a hotel bill in Memphis.

Brian is the son of WWE legend Jerry "The King" Lawler

Cardi B Hip-Hop Cops Screwed My Hubby But Prison Wouldn't Keep Us Apart!

7/24/2018 12:50 AM PDT

Cardi B is joining the chorus in the rap community over Offset's arrest and subsequent gun charges -- calling it a targeted attack from the hip-hop cops ... and vowing to stick with her man no matter what.

Sources close to the "I Like It" rapper tell us she's squarely in her husband's corner regarding his recent Georgia arrest, for which he was booked on two felony gun charges. We're told she's been echoing Offset's lawyer's claim that he was pulled over for doing nothing more than being a rich, successful black rapper. 

Our Cardi sources say she's also been doubling down on what the attorney told us ... that the guns found by police did not belong to Offset, adding he doesn't own any firearms. We're told she doesn't believe he broke any laws. 

We broke the story ... police say they pulled Offset over for crossing a double yellow line, but his attorney, Drew Findling, says that was just a bogus excuse to bust him. Cardi agrees. 

Oh, and get this ... sources say Cardi's been telling friends she wouldn't leave Offset even if he were sentenced to prison. 

Offset's been charged with two felony gun charges as well as some misdemeanors, so the possibility of jail time is certainly there on paper.

Etiher way, good to know Cardi is a true ride or die.

'Teen Mom' Ryan Edwards Busted for Drugs 2nd Time in 4 Months

7/24/2018 7:40 AM PDT

'Teen Mom' star Ryan Edwards is in a familiar spot -- back behind bars for alleged drug possession. 

Ryan was arrested Monday in Hamilton County, Tennessee on an active warrant from a previous drug case. According to jail records, the charge is possession of a controlled substance, and no bail has been set.

This is the second arrest this year for the 'Teen Mom' dad. As we reported ... he was arrested in March on a warrant for violating probation.

Ryan's 21-year-old wife, Mackenzie Standifer, recently announced she was pregnant with their kid. He already has another child with Maci Bookout.

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