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Ezekiel Elliott Clowns Bow Wow ... After 'Boys Beat Falcons

11/19/2018 9:40 AM PST
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Bow Wow's gonna hate this ... 

Ezekiel Elliott's keeping one of the most embarrassing moments of the rapper's life alive -- bringing back the #BowWowChallenge after destroying the guy's favorite team

You remember the Bow Bow Challenge, right? When Shad Moss was mocked ruthlessly for posting a pic on social media implying he was flying on his own private jet ... when he really wasn't. 

The scandal inspired a viral challenge of people clowning the rapper for lying. Good times. 

The fad eventually died off ... but Zeke just brought it back after he worked the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday.

The running back grabbed Dak Prescott and his right tackle La'el Collins and pretended they were off to the P.J. while the rest of the squad hit the commercial airliner.

"So this how the team go home -- and this how we go home! Bow Wow Challenge, baby!!"

As for Zeke ... it's time to get serious -- Dallas plays the Washington Redskins for first place in the NFC East on Thursday!

Mohamed Sanu Cleat Tribute to Stan Lee ... They're Marvel-ous!

11/19/2018 6:36 AM PST
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Mohamed Sanu honored comic book legend Stan Lee on his cleats during the Falcons game on Sunday ... and the final product would make the Spidey creator proud.

TMZ broke the story ... the man behind the Marvel Universe died last week at 95 years old after suffering several illnesses over the past year.

Sanu -- a huge superhero nerd -- paid homage to the guy who created icons like Spider-Man, the Incredible Hulk and Black Panther with custom cleats which he busted out to use against the Dallas Cowboys.

The artist behind the shoe design is Dez Customz -- who has done work for other huge NFL stars like Leonard Fournette and Cam Newton.

The Falcons ultimately lost 22-19 ... but Sanu won the kick game for sure.


Mike Vick I Would Have Won A Super Bowl ... If I Had Chad Ochocinco

10/24/2018 12:05 AM PDT

Mike Vick would be rockin' a Super Bowl ring on his finger these days if somehow one of his teams had managed to trade for Chad Ochocinco ... so says the legendary QB himself.

We got Vick and Chad promoting WinView out in Bev Hills when we asked the two what would've happened if they were on the same team ... and Vick couldn't help but dream.

"Man, I mean, to have him, I would have probably had a ring for sure," Mike says.

Chad seemed to agree, saying, "That woulda been dope."

So, why'd it never go down?? Chad was locked in with the Bengals and Vick was entrenched with the Falcons during their primes.

"He woulda never got traded and I woulda never got traded, so we woulda had to have been drafted at the same time," Vick says.

As for how their careers went without each other and if they warrant busts in the NFL's Hall of Fame ... both surprisingly didn't seem too worried about that just yet.

"I'm not one that really needed validation," Ochocinco tells us.

Added Vick, "You leave that up to the people."

What coulda been ...

Jamaal Anderson Selling Mansion Built For Mike Vick ... Before Dog Fighting Sentence

10/13/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Ever wonder how Mike Vick woulda lived if he never got tossed behind bars for dog fighting??

Thanks to Jamaal Anderson ... no need for imagination anymore -- 'cause the ex-Falcons star is selling the mansion that was built for the QB!!

The crib's out in Loganville, GA ... and Vick was having it done so he could live out his Falcon-playing days near the ATL. But, he never got to move into it 'cause of his prison sentence.

The QB's loss turned out to be Anderson's gain ... 'cause the ex-NFL DE has been in the 7 bed, 7.5 bathroom PALACE for the last 4 years -- but is set to part ways with it in a move to downsize.

We're told the pad -- repped by Angel Knight of Diamond Realty Brokers -- is on 4 ACRES, has 2 (!!) full kitchens, its own elevator AND A HAIR SALON!!!

Yeah, Vick and his $62 MILLION contract weren't playin' around.

Sooo ... what's Jamaal getting for the place now?? We're told asking price is $1,689,000 -- and a buyer's all set to snatch it off the market this week.

Bengals Star Tyler Eifert Suffers Nasty Ankle Injury ... Carted Off the Field

9/30/2018 1:41 PM PDT

Those who are quick to get queasy should look away-- Bengals star Tyler Eifert's ankle went in a direction it definitely shouldn't have during a game against the Falcons ... and his season is likely over.

Cincinnati's starting tight end suffered a gruesome injury Sunday against Atlanta, where he was attempting to run the ball downfield ... but got pummeled by linebacker De'Vondre Campbell, who awkwardly fell on Tyler's right ankle, and snapped it sideways.

Tyler was eventually carted off the field, and he appeared to be in sheer agony as they drove him away. It's almost certainly a season-ending break, which sucks for the dude since he's had a series of injuries over the last few years that have kept him from playing.

He missed the entire 2014 season to an elbow injury, hurt his other ankle in 2015 and had both his 2016 and 2017 seasons delayed due to back issues. Tyler's 2017 season ended after just two games due to another injury as well. He's never played a full 16-game season.

2018 will be no different after this. Get well soon.

Asante Samuel I Belong In Hall Of Fame ... The Facts Don't Lie!!

8/26/2018 12:20 AM PDT

Asante Samuel says he doesn't need to openly campaign for the Hall of Fame ... telling TMZ Sports the facts from his career do all that talking for him!! 

The ex-Patriots DB is finally eligible to be inducted into pro football's most exclusive club in 2019 -- and he says if voters are listening to his numbers, he should be in.

"The facts are the facts," he says. "If you're not going by the facts, then what are you going by?!"

What exactly are Samuel's facts?? He explains them ... and he clearly knows how his numbers stack up with some of the all-time greats.

BTW ... there's gonna be some heavy competition for spots in the '19 HOF class with Ed Reed, Champ Bailey and Tony Gonzalez all now eligible -- plus, legends like Edgerrin James, Isaac Bruce and John Lynch are also still waiting for their call.

But, good luck, Asante!!

Andre Rison Terrell Owens' Antics ... Ain't Helping My Hall Of Fame Case!!

8/18/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Andre Rison sure as hell wishes Terrell Owens hadn't blown off his Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony ... 'cause he's telling TMZ Sports that REALLY HURT his chances at getting in!!

The legendary Falcon was one of the baddest receivers in the game ... and his career numbers stack up with just about every wideout in the Hall.

But ... he tells us his HOF candidacy -- which didn't have a whole lot of steam to begin with from NFL writers -- took a serious hit when T.O. pulled out of Canton earlier this month.

"When I hear T.O.'s argument, I know it's valid, I know it's good, but I really wish he would've went," Rison says.

"Because he does make it hard sometimes for guys like myself, who was a rough rider."

Rison says he's not going to complain about it ... he's just trying to let his numbers do the talking.

And, if you listen to him list his career accomplishments ... dude's actually got a point!!

A.J. Green Supports Julio Jones' Holdout ... Here's Why!

6/22/2018 9:26 AM PDT

A.J. Green says he's not mad at Julio Jones for holding out in his contract dispute with the ATL Falcons -- telling TMZ Sports, "He gotta do what he gotta do, man."

The Bengals superstar WR was out shopping in Bev Hills -- and explained that when it comes to getting paid at the pro level, you gotta strike while ya can.

"The NFL stands for 'Not For Long,' so you gotta get it while it lasts."

Green knows what he's talking about -- he signed a 4-year $60 MILLION contract extension in 2015.

But, if things don't work out for Julio in ATL, Green says he's down to share some of the pass-catching workload in Cinci.

Could you imagine Green and Julio on the same offense?! Good luck with that, Joe Haden.

Willie McGinest Chill, Falcons T.O. Training Julio Is A Good Thing

6/21/2018 11:26 AM PDT

Willie McGinest has some advice for the Atlanta Falcons brass ... RELAX ... saying anyone in ATL's front office who's miffed Julio Jones is training with T.O. is wrong -- because it's actually a good idea.

Jones and Owens have been working out together this offseason, and there are reports that some of the higher-ups in Atlanta are concerned Terrell might rub off on Julio a little bit.

Willie says that would actually be a GOOD thing ... telling our guy at LAX, Owens has a lot of positive things to offer a stud receiver like Jones.

"Training with Terrell Owens I don't think is a bad thing. T.O. was one of the hardest working guys in the NFL and never had a problem with his work ethic or being in shape."

Get your popcorn ready, Falcons ... oh, BTW ... PAY JULIO JONES.

Julio Jones Hits WR Workout ... with Terrell Owens

5/2/2018 12:12 PM PDT
Breaking News

Julio Jones is gearing up for 2018 with a future Hall of Famer ... running wide receiver drills in Georgia with Terrell Owens

The two hit up Johns Creek High School in the Atlanta area -- where they ran routes, worked on footspeed and of course, caught passes. 

Jones looked great (of course) -- but 44-year-old Owens was pretty damn impressive, too!!!

Meanwhile, the newest ATL Falcons wide out -- Calvin Ridley -- was also putting in work during a military-style workout with his personal trainer in Alabama. 

Ridely was the Falcons' first round draft pick -- 26th overall -- and people are expecting big things from him. 

In fact, with rumblings of a rift between Jones and the Falcons ... Ridley could be the next #1 WR in the ATL. 

And hey, if Jones really does leave ... we know a 44-year-old who would be interested in the job. 

Devonta Freeman Belichick & Pats Could Help Manziel ... 'The Sky's the Limit!!'

4/1/2018 12:20 AM PDT

NFL star Devonta Freeman says the New England Patriots would be the PERFECT place for Johnny Manziel to restart his pro career ... saying Bill Belichick and Co. can help him turn things around.

We spoke with the Pro Bowler about Johnny's Comeback SZN campaign ... and D.F. says "the sky's the limit" for the troubled QB ... and he thinks finding home in Foxborough would be a great football move.

Freeman says he's not surprised by the reported interest 'cause he knows how Belichick operates ... and he thinks that's the kinda atmosphere that should be surrounding Johnny.

The Falcons running back sends a personal message to Johnny Football ... and you can tell Freeman's pullin' for him.

Atlanta Falcons We Had Male Cheerleaders ... in 1987!!

3/29/2018 9:55 AM PDT

It turns out the L.A. Rams aren't the first NFL team to have male cheerleaders ... 'cause the Atlanta Falcons had dancin' dudes on the squad 30 YEARS AGO.

ICYMI -- reports earlier this week claimed the Rams made history when they announced Quinton Peron and Napolean Jinnies would be joining the squad as the NFL's first male cheerleaders.

But back in 1987, the Falcons had a co-ed squad consisting of 12 women and 12 men ... and we're told they weren't alone. Billy Quercia -- a member of the '87 Falcons cheer team -- tells us the K.C. Chiefs also had a co-ed squad around that same time.

Quercia says they were real-deal cheerleaders -- not just stuntmen -- and were included in all the dance routines.

Quercia says he's not upset about being left out of the conversation. He says it's a "fabulous" move by the Rams to finally add men to the cheer team after all this time ... and hopes more teams follow their lead.

Quavo Eagles Are Toast ... Without Carson Wentz

1/13/2018 12:20 AM PST

Can the Eagles survive without Carson Wentz??

Quavo doesn't think so -- 'cause when we asked him about their playoff matchup with the Falcons, he told us having Nick Foles sub in for the MVP candidate will crush their chances.

"They lost they main guy," Quavo told TMZ Sports. "Foles ... we ready to take him out."

For his own sake, we hope he's right. Quavo's a huge Georgia sports guy -- and we're not sure if he can handle 2 soul-crushing L's in 1 week.

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